Video | Zack Bright and Mark Gomez Featured in Motor and SURF Scramble

Video | Motor and SURF Scramble


Motor and Surf Scramble Documentary in Japan Liquid Militia Team Riders Zack Bright and Mark Gomez featured.

In 2016 the Motor and Surf Scramble hosted the final round of the IFWA World Tour.
With the launch of our site, we are stoked to finally release this video and share some of the action and the vibes that are pushing the sport to grow into the future.

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Ryan Decker Pismo Freeride barrel roll

Ryan Decker | Pismo Freeride Experience

Ryan Decker Pismo Freeride Experience 3

Roll out team.


I started off the 2015 year, going to the Pismo Freeride event in Pismo, California. I ended up leaving Thursday night, right after school from my house and stayed at my good friend Tom Ski house. Early Friday morning we left Havasu and arrived in Pismo later that night.

Saturday’s waves turned out to be pretty big and glassy all throughout the day. Towards the end of the day TC Freeride had a Trip Tip BBQ. At night Liquid Militia Team put on a dinner to try to bring everyone together and hang out. Sunday was the best day the waves were bigger then Saturday. The first day we rode, I took it pretty easy so I could feel out my knee because I just had a knee surgery a month ago.

Ryan Decker Pismo Freeride barrel roll

Ryan Decker Pismo Freeride 1st barrel roll attempt in the surf.

Ryan Decker Pismo Freeride Experience 2

Ryan Decker Surf Riding his Rickter re-entry

I focused on riding the waves in and learning how to slash the top of the waves out. The energy from all the Freerides such as Gomez, Zack, and Jake Bright makes me love the freeriding scene. That energy makes me want to push myself to go bigger and really make it to the next level of riding. Coming from a racing background, freeriding reminds me of why I love the sport and to forget about the politics that racing has. Once we got back to Havasu I started training for the 1st and 2nd round of the West Coast National series, which, will be at Windsor Beach on April 11th and 12th.

Ryan Decker

Size does matter….

2012 Blowsion Surfslam Team Rider Results

Liquid Militia would like to thank Hydro Turf for making our trip a success having good people around us is always a plus. We would also like to thank Kyle at DASA for the ride to the airport legit. We would like to also thank Ronny & Ratti from ProRider Watercraft Magazine just for being super cool peeps to hang with and for keeping the sport going. Last but definitely not least we would like to thank all our team riders who attended this event we would not have gone if it was not for you guy’s Lot’s more pics and a sick ass VIDEO is still to come….

Zack Bright killing it this year at the Surf Slam. Zack took 2nd place in Pro Freeride against Freeride legend Taylor Curtis, When we asked zack about the contest conditions he said.It’s so hard to ride, if something comes up, then you hit it. Going out there with a plan of attack is just not happening, at all.With this slam win it puts Zack sitting in second place in the IFWA (International Freeride Watercraft Association) Would Tour in Points with one more stop to go BRAZIL!!

A few more memorable moments from Zack who’s always pushing the envelope. Zack kinda landed a backflip re-entry, the crowd was pumped!! “I tried a double backflip in the big air and went one and a half, and I stomped 2 flat spin 360 re-entrys on Monday. My progression keeps going.”

Zack’s Rider Profile

Zack Bright Pro Freeride


Mark Gomez took 5th place in Pro Freeride & 2nd in the Pro Ski Motosurf Race. Mark holding it down competing in all three events at the slam. 1. Freeride 2. Motosurf and 3. Big air keeping up with his tipple threat theme he has going on. We asked Mark how hard was it to compete in all three events “Well that’s what I like to do, I like to be involved in as much opportunity as possible why not? My #1 is Freeride I just cant get enough of it, but if there is a chance to do a motosurf race i’m in. All events I competed in the conditions were nasty but you just power threw it and make things happen.” 

Marks’s Rider Profile

Mark Gomez Pro Freeride

Mark Gomez Pro Ski Motosurf Race


Cuong Son took 9th place in Pro Freeride. That’s a few notches up from last year. Cuong had some killer runs getting some huge air. When asked about the size of the waves Cuong had this to say “Some set’s in the back were huge you just have to time it right and go for it. I had a lot of fun and am happy with myself.”

