2013 Sparks NV, National Jet Ski Tour Stop Pit's

Throwback Gallery: 2013 Sparks NV, National Jet Ski Tour Stop

Throwback: 2013 Sparks NV, National Jet Ski Tour Stop

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Ryan Decker Pismo Freeride barrel roll

Ryan Decker | Pismo Freeride Experience

Ryan Decker Pismo Freeride Experience 3

Roll out team.


I started off the 2015 year, going to the Pismo Freeride event in Pismo, California. I ended up leaving Thursday night, right after school from my house and stayed at my good friend Tom Ski house. Early Friday morning we left Havasu and arrived in Pismo later that night.

Saturday’s waves turned out to be pretty big and glassy all throughout the day. Towards the end of the day TC Freeride had a Trip Tip BBQ. At night Liquid Militia Team put on a dinner to try to bring everyone together and hang out. Sunday was the best day the waves were bigger then Saturday. The first day we rode, I took it pretty easy so I could feel out my knee because I just had a knee surgery a month ago.

Ryan Decker Pismo Freeride barrel roll

Ryan Decker Pismo Freeride 1st barrel roll attempt in the surf.

Ryan Decker Pismo Freeride Experience 2

Ryan Decker Surf Riding his Rickter re-entry

I focused on riding the waves in and learning how to slash the top of the waves out. The energy from all the Freerides such as Gomez, Zack, and Jake Bright makes me love the freeriding scene. That energy makes me want to push myself to go bigger and really make it to the next level of riding. Coming from a racing background, freeriding reminds me of why I love the sport and to forget about the politics that racing has. Once we got back to Havasu I started training for the 1st and 2nd round of the West Coast National series, which, will be at Windsor Beach on April 11th and 12th.

Ryan Decker

Size does matter….

Jetski Racing World Finals Team Update – Lake Havasu City, AZ

Was a wild weekend in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We had a great time hanging with the team, family and friends old and new.

Team Rider Updates:


Chris MacClugage

Chris MacClugage

This year I competed solely in the Sport class at World Finals. I didn’t want to race with the pressure I had in 2013 to win the Ski class. My primary goal was to enjoy myself and relax a bit more this year in my hometown of Lake Havasu City where the World Finals are held each year.

I set out to win the Sport class and I did! It was by no means an easy race however. During the first moto, while I was leading the race, I fell off my race boat and dropped all the way back to the absolute last position. It was time to work my way back up to the top.

That did it for me. Just what I needed to gain a deeper focused determination, I wanted this race, I wanted to produce at World Finals. After a bit of fiberglass warfare I came back to third place position.

Now, facing the second moto, I holeshotted once again but lead wire to wire down the line! The Monster Macc Racing, Bullett V2 Wave Blaster worked really well from turn to turn and accelerating strong in the open stretches. Such a great boat to ride, making this a fun competition for me! Just what I needed.

Chris MacClugage

Chris MacClugage 2014 Sport Class Champion – Photo by Mark Clemons

We had gained 4 miles an hour over the 2013 set up we previously enjoyed, so the Blaster was really fast this year. I was confident in my skills heading into the competition even though I had not focused exclusively on the Sport Class. So much so was this team commitment to excel, that I would put her into the Winner’s circle!

I finished with a 3rd place and a 1st place finish from the two mottos. When those two places were added against my competitors, this put me in a 3 way tie. Seeing that I won the last moto that singular advantage gave me the overall win and the World Championship title.

It has been a great year for Macc Racing. To head into the winter race schedule as a World Champion comes with the dedication of many people. I want to thank you Rusty Gewecke for building one great boat for me to ride, my lovely wife Rachel and our kids for their everlasting support!!!



Ryan Decker

Ryan Decker

Ryan Decker

For the 2014 IJSBA World Finals I raced Amateur Lites, Pro Am Lites, Amateur Open, and Salom. This World Finals was a rough year for me. I ended up not qualifying for Amateur Lites and could not get good starts. But I qualified for Pro Am Lites and placed 14th overall even though I did not finish the last moto. In Amateur Open, I had to go to the LCQ because I got ran over in my heat. I won the LCQ and ended up placing 10th overall in Amateur Open. In salom I placed 8th overall. Besides the racing I had a ton of fun hanging out with friends and family even got to see Vanilla Ice. Before the end of the year I am going to race the El Tour De Tucson and a 24 hour Mountain Bike race, while racing dirt bikes on the side. Could not do it without the help from Liquid Militia, Macc Racing, Ryno Power, Jettrim, K&N Performance, Burn Industries, Bullett Racing, and my parents.


