Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda 5

Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda

Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda 1
Team Rider Mark Gomez and GoPro Collaboration 1A few pics from last nights autograph session at HB Honda in Huntington Beach, CA. 2X Motosurf World Champion, long time time Liquid Militia Team rider Mark Gomez had the chance to sign autographs with Pro Motocross racers from the HRC Race Team Ken Roczen, Cole Seely and Geico Honda Race Team Riders Jimmy Decotis and Jeremy Martin. Mark’s other sponsors Bomber Eyewear and Jet Renu were also there with display booths set up showing off the goods.


Bomber Eyewear Out Front



Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda 7

Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda

Jet Renu Flyer Featuring Gomez

Mark's Ski standing out in the showroom

Mark’s Ski standing out in the showroom


Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda 2


Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda 11

Cuong Son Daytona Freeride Re-Cap 2

Cuong Son Meets up With The Daytona Freeride Family

The Daytona Freeride Family

Cuong Son Daytona Instagram post

Coung Son Backflip from Team Weekend (Left) Daytona Beach Freeride (Right)

Daytona Freeride, my escape to white sand and good clean fun with my friends. This year was no different, my trip started on Thursday morning. As my family dropped me off at the airport, I know that I will miss them greatly so I held each of them tight for as long as I could. Saying good bye to them is never easy, but my wife said that I deserve it and to go enjoy myself.

El Niño has provided me with a window of perfect weather for the journey out east.  During my layover in Charlotte NC, I ran into Kyle Kenedy from DASA, one of the biggest supporter’s of our sport and one of my favorite sponsors. We chatted the entire flight to Daytona.  It was great to be able to catch up on what’s going on at DASA.

As Friday morning approached, I was so excited that I could no longer sleep. I snuck out of the room as the Lawlor Brothers (Randy & Brandon) were still snoring away.  Although it was pouring outside I couldn’t wait to see everyone.  One of the first people I saw was my good friend Helen Murph working at the sign in booth. Helen and her husband Mark are from Chicago, they have been traveling to Pismo for the last two decades to enjoy the Pacific Ocean. In my mind they are the true free riders, spreading good vibes where ever they go.

The Dayona Freeride, always good to meet up with the freeride family

Cuong Son Daytona Freeride Re-Cap

Always Industry Peeps at The Daytona Freeride

Check Out the Latest Hulls

Checking Out the Latest Hulls

Tigercraft Hull on Display

Tigercraft Hull on Display

I was bummed that I was not able to bring my ski this year but my fellow riders made sure that I still have a good time by graciously lending me their skis. The first ski I rode was a TigerCraft SV-1 with a foot strap. I must have rode that thing for almost an hour. It was great being out in the water saying hello to everyone. During my two days of riding, I had the chance to ride 4 TigerCraft SV-1, 2 FreeForms, Krash Predator, the all new Krash 50 Cal., Superfreak Titan, Toby 1, and a Blowsion Rickter Edge.

Cuong Son Daytona Freeride Re-Cap 6

Tigercraft that I was bummed to leave in Cali

Cuong Son Daytona Freeride Re-Cap 2

Cuong giving the Salty Investments Krash hull a rip

As I reflected on the highlights of the weekend.  Top of the list was dinners with my Freeride family.  We shared stories

Cuong Son Daytona Freeride Re-Cap 7

Robin of RHAAS and I

about how we became hooked in this sport and why we love it so much. We talked about future events and how we can all meet up again.  Second on that list was able to say “thank you” to my sponsors in person. I hung out with Brian at Thrust Innovations and checked out the billet goodness in his booth.  He was nice enough to let me lift a carbon Superfreak Circus over my head, it’s one of those thing that I’ve always wanted to do. Had an amazing conversation with Robin and his daughter at RHAAS

Coung Son Daytona Freeride Blowsion Ski

Thanks to Blowsion for a Ride

Products.  Took pictures with Tony at TigerCraft and checked out the new FV-1.  A big thanks to the guys at Blowsion for allowing me to ride their awesome creations.  Talked with Arno at Hydro-Turf, attempted to hang his banner outside my window but was not successful due to the hotel staff.  Hung out with my master tuner TNT Tim. Even though my crew at Liquid Militia was not able to make the trip, they were with me the entire time.  The third highlight was a conversation I had with a fellow rider. He told me that he was going through some health issues and this might be his last Freeride.  My heart sank as he was confiding in me, I didn’t know what to say, my eyes teared up. He told me not to worry, he has a great plan to overcome his illness.  He thanked me for listening. I gave him a big hug and told him that we will see each other again next year.


