2017 Blowsion Surf Slam is upon us and so is Jake Bright

Jake Bright will be competing in Pro Freeride this year at the 2017 Blowsion Surf Slam after missing a few years prior. He’s ready to send it.

It’s that time of year again and I’ll be making my way up to Pacific city Oregon for the Blowsion Surf Slam one of the most anticipated international jetski freeride contest of the year. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been able to participate due to injuries and other reasons so I’m pretty pumped up about it! I’ll be competing in the Pro freeride contest as well as the Hydro-turf Big Air Showdown! It’s been a little bit since I’ve had the chance to compete in a IFWA contests and I am excited to get out there and shake it up, I’m looking forward to giving the boys on tour a run for their money.

Now if we rewind to Daytona Beach Florida back in January and the big air showdown where It came down to Tommy Scaccianoce (2015 Surf slam big air champ) and I for the top spot and he ended up edging me out after photo review! Tom is insane and was going massive that whole weekend so he deserved it but for real after just missing the win I’m deff gunning for that big air win! I’m just gonna send it!

Anyway I plan on going out there and giving it my all, and have a blast! I’m really loving my Krash Industries predator and when I ride it I really feel like i’m one with it, and I believe that shows in my riding, I’m landing all my tricks super smooth and a lot of the tricks are starting to feel like second nature! I’ve also been spending more time working on my surf riding lately so hopefully we have some good waves and I can try and tuck into some barrels and drag shoulder across some faces!
Jake Bright - Oceanside, CA

Jake Bright – Oceanside, CA

 I’ve done a lot of growing and maturing  personally in the last few years and I believe that shows in my riding as well. If I could describe it I would say i’m more calculated which translates to a smoother more consistent flow in my riding. I’ve gotten better at reading waves and knowing how to attack the next set of them, I kind of look at a set of waves like a rhythm section and I’m trying to keep a good flow going though it!. So I’m doing my best to utilize every set to its full potential and make the most of each wave in the set. This is so crucial in a 5 min heat because you may only get one set of waves in the whole round.
Qualifying is Friday then its head to head battles all and Sunday with awards on the beach immediately after the riding is over. If your in the area or if you’ve got the opportunity to make it out this weekend come out and support an awesome event and a bunch of rad freeriders! Hope to see you all on the beach!
Cheers, Jake
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