Round 1 Jet Jump Extreme - Biscarrosse, France 5

Round 1 Jet Jump Extreme – Biscarrosse, France

Round 1 Jet Jump Extreme – Team Update

Congrats! to Abraham Hochstrasser and Liquid Militia team riders Mark Gomez 2nd place and Brandon Lawlor 3rd place at the first round of the Jet Jump Extreme World Freeride Tour this last weekend.
Next stop Round 2 Newquay, UK this weekend.

1st Abraham Hochstrasser, 2nd Mark Gomez, 3rd Brandon Lawlor

1st Abraham Hochstrasser, 2nd Mark Gomez, 3rd Brandon Lawlor

Brandon Lawlor Rockin The Prize

Brandon Lawlor Rockin The Prize

Mark Gomez - Solitude before the Heat

Mark Gomez – Solitude before the Heat

Round 1 Jet Jump Extreme - Biscarrosse, France

CALIFORNIE? Bio of the Gomez

Gomez and fellow competitor Abraham Hochstrasser

Gomez and fellow competitor Abraham Hochstrasser

Gomez De-salting the beast - Biscarrosse, France

Gomez De-salting the beast

US Freestyle Championships

US Freestyle Championship Round 1 | Mark Gomez

Mark Gomez

Mark Gomez

US Freestyle Championship Round 1 Lake Havasu, AZ

US Freestyle Championship Round 1 Lake Havasu, AZ

US Freestyle Championship Round 1: April 16th Lake Havasu, AZ – Pro Freestyle contest

Mark Gomez with Tanner Thomas

Mark Gomez with Tanner Thomas

Monday evening I landed in LAX and had a moment to catch up with my mom over dinner. Then, I packed up my truck with the borrowed factory Rickter XFR freestyle ski, gear, and quickly washed cloths. 3-am the following morning I was 300 miles bound for Lake Havasu, AZ. Getting there early gave me a chance to meet up with my best friend in the industry and last year’s 900cc Freestyle World Champion Tanner Thomas. Thanks to the support of my family at KMG Racing, Tanner and I had a compound at Crazy Horse campground to call home base to come back to throughout the day. Through the week we ran errands, finished emails, worked on equipment, trained, and crashed out. This made a huge difference, as Tanner and I were able to hone in our skills within four days to become contest ready.

The weather at the event was great apart from the 40-mph wind. A large part of flat water freestyle is setting up two wakes to collide in order to make a “big wake” which is about a foot tall at most. This is difficult to construct when the water all together is chaos. Under powered in the 1200cc class with a 1000cc engine in the borrowed demo Rickter-XFR. I took it to my qualifying heat landing 4th place while riding in a heavy spot of the wind. For sickest trick run I was able to put together a no hand back flip, right into another back flip off the landing of the first. Coming into my main run I caught a mild break of the wind and was able to throw down a busy run. I got ejected during one of my opening flip combinations, pushing to get more out of that combo. I recovered, and put down a lot of tricks with many variations. Some were more difficult than others, such as the Scarecrow barrel roll, which is a corkscrew rotation in the air with only one foot attached and another no hand back flip.

Mark Gomez | Pro Freestyle Competitor

Mark Gomez | Pro Freestyle Competitor

Wind was an issue, but Mark was able to hang on and podium.

Wind was an issue, but Mark was able to hang on and podium.

At the end of the event I was beyond pleasantly surprised to end up receiving 3rd place in sickest trick and 3rd place in the 1200cc pro class. This was my second professional freestyle contest. I am absolutely thrilled to have made the best of the TC Freeride built Rickter XFR powered by a DASA 1000cc Engine and Skat-Trak 155-mm Mag pump. After the event I dropped the XFR off with my friend Brock Austin, who will be transporting the ski to Florida for the first two national tour stops around the corner.