Mark Gomez

Mark Gomez

I had technical problems that took me out of my Amateur Lites class then ended up fighting my way through a tough pack and working through some late night wrenching missions to defend my 3rd in the world title in that class. Last and not least I charged my way though vintage 550 and came out on top during both motos to win the world title. On the monday after I participated in Chris Fichettis Aqua Moto X Preview Event. A group of us riders including Zack and Jake Bright, Tanner Thomas, and I lined up to go big off a double boat v wake. I took 2nd place taking home over $300 of a $800 cash pot fund raised by the sponsors and spectators there.

BROCK AUSTIN #182:MAC_0264-brock-austin-havasu-blog

Brock Austin

Brock Austin

We haven’t heard from em’ yet, maybe he’s still celebrating?

IAN ROBERTS #658:MAC_0223-ian-roberts-havasu-blog

ian-roberts-profile-1Going into the 2014 IJSBA world finals my goal was to finish top 5 in pro ski open. After winning and finishing on the podium at several races throughout the year I was feeling pretty confident. Things don’t always go as planned though as I was plagued with numerous mechanical issues on race day. I squeeked into the main and tried my hardest to resolve the issues, but was not successful. I chose to jump on my practice boat which was at least 10 mph slower than most of the boats I was competing against. Lucky for me the wind picked up before the 2nd and 3rd Motos giving me less of a disadvantage with some really rough water conditions. Overall I was able to put an 8th place finish together bettering last years finish of 9th.

BIBI CARMOUCHE #177:MAC_0762-bibi-web-havasu-blog

Bibi Carmouche

Bibi Carmouche

Bibi's Ski Carnage

Bibi’s Ski Carnage

Seemed like luck was not on my side at this years finals, but I learned a lot and was still able to come out in the top 10 in two of my classes. On Wednesday I raced classic two stroke limited and was hoping for a top three finish, unfortunately I ended up getting hit pretty hard in the second moto and finished 7th overall. Friday, I was excited to race in the Amateur ski open class for the first time, but during the qualifier my ski died on the line and I was forced to race in the LCQ, and with another bad start I didn’t make it to the main motos. On Sunday the Pro/am Womens races were extremely exciting, it was awesome being able to line up next to some of the fastest women racers around like Tera Laho, Emi Kanamori and Yukiko Kume to name a few! The second moto was wild with the random wind that picked up and created surf like conditions on the track, I was running in third place in that moto but the judges ended up making a call that docked me a lap and moved me down from 5th overall to 8th. I am extremely happy with my performance and ready to make some changes for next season!

Huge thank you to all my sponsors for the support throughout the year!

Thank You, to all who participated in “The Bar Pong Tournament” at Kokomo

Freshly printed Beer Pong table graphics, last minute work on the road...

Freshly printed Beer Pong table graphics, last minute work on the road…

Event Sponsors

Blowsion, Prorider, Hydro-Turf, Liquid Militia and Hot Products made the tournament possible.


Let the Tournament begin!

Pro Freerider

Pro Freerider

“Team Cup The Balls” which included, Liquid Militia Team Rider Zack Bright and friend of LQM Casey Hogarty made it to the final round but lost by one cup against “The Mad Haters”, Havasu locals.

“We trained hard. We made all the way to the final. We got 2nd place. Which is my normal finish anyway. Casey was a great teammate and really pulled us through to the end. Team cup my balls just needed to sink that final ball and we could have been the champions of the world. THE WORLD!,”said Zack Bright.

Tanner Thomas, Pro Freerider/ V-Wake Master:

Tanner Thomas Aqua Moto V Wake Champ

Tanner Thomas Aqua Moto V Wake Champ

Tanner Thomas Photo: Aqua Moto Grand Prix

Tanner Thomas Body Beach V-Wake Photo: Aqua Moto Grand Prix


RYAN DECKER- At Reno I raced Pro Am GP and Expert Gp

At Reno I raced Pro Am GP and Expert Gp. Overall I got 2nd in Expert GP and I am not sure about Pro Am Gp.

LM: How did u feel the overall race went?
RD: I felt the race went well I need to work on some things before finals and the next race in Perris.

Ryan racing at the Reno/Sparks National Tour Stop in NV.

LM: How was the turn out?
RD: The turnout was pretty good. It seemed like there was a lot of people there.

LM: Best memory of the weekend?
RD: Best memory of the weekend was racing Pro Am with Chris MacClugage and Rob Flores

Decker & Flores

Thanks! -Ryan

Liquid Militia Riders Competing at the Hydro Turf UWP-IJSBA National Tour Stop in Sparks, NV

Liquid Militia Riders Competing at the Hydro Turf UWP-IJSBA National Tour Stop in Sparks, NV on June 30th-July 1st.

