Video | Zack Bright and Mark Gomez Featured in Motor and SURF Scramble

Video | Motor and SURF Scramble


Motor and Surf Scramble Documentary in Japan Liquid Militia Team Riders Zack Bright and Mark Gomez featured.

In 2016 the Motor and Surf Scramble hosted the final round of the IFWA World Tour.
With the launch of our site, we are stoked to finally release this video and share some of the action and the vibes that are pushing the sport to grow into the future.

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Tanner’s first time competing at World Finals took 8th place in amateur freestyle

I just finished up competing at the 2012 IJSBA World Finals Presented by Hot Products. I competed in Amateur Freestyle on friday the 5th. I am very pleased to announce that the first time competing at world finals I took 8th place of 19 competitors from around the world.

Tanner Thomas 8th place overall AM Freestyle

I really put as much time in as I could a prepared for this event to the best of my ability. I have only been riding my new Rickter XFS with Dasa power for about two months and this form of jetski competition is completely new to me so I am excited to be 8th in the world with it. I thank all of you for believing in me and supporting me this season. I could not have made it here without you.

Tanner Thomas #8

I am currently in southern California doing a bit more surf freeriding then will be traveling back to Alaska in look for some winter work to start preparing for next season. This has been an outstanding year for myself being able to continue pushing the envelope of my riding and I plan on doing the same thing but in an improved way next season and will be looking for the continued support to make that happen. Hopefully with more races and tour stops in store.

Tanner Competing World Finals 2012

Thanks!! – Tanner “Tanman” Thomas

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Liquid Militia Rider Eric Gianetti gets a nice boo boo while Skimboarding at Newport Beach,CA.

Eric Gianetti bleed

. Above is our skimboarding team rider Eric Gianetti .

SOOOO Eric calls us up at the warehouse and says I got a little cut on face from skimming. You guys might want to take a few pic of it. I’m thinking OK no biggie. BUT HOLY CRAP DUDE that’s not as little as I was expecting LOL.. So bottom line if you get a cut or hurt make sure you stop by Liquid Militia so we can blog about it haha.

Eric Gianetti boo booCalm Down, Eric ended up getting a few stitches and had to wait 7 days to get back in the water boooo.

WOOT! WOOT! Liquid Militia Team Rider Zack Bright Heads Off to France

For Immediate Release, May 27th 2011

“So it’s on. I’m going to France to give the World tour a go at Jet Jump Extreme 2011’.  Zack Bright is the first Liquid Militia Team Rider on the Tour WOOT WOOOOT!  Zack is a highly accomplished Big Air rider, taking top honors in the 2010 Blowsion Big Air Contest.  Something Zack does instinctively is pushing the roof on his stylized Rickter Freeride stand-up. 

Zack Bright//Pismo Beach, CA
Zack will be competing in France on a “Revolution” model hull, Using a ski that’s not his own once again like he did at the 2011 Peruvian International Freeride Championship. Zack competed on a fully stock Super jet at the Peruvian event and stomped a solid 2nd place. No matter what type of ski Zack is on he’s a first class competitor and earns top ranking. One skill that most can’t touch with this type of versatility, a keen nature for winning drives Zack.

“I leave the 29th this month and I won’t be back until the 7th of June. It’s like a 2 in 1 contest. It’s the Jet Jump Extreme for the French tour and then the IFWA 1st stop”, states Zack.

“If you qualified top 10 in IFWA last year you don’t have to ride the JJE and just ride the IFWA but since I didn’t place in the top 10 there, the JJE is like qualifying for the IFWA…. its kinda confusing but basically I will be in 2 contests if all goes well. Anyone can win the JJE and someone else can win the 1st round. Hell yea lets blow this sh*t up baby!  Looking forward to doing big things over there, big air and fun times, supporting Freeride!”, says Bright.

Zack is an US Ambassador for Freeride and for living the Liquid Militia lifestyle, here and abroad.  We define our limits and open boundaries in the pursuit of having fun, challenging creative pursuits and taking no prisoners. Liquid Militia rides to the top.  Can’t wait to hear ‘Back from Zack’ when the French assault is underway and complete.  Check it out: and define your next move.

Zack Bright//Blowsion Surf Slam 2010

2011 IFWA World Tour
The beginning round of the IFWA world tour will begin in France as part of the Jet Jump Extreme event in June 2, 2011.Jet Jump will be the French National event and will judged and scored as per the French Federation rules 

The top 8 pilots from the French National event will qualify to compete in the IFWA World tour opening competition held on Sunday, June 5th against the top 8 IFWA pilots from last season’s ranking. Sundays event will be scored as defined by IFWA rules and be matched head to head. The Top 8 pilots from 2010 automatically qualify for the opening 2011IFWA round. Participation in the French competition is optional.







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