2016 Daytona Freeride has come to an end, but not without many new memories and soreness.  I would like to also thank my Freeride family for making the sport so special to me.  I’m already planning for next year, see you all again -CS

Cuong’s Liquid Militia Team Page>>

Special Thanks to Mel Smith Photography for some of the killer shots in this post.

Zack Bright 3

Zack Bright Daytona Trip Broken down to killing it

Zack Bright 2

Had a blast at the Daytona freeride!

Zack Bright wiped out

Zack Bright wiped out

Travel Issues kick off

Travel Issues kick off

From the voice of Zack Bright – The beginning of this trip sucked to say the least having our truck take a shit in Texas, then having to rent a U-Haul really sucked. At this point in the trip had me feeling exhausted due to lack of sleep the entire event.

Friday, upon arriving in Daytona, we had pouring rain that turned into beautiful barreling clean waves. The first day is always fun riding around and saying hello to friends on the water you haven’t seen sometimes in a year and sharing the stoke trading waves is best way to do it. I Definitely felt delirious, having not slept, but I still threw some fun stuff down and managed to have a good time.

Saturday, was the contest day and the waves decided to peace out which sucks because it’s hard to do a surfriding contest when the surf is lacking. Went out there and did what I could and flew out of my footstrap on a barrel roll re-entry. I’ll land it some day in that comp… I definitely felt like I could have done a lot more but just had no waves so I was definitely stoked to make it on the podium at all, let alone in 2nd so that was rad!

Immediately after that run, I had to sprint to my krash industries Reaper to ride in the 1st ever fixed steer contest at Daytona. I had a freakin blast out there! The 10 of us all rode at the same time for 5 mins and everyone was just hucking it, it was hectic! I was just trying to go as big as I could and was able to take 1st place in the class. I was stoked to leave with 2 metals!

Launching the Reaper

Launching the Reaper

Flipping the reaper in Daytona

Flipping the reaper in Daytona

Surf Spray action

Surf Spray action

Sunday, had the best waves. A cold front rolled in and it got really messy. 5 second intervals that made you so tired but occasional overhead messy bombs that were throwing super hard. Everyone was sending it, and trying to survive it was that “sketchy” kinda fun. I was able to stomp a few barrel roll re-entry’s and tried some flip and spin re-entry’s too, trying these tricks sent me swimming, hahaha but man, it was fun.

Once you hit the sand you know you made it.

Once you hit the sand you know you made it.

Proud Daddy with this baby!

Proud Daddy with this baby!

We did a lot of filming with the krash Industries team so keep an eye out for that.

Can’t wait until next year!

Auto Draft 17

New Video: Jake Bright Pre Daytona Update

Jake Bright Pre Daytona Update

Professional Jet Ski Freerider, Jake Bright, stopped by Liquid Militia Headquarters. He picked up some new gear, gave us a update on his injury status, filled us in on his new “Krash” Jet Ski build and talks about his plans for the The 2016 Blacktip Jetsports Daytona Freeride in Daytona Beach, FL.

For more check out Jake Bright on Instagram: @krash_and_burn_jb

Intro Riff by Logical Terror

Pete Zernik 2015 Wrap Up

Pete Zernik 2015 Wrap Up

Pete Zernik 2015 Wrap Up

Pete Zernik 2015 Wrap Up
Pete Zernik 2015 Wrap Up 11We asked longtime Liquid Militia Jetski racing team member Pete Zernik for a wrap up of what went down for him in 2015, here’s what he had to say:
2015 was a great year for me at Zernik Racing. I made it my personal mission to do better than years before and also battle back after having hernia surgery last year. This year on the 4th of July Vanessa and had our 2nd Child together beautiful Liliana Kaylee Zernik. Making a grand total of 3 youngin’s here. The hardest part of racing this past season is the endless weekends away from my family and kids I missed all of them and it’s defiantly hard.