Cuong’s Rider Profile

Cuong Son Pro Freeride


Stanton High took 17th place in Pro Freeride. Stanton was on a fresh new Krash hull going into the slam. New ski plus not a lot of practice on the new hull sometimes does not let you perform to the level you know you are at. But on the upside Stanton had a blast and is looking forward to dialing in his new ski with all the classic Stanton style he brings. When we asked him how he felt on his new hull he said “I love it, it’s a great hull, looking forward to seeing what new things I can do on it.”

Stanton’s Rider Profile

Stanton High Pro Freeride


Tanner Thomas Amateur Freeride

Tanner Thomas took 5th place in Amateur Freeride. Tanner had a lot better luck this year than last year, no rescue hook through the hand and his ski did not get lost forever into the Pacific. Tanner’s fully back in action, and riding solid. When we asked what him what he had to say about the surf he said,The surf’s so powerful its unbelievable, I’m happy with what i did all around.

Tanner’s Rider Profile


Pete Zernik Pro Ski Motosurf Race

Pete Zernik took 6th place in the Pro Ski Motosurf race. Just after his last moto we asked Pete how it went and he said,It was just jump after jump, gopro falling off here, gopro falling off there, I dont know  where I ended up.

Pete’s Rider Profile


Stanton High Gets one of the USA Spots to attend the Peru Freeride

Stanton High Riding @ Pismo Beach, CA

LM- What’s happening in Peru?
SH-Peruvian Freeride Expo! This is the third competition of its type with riders invited from Europe, Brazil, and the United States.

LM- How is your Spanish?
SH- Uhhh, I’m going to have to download the translation app!

LM- What are you going to be doing there?
SH- I’m riding and promoting Freeride Jetskiing in a Country where it’s a very obscure sport. I’m told the Peruvians know how to have a good time too!

LM- Have you ever traveled outside the US to do anything related to your sport?
SH- yes, I’ve lived in china working as a stunt Jetski actor at a theme park. that was awesome and could definetly see myself doing that again

LM- What kind of ride will be you be on?
SH- A stock 2010 Yamaha Superjet. It’s nice because that is similar to the setup I am used to. Just drop a couple footstraps in!

LM- How long will you be there?
SH- From March 7th to the 11th. I’m missing the Pismo spring break, but I may make it back in time to meet any stragglers on Monday.

LM- Will you be checking out any other sites?
SH- Yeah, as much as I can, being a tourist is half the fun! I’m excited to see Lima and the other great Peruvian cities.

Stanton High Invited

LM- Travel Buddies?
SH- Jack Sutton from Skiclinic will be going to ride too. Jack is a super cool guy and best I could imagine outside of Team LM.

LM- What do you expect to gain from this trip? if anything?
SH- I expect to gain a trip to Peru to ride! Haha really not interested in gaining anything, Im just stoked to go ride!

A big thank you to Xan Sampaio and Jared Aljouny for recommending me to this event! Another huge thanks to Anibal Aliaga for putting together an event like this. I’m super excited to go to Peru and happy to be a part of it the growth of freeride worldwide. Thanks alot and see you when I get back!

Stanton High’s Web Site

Stanton High’s Rider Profile

Mark Gomez and Zack Bright head to Argentina GESELL FREERIDE 2012

Liquid Militia riders Mark Gomez & Zack Bright are heading to this event.

Zack Bright at the Grayland Open 2011


LM- Type of ski you are going to be on?
ZB- A prototype Super Jet built by Maxi at Jetmotion.

LM- Thoughts going into this event on the performance and caliber of the event participants?
ZB- It should be a great event! My friend Mariano Riva will be there and he is a good rider. I think the event is going to be really great.

LM- What do you know about the potential waters there, good size?
ZB- It looks be ok size for what we do.. The ski I will be riding is really short so I’ll be able to make things happen.

LM- Do you anticipate crowds to show, what will they be looking for?
ZB- Yes, I’m pretty sure there will be BMX and Freestyle motocross at the event as well, so there will be a lot of people attending and supporting a great venue.

LM- What do you expect of yourself at this event?
ZB- Well, #1 is making sure my ankle is going to be ok. Other than that, I’ll just throw it down like I usually do!

LM- Have you been here before, if so, note a memorable moment:
ZB- It’s my first time to Argentina so every part will be memorable!

I want to thank all my sponsors for their support; Cold-Fusion, Blowsion,, Liquid Militia Clothing, Hydro-Turf, Kal-Gard Oil, Powder and Sun Ride shop, Go-Pro, and Premier Lath & Plaster. also thank you to Daniel Paddu, Pablo Wolf, and Daniel Pertovt for inviting me over for this and making it a reality!

