2011 Peruvian International Freeride Championship

2011 Peruvian International Freeride Championship

Lima, Peru

Asociacion Peruana De Motos Acuaticas – APMA – It’s Freeride Time!

Liquid Militia is once again proud to announce two of our team riders will be competing at the January 29th event. Zach Bright who recently took top honors for the Blowsion Surf Slam ‘Big Air; Contest will be on the roster. Liquid Militia team mate Jared Aljouny will join him on the trek to South America. A host of international talent will round out the invitational only event.

Zack Bright//Photo taken at the 2010 Bloswion Surf Slam

This is the second annual Peruvian Free Ride Championship. The South American season is opposite of North America so they are enjoying their late summer months and weather patterns, while we are deep in winter.

The Peruvian beach front will be full of spectators attending this happening event. The competition Yamaha Super Jets are provided by Yamaha of Peru.

First thought about Peru

With Zack Bright? ‘I’m super excited, should be a good time, it’s my first time traveling to South America. They have stock, (really stock) super jets. We can bring parts for Yamahas if we have them and their mechanics will install them. I don’t have any, so I’ll be on a ‘really stock’ one. Nobody has an advantage, everybody is just riding stock boats; it should be good. A lot of surf riding, that’s going to be the good thing.’

Is your passport ready? ‘Yeah, but I just realized I should figure if I have a VISA. I am flying ‘Aero Mexico’ to Peru. Jared is flying out of San Francisco, and I’m flying out of LAX. Hasta Luego!’

Que Pasa? ‘I know nothing about Lima, I’m going in blind, so I don’t know what to expect, I’m excited to go; Freeriding is taking me places!’

Your Invite? ‘Ross Champion gave me the spot, and that means a lot to me. The Champion called so I got to go represent for Ross, should be good! I’m stokked, can’t wait to go and promote our team, American and the sport of Freeride. We arrive on the 26th, Press

Conference is on the 27th, ride Peruvian surf, see Lima and leave the 30th. I saw pictures from last year and the waves look good!’

For More Information please visit APMA: http://fdpm.pe/

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