Kelsey's Catch 2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride With a Side of Spearfishing 1

Kelsey’s Spearfishing Catch – Pismo Spring Break Freeride

2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride

Kelsea's Fish Bounty

Kelsea’s Fish Bounty

The Pismo Freeride is one of my favorite gatherings to attend for many reasons. What makes this meeting spot for everyone great, is that it doesn’t matter what toys you bring to the beach or whether or not you have a ski to ride. All you need to bring is yourself, your love for the freeride community, and some stoke to go along with the great vibes at the beach. I have been lucky to be able attend this gig more then a few times, with or without skis. I’ve noticed that it’s the people I meet from all over, that are there for the same purpose, that keeps me wanting to come.

This year, my superjet was not yet ready and I worked a near 30 hour shift before the 6 hour drive. I saw the small surf and my ski was not yet ready to ride. Blurry eyed from many sleepless days working, I packed my dive gear, my spearguns, and made way for the coast. I got there at dawn to find most people still asleep on the beach. I saw the conditions up there and decided to make the best of it by spending the morning free diving a few miles north of Pismo, on some reefs that normally have poor visibility unless the surf is super small. I launched my kayak and paddled a good 30 minutes to the spot I wanted to try. l was not disappointed with the fish volume and diversity! I was free diving, so no SCUBA tanks. The water was in the mid 50’s degrees in temperature, and the visibility was 20 feet!

Smile- Some people gonna be happy around dinner time

Smile- gonna be happy around dinner time

The Stoked!!

Ling Cod

I speared a number of reef fish to share with my freeride family, including a huge ling cod and an assortment of rock fishes and perches. I returned to the beach and rode with friends until sundown. I got to do two of my favorite things all in the same day; spearfish and ride skis in the surf! Life is great!

2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride- Kelsey Riding

Kelsey Riding-2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride

Kelsey Jet Ski riding break

Kelsey- Jet Ski riding break

The best part of spearfishing, is sharing my catch with friends and making new friends by sharing the stoke that my sport of free diving spearfishing gives to my life. I love showing kids the different kinds of fish and teaching others about my sport. So many people in the freeride community have helped me learn about skis, wrenching on them, and welcoming me into the sport, so killing fish to share is a huge outlet for me to give back to that welcoming atmosphere and contribute to the freeride family.

Step 1 Kelsey gently making the cuts

kelsey lingcod spearfishing

removing the ling cod skin

fresh lingcod cut and ready to cook

There is nothing like the fresh taste of fish taken by spearfishing. Its such an environmentally friendly, sustainable way to fish local fish, and an extremely health source of protein and omegas 3’s. All good stuff to eat by the campfire after riding all day. Shared with the people I love, life really doesn’t get any better.

Kelsey's Catch- Freshly Speared Lingcod

Huge thanks to all of my sponsors and supporters for helping keep me fresh with great threads and gear in both of my sports of spearfishing and riding skis, including Liquid Militia Clothing, Bomber eyewear, jetpilot, hydroturf, Crist Spears, and Red Tide Spearfishing.

-Ride safe and dive safe


Ryan Decker Pismo Freeride barrel roll

Ryan Decker | Pismo Freeride Experience

Ryan Decker Pismo Freeride Experience 3

Roll out team.


I started off the 2015 year, going to the Pismo Freeride event in Pismo, California. I ended up leaving Thursday night, right after school from my house and stayed at my good friend Tom Ski house. Early Friday morning we left Havasu and arrived in Pismo later that night.

Saturday’s waves turned out to be pretty big and glassy all throughout the day. Towards the end of the day TC Freeride had a Trip Tip BBQ. At night Liquid Militia Team put on a dinner to try to bring everyone together and hang out. Sunday was the best day the waves were bigger then Saturday. The first day we rode, I took it pretty easy so I could feel out my knee because I just had a knee surgery a month ago.

Ryan Decker Pismo Freeride barrel roll

Ryan Decker Pismo Freeride 1st barrel roll attempt in the surf.

Ryan Decker Pismo Freeride Experience 2

Ryan Decker Surf Riding his Rickter re-entry

I focused on riding the waves in and learning how to slash the top of the waves out. The energy from all the Freerides such as Gomez, Zack, and Jake Bright makes me love the freeriding scene. That energy makes me want to push myself to go bigger and really make it to the next level of riding. Coming from a racing background, freeriding reminds me of why I love the sport and to forget about the politics that racing has. Once we got back to Havasu I started training for the 1st and 2nd round of the West Coast National series, which, will be at Windsor Beach on April 11th and 12th.

Ryan Decker

Size does matter….

GoPro Eye in the Sky Freeride Shots

Watch in HD!
Filmed mostly in the Central Coast of California with a GoPro HD Hero dos. Featured places include Pismo, Morro Bay, Cuesta Grade, San Luis Obispo, Sacramento Delta, and Byron California.

Video done by: Scott Edwards
Check out Scott’s Youtube page

Some shots form the last Pismo Freeride trip you can catch a few shots of LM riders Zack Bright & Stanton High

Pismo Freeride “THE AFTER WF TRIP” – RIDERS ATTENDING & LM Attending

Mile marker 4

Ever year the weekend right after the World Finals everyone hits Pismo for one big FREERIDE. This year the weekend is October 12th, 13th and 14th 2012. Looking forward to seeing everyone and kicking it with our team riders.

Pismo Dunes Mile Marker 4.

LM CREW Attending:
Zack Bright
Mark Gomez
Stanton High
Tanner Thomas
Cuong Son
Grant Cook

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We have been killing it busy lately. The last 8 months and have not had time to update our press section on our web site. Wait no longer… you can now see some of the new press we have gotten all this time. We still have lot’s more to add but this is a start. Check out what Magazines we have been in.

>Liquid Militia is back from 4 back to back events: PWC racing Havasu , Tow Surfing contest Oregon, Kiteboarding comp pismo, and a freeride at pismo

>Starbucks update:
Kyla, Ryan, and Bryant are making a quick stop at a random starbucks right now in SB to let everyone know that we have been on the road for the last 2 weeks promoting Liquid Militia and hitting a bunch of sponsored events. We will be home sometime tonight and will start getting all the photos and video ready to post up.

1. We hit the IJSBA World Finals in Lake Havasu City AZ
2. We hit the Nelscott Reef tow in classic in Oregon
3. We hit a Kiteboarding comp in Pismo beach
4. We hit a moto surf ride in Pismo

We have been super busy and will have our web site stocked by then end of this week with all our new stuff, our catalog is finished will show that in the next few days. So much to update so sit back and get ready LM is about to BLOW the ____ UP!!! HAHA