Hydro Turf UWP-IJSBA National Tour Stop

We have the following riders attending this huge tour stop that has finally come to the WESTCOAST!! All our riders are stoked to have a semi-local race hit the west coast.

Chris MacClugage
Pete Zernik
Ian Roberts
Brock Austin
Mike Mendez
Ryan Decker

For more information on this event:

Ryan Decker talks a little about the last Race at Lake Perris and Racing in the GP Class

Ryan Decker recently raced the Jettribe IJSBA Lake Perris Open. Here is what he had to say.

LM: What were your overall results from Perris? Class? Result?
RD: My overall finishes in Lake Perris was: 4th Overall in Pro Am GP, and 2nd Overall in Amateur Open

Ryan Decker Pro Ski GP

LM: When did you arrive to the race site?
RD: I arrived at the race site on Friday. On Friday we rode the track once it was set up and did a few starts.

LM: How was the drive from AZ?
RD: I arrived at the race site on Friday. On Friday we rode the track once it was set up and did a few starts. The drive wasn’t too bad until we arrived in California then we had to go 55 mph the rest the way.

LM: How do you like competing in the GP class?
RD: For racing GP class for the first time it was definitely fun. The Pro riders are a lot more aggressive then the riders in the other classes.

Mark Gomez Left, Ryan Decker Right.

LM: Memorable moment form the race?
RD: The most memorable moment was racing GP.

LM: Are you planning on competing at the Sparks/Reno Race coming up in a few weeks?
RD: Yes I am planning on competing at the Reno race.

LM: How do you feel you did overall?
RD: Overall I feel I did pretty good. There’s a few things I want to work on before the Reno race.

Ryan Decker took 4th overall in Pro GP

To see more pictures of Ryan from this event click here.

The 2012 IJSBA Jettribe Lake Perris Open

The 2012 IJSBA Jettribe Lake Perris Open presented by: Sea-Doo, Hot Products, Optima Racing, Bomber Eyewear, Hydro-Turf, Impros, Arizona Jet Ski & Firefightermedic.com

Saturday, June 16th
Sail Cove, Lake Perris State Park

This is one of the only races going down in our area so we would like to get as many people to roll out and support our team and kick it with us. Liquid Militia will be attending in support of our riders. We will be setting up our ez ups along with our friends over at Hydro Turf . Hydro Turf & Liquid Militia will be supplying food/snacks/drinks for our riders who are attending this race. Any sponsored rider of Hydro-Turf or Liquid Militia is welcome to stop by the HT/LM ez ups and grab what ever you need to keep you fueled for the day.

Something similar we did with Hydro Turf before.

Here is the list of Liquid Militia riders who are planning on hitting this race:
Pete Zernik
Brock Austin
Ryan Decker
Mateo Juarez

Entry to Park:
All Participants will be charged $5 to enter the Lake Perris State Park, however no launch fee’s will be charged!
Spectators will pay the regular day use fee of $10.

Warm up/practice is at 9:00 a.m.
Racing starts at 10:30 a.m.

Schedule of Events:
Friday, June 15th, Noon to 6:00 p.m.- Registration and Safety Inspection in pit area (Sail Cove)
Saturday, June 16th – 6:30~8:00 a.m. (sharp) Final Registration and safety inspection in pit area.
Saturday, June 16th – 8:00 a.m.-Rider’s Meeting
9:00 a.m.-Practice
10:30 a.m.-Opening Ceremonies, Racing
Awards 30 minutes after conclusion of final race.

The Official Web Site with all the information can be found here RPM RACING ENTERPRISES.

Liquid Militia coverage in Pro rider Magazine Current Issue

We are stoked to show all you non Watercraft peeps & Watercraft peeps some of the coverage Liquid Militia has received in the current issue of Pro Rider Magazine VOL 1 ISSUE 5 2012. We pretty much can’t blow these pages up so you can actually read them. If you want to read them support Pro Rider Magazine and get a subscription. It’s only $24.00 a year. They also ship Internationally. Get on it folks!!

Daytona Freeride only words can explain.

Daytona Freeride only words can explain.

Daytona Freeride After Party. Smack center we have Bud from Bud Productions, Mike Petro LM rider, Kyla from LM, and Mike representinig for Hydro-Turf (Rainbow Shirt).

Ryan holding down our Ghetto Booth @ Daytona Freeride haha

Mark Gomez & Zack Bright's re cap on Argentina Freeride.

Left: Mark & Zack's Trip to Argentina. Right: Future Threat featuring one of our riders Ryan Decker.