Congratulations to the top 3

Congratulations to the top 3

Group podium shot

Group podium shot

Top 3 winner in the pro class

Top 3 winners pro class

I couldn’t be going after this year like I am if it wasn’t for my incredibly supportive 2016 sponsors: Rickter – RRP Mystik Lubricants, Hydro-Turf, DASA Engines, WORX Racing Components, Liquid Militia Clothing, Jetpilot, TC Freeride, Skat-Trak, Jet Renu, Hot Products, Bomber Floating Eyewear, KMG Racing, Cold Fusion, Factory Zero, Performance Fiberglass Repair, Salty Investments, ADR Crankshafts, Jetinetics, My Mom and brother Philip Gomez.

Thank you all for your support. MARK GOMEZ’S LIQUID MILITIA ATHLETE PAGE |

Tanner Thomas at the Jettribe Lake Perris Season Finals

Hey everyone! Just a little update its been busy for myself down here in California. I drove all night from seattle last Tuesday to get to Atascadero CA to get my new flat water freestyle ski close to dialed in a practiced flat water backflips and 360’s for a few days with Taylor Curtis of TC Freeride before heading to the Jettribe Lake Perris race in Lake Perris California. Here I competed in Novice Ski Stock closed course bouy racing and Amateur Freestyle. With some rough times first race back on a track I placed 8th in the Novice ski stock race.

Tanner Thomas took 8th place in Novice ski stock

With a fresh attitude in freestyle I walked away with 2nd place on my new competition ski.

Tanner Thomas received a 2nd place finish in freestyle.

Now I am training for my major event up in Pacific City Oregon next weekend, the Blowsion Surf Slam. Here I will be competing in Amateur freeride and Pro Moto-surf. Lots more information to come just wanted to update you all on this last weekend. I have been riding every day this week down here in Oceanside California. With an aluminum flywheel failure on my SuperJet I have been not only working hard on his ski but riding hard and getting comfortable for surf slam. With the small amount of time in the surf I have gotten every year this time before surf slam is so valuable. Thanks everyone for reading this and helping me along the way!

Tanner Thomas Podium Shout Out's

info on the Lake Perris event

info on the Blowsion Surf Slam

Thanks!! – Tanner “Tanman” Thomas

2012 Sponsors:
Tyler Rental
Alaska Marine Lines
Alaska Diesel Power
TC Freeride
Thrust Innovations
K&S Kuwait
Sign Pro
Liquid Militia
Dasa Racing
PC Hydraulics
Friends and family

Ian Roberts had a rough weekend at the last round in Lake Perris but still took 3rd overall.

I had a rough weekend at the Lake Perris IJSBA National, but it was worth all the headaches to hangout with and represent the best sponsors in the industry, Liquid Militia and Kommander Industries Thanks again for the support. Hey it wasn’t all bad, I won one moto to finish 3rd overall in Am open after a DNF in the first moto.

Ian Roberts 3rd Place Overall

Ian’s headache started out when his transmission blew a few hours from home in Reno NV while in route to Southern California. His truck transmission blew the F up. Fellow LM rider Pete Zernik was already here at the LM HQ when he broke us the news. Pete was determined to help get Ian on the road. And if that meant finding a rental car, that’s what was going to happen. Pete somehow managed to get U haul to cancel another persons reservation and give it to Ian ha ha (stuff was said that I can not mention).

Ian satisfied with his win

Ian hitched up his trailer onto his super classy U Haul and tossed in all his gear and was on the way. A little behind scheduled not a lot of time for testing but all in all he made it and that’s what counts.

Podium- 3rd Overall

Thanks, Ian

Zack Bright Freeride World Championship Tour Update: Portugal/France

Zack Bright on the IFWA Tour

We caught up with Zack Bright who is still overseas, here is what he had to say.

LM– What placings did you get in both comps?
ZB– I got 3rd place in Portugal and got 4th place in France.

LM– So were both comps part of the IFWA, or was one  a freeride event ?
ZB– Yes. Portugal and France were both part of the IFWA World Tour. Portugal has not happened since 2005 and I gotta say, it really needs to be apart of it. really good waves.