To check out Zack Brights Rider Profile: Bright

Mark Gomez at the Pismo Freeride 2011


LM- Type of ski you are going to be on?
MG- I will be riding a custom built Yamaha Superjet from my friends at Radical Jet ski in Argentina. My friends Rodry Duran, Mai Adams, Luis Hernan Corti, and Leonardo Gomez have all been working away at building it for the last 3-4 months. These guys are great friends who are really going out of their way to make me something really cool. I can’t wait to see them and ride this ski.
LM- Yeah, I remember reading your post on facebook about the new build! That’s fantastic!

LM- Thoughts going into this event on performance and caliber of the event participants?
MG- From what I understand and have seen in years past with Ross/Pierre. Zack and I will be going to do more of a series of Pro Rider expeditions for the fans at the event. This event is Argentina’s Freeride Nationals so there will no doubt be some serious talent there throwing down to win the Freeride title of their country. I look forward to meeting and riding with these pilots and all of the local fans of Freeride.

LM- What do you know about the potential waters there, good size?
MG- From what I have seen and heard from friends the water can be a little brown which is interesting but much easier to not think about sharks in muddy waters. Also the surf seems to be often Inconsistent and kind of rough. No doubt they were the conditions we had the first day this year in Oregon but in the end they still provide possibilities for big air tricks. Clean consistent surf riding is what I fear might be tough to accomplish and or get a rhythm for in the rough water. I hope for the best conditions and plan to do the best I can regardless.

LM- Do you anticipate crowds to show, what will they be looking for?
MG- From the photos of last year’s participation and the fact it is the countries finals for freeride, I can only imagine that there will be tons of people. I am honestly not going to be sure until I get there but I fear it may be overwhelming. Only because the people of Argentina are %110 more stoked on Freeride right now than any other country in the world I feel. This makes me a little bit nervous because I know they will be looking for a damn good show being that Pierre Maixent was just in town the other week throwing down for the crowds at another Argentine beach location.

LM- What do you expect of yourself at this event?
MG- I expect to be able to give back the most I can to the generous people and fans who have invited me there. I hope to be able to communicate and reach out to as many fans as I can to connect and pass on a positive message for the sport and my sponsors that have helped me get to the level which brought me opportunities like this. I also plan to step up my riding to the next level with my aerials and start dancing in the tray doing variations while I’m upside down like Zack and Pierre.

LM- Have you been here before, if so, share a memorable moment:
MG- I have never been there before but my girlfriend Bianca’s entire family is from Argentina and I have heard so much I cannot wait to experience and soak up all the new culture with her.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me as I have been pushing to reach toward new goals and opportunities. You can follow me on facebook here: Mark Gomez and my website blog Here to stay updated with what I am up to and for my post event recaps. Thank you again for your support! To check out Mark Gomez Rider Profile: Gomez

USA Riders Mark Gomez & Zack Bright Attending.


(Zack Bright getting in a little practice riding before he left for Brazil)


Liquid Militia Rider Zack Bright is heading to the final event of the IFWA Freeride World Championships in Brazil.  Zack has been ramping up his tricks this past season in preparation to bring home a world championship title.  Liquid Militia caught up with Zack just before he took off for Brazil, here are a few Q&A’s we hit him up about.


LM: This will be your 3rd comp toward the IFWA how might that play out bringing home an overall title for 2011?

ZB: Yep, 3rd and Final competition. Currently I am sitting in 3rd position behind Ross Champion in 1st place and Pierre Maixent in 2nd.  But Ross is not coming this year and it’s still unsure if Pierre will be there… no one knows?   If he is there than it will be tough to win the tour, because he’s solid on the airs, but if he is not then I have a very good chance of walking away with a World Title.  Just have to get through Alexander Lenzi… which will not be easy at all either.  I’m just going to try my hardest and throw it down and have a great time doing it.


LM:  What were your results at the other two International competitions earlier this year?

ZB: The first stop was France where I got 3rd place..  The second was Pacific city, Oregon where I blew it and got 5th, all part of the International Tour. This round I really hope to win. I’m hungry for a 1st place so I’m going to go all in.


LM: What ski are you riding at the World Championships?

ZB: That is slightly up in the air at this point. I was supposed to ride a Jetmotion prepared boat but sadly they are not going to make it this year. I’ll probably ride a boat from Tchello Brando. It’s difficult because getting a solid boat in Brazil is huge and can make or break your performance. Kinda stressful, but this is what a lot of competitors struggle with, ‘man and machine’.