Pete and his daughter Mariah Zernik

Pete and daughter Mariah Zernik

Pete's son Dylan Zernik rocking Radchi

Pete’s son Dylan Zernik rocking Radchi

The new addition to the Zernik family - Liliana Kaylee Zernik

The new addition to the Zernik family – Liliana Kaylee Zernik

DJSA / Pro Watercross National Tour

I competed in the local NorCal DJSA Series where I ended up 2nd Expert 900 and 1st in GP Ski. I also did the whole Pro Watercross National Tour this year for the 1st time and it was amazing with lots of ups and downs. A big thanks goes out to team Utah aka the Austins for all there help this past year it wouldn’t of happened without them.

Pete During The 2015 Liquid Militia Team Weekend Motosurf Race

Pete During The 2015 Liquid Militia Team Weekend Motosurf Race

Zernik 149 / IJSBA World Finals / Photo:

Zernik 149 / IJSBA World Finals / Photo:

Zernik Mashing / IJSBA World Finals / Photo:

Zernik Mashing / IJSBA World Finals / Photo:

Pro Watercoss World Championships

At the Pro Watercoss 1st World Championships in Naples Florida  I competed in 3 classes and placed 4th Pro Ski, 7th GP  Ski and 1st Vets Ski GP. The tour was amazing with lots of killer race sites.

Pete and Team Utah in Florida - Pro Watercross National Tour

Pete and Team Utah in Florida – Pro Watercross National Tour

Random Race Carnage - Isn't that pole supposed to be straight?

Random Race Carnage – Isn’t that pole supposed to be straight?

Random Race Carnage - Hole in the Hood, priceless...

Random Race Carnage – Hole in the hood, priceless…

Pete Zernik #149 IJSBA World Finals / Photo:

Pete Zernik #149 IJSBA World Finals / Photo:

Pete Zernik #149 IJSBA World Finals / Photo:

Pete Zernik #149 IJSBA World Finals / Photo:

RPM Nightime Shootout / IJSBA Wold Finals

The RPM SoCal/NorCal Nighttime Shootout was a blast. I ended up 1st in GP ski and can’t wait for more. Lastly after training all year long it was time for the coveted IJSBA World Finals. I’m pleased at my progress over the years and ended up with my best finishes yet, Pro Ski 7th and 2nd Vet ski GP. Pro Ski GP I made the mains and was in the hunt for top 10 and had a boat failure in my main putting me at 16th I believe overall.


The Zernik Family

The Zernik Family, Pete, Dylan, Vanessa, Mariah and Liliana

It’s a long journey from the beginning to the end of the season. I want to thank everyone who competed. I look forward to some killer motos, races and venues this season.

Special thanks to for providing the legit IJSBA World Finals racing shots of Pete for this post.

Jake Bright 2015 Rewind 6

Jake Bright 2015 Rewind

Jake Bright’s Rider Profile>>

Jake Bright 2015 Rewind

We asked team rider Jake Bright for a 2015 rewind, here’s what he had to say:

6-11-2015-jake-bright-instagramThis year has been an exciting one for myself and my growing family to say the least. It started off with a bang, my fiance Meagan and I went down under for the first stop on the IFWA tour in Australia which ended up being one of the most epic trips of our lives. I made it all the way to the semi finals and possibly could have gone a little further but in the craziness of borrowing different skis to compete on I made the rookie mistake of forgetting to check the fuel before my final run against Abraham Ho. Nonetheless, I had the trip of a life time traveling around Australia with my lady, hanging with great people, eating delicious food, relaxing at tropical beaches, crazy wildlife and chasing the Roo’s through the fields. Which later we found out was a bad idea and could gone very bad haha.

Jake and Meagan at Australian Comp

Jake and Meagan Vacation at Australian Comp

Jake Bright sending it....

Jake Bright sending it….