LM– Whats the story on the ski you rode in the comp, looks familiar?
ZB– They both are familiar actually hahah. the FR-2 I rode in Portugal was actually my old FR-2 I sold to Stephan Foot last year. It was cool to ride something familiar. I rode a Light-Weight in France, the same ski I’m currently riding at home. Norbert hooked it up with some yellow stickers to make it look like last years. the Light-Weight is so cool, I took my tray, hull plate, steering, and bam, same handling ski in France that I’m used to back at home, so cool.

Zack Bright has arrived at the Jet Jump Extreme

LM– Is Paris all its cracked up to be?
ZB– Ive figured out a few key things about Paris. 1 is you have to be rich to stay here. 2 is…. you have to be rich. so its a little tough for Kristen and i right now. were staying in a town south of Paris called Villejuif which is like a french Compton. we have to take a 25 min train ride to get to Paris. its hard. were making the best of it though and trying to see everything we can before it gets dark… gets sketchy at night. but, i did just book an awesome hotel near the Eiffel Tower for Wednesday till Friday so, the end should be awesome.

LM– How was the surf compared to west coast Cali?
ZB– The surf in Portugal was great. overhead to sometimes double over. it was really familiar. France on the other hand was something like Lake Michigan. 4 second intervals, hardly and wave forms. you couldn’t plan anything. If the wave came, you’d hit it, but if you went out there wanting to do something specific than you might spend time searching for the right wave which is going to cost you.

LM– What size was the surf at both comps?
ZB– Portugal was head high to occasional double over. France was garbage, DEAD flat when we got there to waist high the next day to stormy conditions that sucked, but hey its 10′ there right now….. just in time…..

LM– Do you feel judging was fair?
ZB– Boy there’s a question…… in some aspects, sure. i saw some things that blew my and others minds and was a part of a dispute that i didn’t agree with. the short end of a long answer is; the IFWA is all we got. It’s a great thing and if it wasn’t here then the sport would be nothing. that being said, I think there needs to be some changes on how things are judged, how things are scored, and how some things happen. We have some really good ideas for the future that we presented so we will see what happens.

Zack Bright

LM– So is it true that all French people are snobs?
ZB– Not so! everyone you meet in the freeride community is automatically family so really the language goes out the window. the people Ive meet traveling, ordering food, or asking for directions have been nothing but helpful. its been great.

LM– How was it to get the chance to chill with freeriders from halfway around the world?
ZB– Its always a blessing. to see old friends like Pierre, Nick, Jake, and Iceman to name a few, to meeting new friends like Gil Burnier, Silvian Molina, and Cedric Lageat to name a few more. its so cool to see everyone. were all one big dysfunctional family, its awesome.

LM– What did you dig most about contest locations?
ZB– Portugal was in Sintra which is a huge surfing spot that hosts local, national and world contests. It’s cool to go to quality surf spots and get a chance to ride a ski there. France is like this sleepy nudist/gypsy area…. so that’s cool hahah.

Zack's Militia Masher

LM– What is your current standing on the IFWA tour now?
ZB– Right now I’m in a three way tie for 3rd place with Tiago Geitens and Jake Montandon. i really want to do better than 3rd this year so i need to do work in Oregon and Brazil.

LM– Zack, you have mad talent and got  good very quickly, can you give any advice to upcoming freeriders on what it takes to get to your level of riding?
ZB– Cheers guys, really you just have to want it. if you want it bad enough then you’ll progress fast. You cant think about consequences, you just have to huck it, being a little crazy doesn’t hurt either.

Zack Bright IFWA World Tour Competition.

LM– If you could do it all again, would you do anything differently?
ZB– If i could do it all over again, i would win the whole thing and plan for Paris a lot better, ha!

LM– Anything Else?
ZB– I’d like to thank my Family for their support. my wonderful girlfriend Kristen for having my back and taking killer pics. Norbert at Light-Weight for building me a ski for the event and being an all around awesome person. Burn Industries for the custom suits and vests. Cold-Fusion for all the bad ass parts. Blowsion for always helping me getting places. Euromotorbike for having me ride a ski in a pool. Hydro-Turf, Kal-Gard, and Powder & Sun. Liquid Militia for being frekin awesome and always supporting me.