LM: Do you have any plans for busting out any new tricks at this comp?

ZB: Ummmm we will see. I have a pretty big bag o’ tricks at this point but there are a few things Ive been thinking about. Let’s see what my ride gives up.


LM:  Exposed?

ZB: Well, first off participating in this event generates exposure for the sport and my sponsors. Secondly, I really hope to gain additional support from current or future sponsors to help offset the ‘pay out of pocket’ effect and I’ve paid some heavy dues.  To sustain a level off commitment requires additional funds and that generates product exposure in return for my endorsements.


LM:  Final Words?

ZB: Thanks to all my freeride friends for their support and help this past season. It’s been a really good year and It’s cool getting some high fives from fellow riders and the guys I have looked up to. I want to thank my family and my Girlfirend Kristen. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be on the tour rounds. To all  my sponsors for hooking me up:, Cold-Fusion, Blowsion, Hydro-Turf, Liquid Militia, Kal-Gard Oil, Premier Lath & Plaster, and Go-Pro.  I’ve had a good Rookie year on the tour gaining experience and exposure and I’m looking down the line years ahead. I want to step up the pace and draw attention to the best sport in the watercraft community, we have it all!


Check out Zack’s profile here Zack Bright.


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Liquid Militia Team Riders score top placings at the 2011 Blowsion Surf Slam.

Mark Gomez left, Christian Young Right

Liquid Militia Team Riders take home top placings at the 2011 Blowsion Surf Slam. Christian Young is the amateur Freeride champion, and
Mark Gomez got 9th in pro freeride and 1st in the Pro Motosurf Race. Tanner Thomas had an injury and did not finish. Zack Bright I’m not sure how he did yet. Congradulaions to our riders this weekend on your victorys!!

WOOT! WOOT! Liquid Militia Team Rider Zack Bright Heads Off to France

For Immediate Release, May 27th 2011

“So it’s on. I’m going to France to give the World tour a go at Jet Jump Extreme 2011’.  Zack Bright is the first Liquid Militia Team Rider on the Tour WOOT WOOOOT!  Zack is a highly accomplished Big Air rider, taking top honors in the 2010 Blowsion Big Air Contest.  Something Zack does instinctively is pushing the roof on his stylized Rickter Freeride stand-up. 

Zack Bright//Pismo Beach, CA
Zack will be competing in France on a “Revolution” model hull, Using a ski that’s not his own once again like he did at the 2011 Peruvian International Freeride Championship. Zack competed on a fully stock Super jet at the Peruvian event and stomped a solid 2nd place. No matter what type of ski Zack is on he’s a first class competitor and earns top ranking. One skill that most can’t touch with this type of versatility, a keen nature for winning drives Zack.

“I leave the 29th this month and I won’t be back until the 7th of June. It’s like a 2 in 1 contest. It’s the Jet Jump Extreme for the French tour and then the IFWA 1st stop”, states Zack.

“If you qualified top 10 in IFWA last year you don’t have to ride the JJE and just ride the IFWA but since I didn’t place in the top 10 there, the JJE is like qualifying for the IFWA…. its kinda confusing but basically I will be in 2 contests if all goes well. Anyone can win the JJE and someone else can win the 1st round. Hell yea lets blow this sh*t up baby!  Looking forward to doing big things over there, big air and fun times, supporting Freeride!”, says Bright.

Zack is an US Ambassador for Freeride and for living the Liquid Militia lifestyle, here and abroad.  We define our limits and open boundaries in the pursuit of having fun, challenging creative pursuits and taking no prisoners. Liquid Militia rides to the top.  Can’t wait to hear ‘Back from Zack’ when the French assault is underway and complete.  Check it out: and define your next move.

Zack Bright//Blowsion Surf Slam 2010

2011 IFWA World Tour
The beginning round of the IFWA world tour will begin in France as part of the Jet Jump Extreme event in June 2, 2011.Jet Jump will be the French National event and will judged and scored as per the French Federation rules 

The top 8 pilots from the French National event will qualify to compete in the IFWA World tour opening competition held on Sunday, June 5th against the top 8 IFWA pilots from last season’s ranking. Sundays event will be scored as defined by IFWA rules and be matched head to head. The Top 8 pilots from 2010 automatically qualify for the opening 2011IFWA round. Participation in the French competition is optional.







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