2015 Liquid Militia Team Weekend 32

Jake Bright Bail at 2015 Team Weekend

Jake Bright getting sky high in o-side

Jake Bright getting sky high in o-side

Shortly after arriving home we discovered our trip of a lifetime to Australia was also our first family vacation, Meagan was pregnant with our sweet baby girl!

Then I headed off to Virginia Beach for my very first Wavedaze where I had a blast hanging out with all the east coasters and also got to compete in the Krash Nationals where I took home first place.

A minor setback to the year happened when I went too big practicing in Oceanside with the Osidecrew. I ended up in the ER with a broken and dislocated ankle. I ended up fracturing my Talus bone in three different spots as well displacing the bones. They set the dislocation back into place that night, then surgery the next morning. Put 3 screws in my Talus, scraped out bone fragments, cut out all the dead cartilage between the ankle and tib/fib then drilled holes in the bones trying to promote scar tissue to grow to replace the cartilage. This kept me off my feet and out of the water for the rest of the year.

Jake Bright's Broken Talus Carnage

Jake Bright’s Broken Talus Carnage

Jake's ankle X-Ray with fresh hardware added

Jake’s ankle X-Ray with fresh hardware added

Jake rips a Rascal pretty good too.

Jake rips a Rascal pretty good too.

While I was laid up I had some time to do some thinking about the most important things in my life. So a few weeks after surgery, during the gender reveal for our baby and right after we found out we were expecting a girl I dropped to my knee and proposed. She said “Yes” and our wedding is set for June 11, 2016.

Jake, Megan and Damzel

Jake, Megan and Damzel

Damzel already sponsored, with a fresh Liquid Militia Onesi

Damzel already sponsored, with a fresh Liquid Militia Onesie

On Thanksgiving day, after turkey dinner, we went to the hospital to deliver our baby girl. On November 27th at 6:24 pm Damzel Brissy Bright made her big entrance into the world.

I’m rehabbing my ankle at the physical therapists and the chiropractor 3-5 days a week, its been a long, tough road mentally and physically but I’m making good progress and I’m expecting a full recovery.

My 2015 Krash Predator sold a few months back and I’m currently working on a new build for 2016 which I plan to debut at the Daytona Freeride.

This year was a wild ride and I cant wait to see whats in store for 2016! Word is bond. See you on the beach!

Jake Bright Surf Slash - 2015 Pismo Spring Break Freeride

Jake Bright Surf Slash – 2015 Pismo Spring Break Freeride

Jake's fancy lid.

Jake’s fancy lid.

Jake Bright Prior to O-side injury - Pismo Freeride

Jake Bright Prior to O-side injury – Pismo Freeride

Jake Bright’s Rider Profile>>

Team Rider Update: Chris MacClugage

Team Rider Update: Chris MacClugage

We asked Watercraft Team Rider Chris MacClugage what he has been up to? Here’s what he had to say:

Chris MacClugage Podium

Chris MacClugage Podium

Since world finals I have sorted a few issues out in my race program, with Thailand coming I had to make some quick and educated decisions. With the current ignitions we are using and constant failures, we decided to go with the best ignitions possible. We chose Motec and are very happy with the results so far! Setting up an ignition like Motec in my ski was a pretty simple deal, when utilizing the right people. Josh Paddock is very experienced in tuning Motec’s on 4 strokes, when I asked him about a two stroke, he simply smiled. With that being said and the great results we are having, ignition failure is out of the question!

I am really excited to go to Thailand I have assembled a great positive team of guys, that are very supportive. I am excited that my brother is coming again. Benjamin Francois from Bnj parts along with Josh Paddock will be in charge of my ski. My good friend and training partner Chad Zeman will be coming as well to help. Another great friend Jairo Carilles from Spain, who helped me in Doncaster, England over the summer will be coming. It’s very important to surround yourself with a great group of people and I believe I have.

