Welcome To The Team - Joey Mourneult

Welcome To The Team – Joey Morneault

We are proud to Announce Joey Morneault to the Liquid Militia Team

Joey Morneault is a 24 year old young gun out of Boulder City, NV. He is a Amateur Jet Ski Racer and get’s loose in the surf competing in Amateur Freeride.

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Joey Racing – Photo : BeRad

Joey Morneault

Joey Morneault

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Welcome to the Team

A few questions for Morneault

1. How did you get involved with JetSki’s?

My buddy Tyler asked me one day if I wanted to go ride jet skis after school. At the time, I’ve never ridden any jet ski, let alone a stand up. That day, I went to his house after school and loaded up his spare ski (Kawasaki JS300) we both headed down to Lake Mead and I gave it a shot. It took me 3 days of practice to learn how to turn while standing up. I really enjoyed riding because it was an easy way to stay cooled off during the hot Nevada summer heat. Tyler was nice enough to let me keep the ski for a few weeks until he left for his mission. The following season I bought a Kawasaki Sxi pro and that is when the real addiction started.

2. What was the first ski you competed on?

My first competition ski is my current ski. A 2008 Yamaha Superjet. It’s currently totaled, but it will live to see another day.


Joey’s 2008 Superjet

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Joey’s Superjet after it slept in the surf for a week…



3. Why on earth would you want to be sponsored by Liquid Militia?

A little while after I started riding I heard about Liquid Militia. I soon realized that the Liquid Militia team was made of elite riders. I eventually started meeting some of the team members at different events. All of the riders were really nice people. After my first year of competing I decided I wanted to get on that elite team. After s few years of trying I have finally made it. The LM family is the best, it’s made up of very talented athletes that are super friendly. It’s the true definition of the jet ski family, and I’m now officially part of that family. I’m very stoked to support an awesome brand with great products.

4. What keeps you going to the next event?

The people I meet and hang out with are what keeps me going. We all share the same passion and interests, and it’s always awesome to see new faces. The jet ski community is one of a kind. I’d still go to events if I couldn’t ride, I’d just go for the people.


Nurse Nelson, Michelle from Skat-Trak, Tera Laho, Joey, Dr. Goldsworthy, Keith and Brandi of BeRad Photo (far right)


It’s all about a good time

5. What can help grow these sports?

We could use more exposure to people that are unfamiliar with the sport. Many people don’t even know that stand up jet skis are still made. People that don’t know about the sport don’t realize what you can do on a ski or how friendly the community is. I’ve introduced a few people to the jet ski scene and they absolutely love it. I’ve never met somebody that has regretted owning a ski. We just need some exposure to show how awesome this sport is.

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6. What’s your favorite current LM item and why?

My current favorite LM item is my new pullover hoodie. The design on it is awesome and it’s super warm and soft. The design that’s on it has been offered in the past, but I waited a few months for the hoodie to come out. It was worth the wait, I’m stoked on my hoodie.

7. What’s the difference between Racing Jet Ski’s and Freeride?

There are many differences, I’d say the main one is the mindset that you have at the event. At races you are very focused because it’s a competition, that you have been training for. A freeride is much more laid back, and you’re just there to hang out and have a good time with your buddies. Even if the freeride has a competition, everyone is still very laid back. Both disciplines are awesome and the people are what make them awesome.

8. What have you learned from Jet Skiing?

I have learned that the jet ski community is the most friendly action sport community out there. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. I’ve never met a jet skier that I did not like. Other sports have egos and rivalries. Jet skiers just have smiles and good times.

9. Where do you want to end up in this sport?

I’m not sure at this time. I’ve already surprised myself with how far I’ve come. I guess if I were to set a high goal it would be to win a world title for racing or win a freeride title on a Yamaha Superjet.

10. Dream ski?

I’ve already got it. My 2008 Yamaha Superjet is all I need. It has a stock 701 in it which is enough power to do flips and barrel rolls. It will also win trophies at the race course. You don’t need an aftermarket hull to be successful in this sport. It almost seems as if people have forgotten that you can accomplish just about anything on a stock ski. I’d rather shred my stock hull to remind them that you can’t buy skill.

Welcome To The Team - Joey Mourneult

Backflip @ 2016 Pismo Springbreak Freeride

Now that you can relate a little better to Joey, we wanted to say a few lines about him from our view. Why we were stoked on adding Joey to the team; he’s an amateur, so he represents the future of this sport, which is huge. Joey is a level headed dude, he is always the same personality no matter the situation (good to have on your side). He does not have the best equipment money can buy, but still rides hard and gives it his all. He interacts with the brand on social media (keeping us pumped). Lastly he likes the lifestyle of the brand and what we represent and wants to be a part of our little chit show.

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