Liquid Militia Team Riders Podium at the Parker Series 2011

. Liquid Militia Rider from Left to Right: Mike Mendez, Mark Gomez, Ian Roberts, Eric Hewitt, Pete Zernik, Mike Demauro, and Brock Austin .


These results prove the commitment and passion of our team riders, check this out: Three 1st Place Overalls, four 2nd Place Overalls, three 3rd Place Overalls.In 2 days of racing Liquid Militia Riders took their place on the podium in their respective Classes with seven 1st Place finishes, five 2nd place and six 3rd place wins!That’s solid racing from a core group of dedicated competitors.Liquid Militia’s, Kyla, and Ryan attended the 2 days of racing to support our team riders, Parker weather was a challenge as the competition was, we had a great time checking out the scene.Our racers are preparing equipment for the indoor Las Vegas race. See you there!


The Race//

The American Power Boat Association (APBA) is the sanctioning body for the first round of USA racing held at the Bluewater Resort and Casino. The event opened the first round of the APBA Triple Crown of Watercross featuring three national events. The Triple Crown consists of the Parker APBA Bluewater West Coast Nationals, the Myrtle Beach APBA Sun Fun APBA Surf National Championships and the season ending APBA Watercross Nationals.


Liquid Militia PWC Racers//

1.Pete Zernik, Pro-Am Ski GP 147 Points (Kawasaki), Expert Ski Ltd. 214 Points

2.Mark Gomez, Freestyle 86 Points, Novice Ski Lt. 228 Points Novice Ski Stock Spec 184 (Kawasaki)

3.Mike Mendez, Amateur Runabout Stock 199 Points

4.Brock Austin, Pro-Am Ski Stock Spec/Ltd. 240 Points

5.Ryan Decker, Junior Ski 13-15 233 Points, Stock Spec Lites 205 points. Novice Ski Stock Spec 101

Points (Hydrospace)

6.Mateo Juarez, Pro-Am Ski GP, 123 Points (Hydrospace)

7.Ian Roberts, Pro-Am Ski GP, 209 Points (Kawasaki)

8.Eric Hewitt, Expert Ski Ltd, 188 Points (Kawasaki)

9.Michael Demauro, Freestyle 101 Points (Yamaha)


Liquid Militia Riders-Race Results 4/30/2011

1.Expert Ski Limited #149 Pete Zernik, 2nd Place

#700 Eric Hewitt, 3rd Place

2.Novice Ski Stock Spec #141 Mark Gomez 4th Place

3.Am Runabout Stock #909 Michael Mendez, 1st Place

4.Novice Ski Limited #141 Mark Gomez, 1st Place

5.Junior Ski 13-15 Limited #714 Ryan Decker 1st Place

6.Pro-Am Ski Stock Spec #182 Brock Austin, 1st Place

7.Pro-Am Ski GP #68 Ian Roberts, 3rd place

#149 Pete Zernik, 6th Place

#89 Mateo Juarez, 9th place

8.Freestyle, Mark Gomez 4th Place

9.Freestyle, Michael Demauro 2nd Place


Liquid Militia Riders-Race Results 5/1/2011 Sunday

1.Junior Ski 13-15 Stock Spec Lites #714 Ryan Deecker 2nd place

2.Expert Ski Limited #149 Pete Zernik 2nd Place

#700 Eric Hewitt, 3rd Place

3.Novice Ski Stock Spec #228Mark Gomez 3rd Place

4.Am Runabout Stock #909 Michael Mendez 3rd Place

5.Novice Ski Limited #228 Mark Gomez, 1st Place

6.Junior Ski 13-15 Limited #714 1st Place

7.Pro-Am Ski Stock Spec #182 Brock Austin, 1st Place

8.Pro Am Ski GP #658 Ian Roberts, 2nd Place

#149 Pete Zernik 5th Place

#89 Mateo Juarez 7th Place

9.Freestyle Mark Gomez 4th Place

10. Freestyle Michael Demauro 2nd Place