TV Spot For Kings Cup

For More information about the Kings Cup and to watch the live stream please visit this site below they have all the info on the event.
Kings Cup Jet Ski World Cup 2015

Team Rider Update: Chris MacClugage 1

Throwback Pic from Florida Race Earlier in the season – Photo:

Sometimes you just need a hug - Macc in Thailand via Instagram @chrismacclugage

Sometimes you just need a hug – Macc in Thailand via Instagram @chrismacclugage

I have been working very hard on my training since the finals with a main focus on strengthening my back. I have 3 bulging discs, due to abuse. My hips are all twisted and crooked. I have been going to the chiropractor weekly and it seems to be helping.

The Kid's: Macc & Lilly

The Kid’s: Macc & Lilly

My wife and kids are doing great, but unfortunately they will not be joining me in Thailand. I was happy we got to celebrate Mac’s 4th birthday before leaving as he turns 4 on the second and I will be in Thailand then. So, hopefully if all goes well I can bring them back a nice big Christmas present!
I am really quite excited for the 2016 season. I have tested a few different hulls and there is some really exciting stuff out there, with great potential.

Thank you to all my sponsors and the people that make it happen.
Monster Energy
Macc Racing
Ada Racing
Skat Trak
Jet Pilot
Liquid Militia
Bell Helmets
Ryno Power
Jet Lift
Freedom Motorsports

Chris MacClugage Rider Profile>>



Hayden Millerick turns 12 and breaks his arm in the same day

They say….
Birthdays are supposed to be all fun. Well for Hayden his 12th Birthday was fun till he broke his arm. Hayden and all his hommies took over the local skatepark and before you knew it grom down…

The Skateboarding fall that started it all.

The Skateboarding fall that started it all.

Hayden ready to put in the healing time.

Hayden ready to put in the healing time.

Hayden took it like a champ no tears and no meds, he’s looking to heal up quick and be back in the water A-SAP!!

The Doctor Says, Yea it's broken.

The Doctor Says, Yea it’s broken.

Hayden's ER visit

Hayden’s ER visit

Hayden Soft Cast

Hayden Soft Cast

We are very happy to announce Hayden’s Team Rider Profile is now LIVE!! So check it out CLICK HERE >>>>

FUZZY Takes 1st Overall and 1st in his division at the Kanaka Ikaika Race Series #2

FUZZY’S UPDATE FROM THIS PAST WEEKENDS Kanaka Ikaika Race Series #2. Of coarse it was another beautiful day here in Hawaii as I woke up and drank a cup of coffee and ate some breakfast before heading out to yet another race. This time the race was at Hawaii Kai to Kaimana Beach which is an 8 mile downwind coarse and one of the best and most popular runs for extreme water athletes. The conditions were kind of tough due to north winds which blows off shore and a rising tide that was head straight at us and light trade winds with little to no bumps (waves, wakes) to ride.

Hawaii Kai Race Location and Start

Going into this race I was focused on keeping my first place position and overall SUP athlete to the finish line. As the horn blew I had my engines at high RPMs and took off like a rocket. At the halfway point it felt like I was going backwards with the current being super strong and the winds turned straight at me so it was a challenge to get to the finish line. This was a fun race and a fun event and I look forward to the next race in two weeks. In the end I won the overall and my division.

Fuzzy's Finish 1st Place

Thanks again to Ben Caban with Hobie for his support and as well as Liquid Militia and HIC for the clothing on my back… and PUKA PATCH for the instant ding repair kits, and Bomber Floating Eyewear for keeping my eyes protected while on the water……
Aloha, Fuzzy

Rider Cuong Son and Family stop By the LM HQ

Cuong Son along with his wife Melissa and 2 Kids Darren & Travis managed to leave the madness of Disneyland (located 10 min from our shop) and stop by the LM HQ on the way to the airport heading home.

Cuong, Melissa and lil Travis

Darren all about the iphone games

This marks the 1st time Cuong has ever seen our shop. It’s pretty cool to be able to show our riders how everything is made and wow everything is done here at Liquid Militia.

Travis Rocking the new LM Baby Gear

The SONS!!

It was great seeing them. Cuong got the VIP tour of our operations and got to stock up on our newest threads. It was great to see them!!

Cuong Picking out what we wants

Till we meet at again prob Pismo!! ha

Travis, Cuong, Kyla and Ryan

Cuong’s Rider Profile