Round 1 Jet Jump Extreme - Biscarrosse, France 5

Round 1 Jet Jump Extreme – Biscarrosse, France

Round 1 Jet Jump Extreme – Team Update

Congrats! to Abraham Hochstrasser and Liquid Militia team riders Mark Gomez 2nd place and Brandon Lawlor 3rd place at the first round of the Jet Jump Extreme World Freeride Tour this last weekend.
Next stop Round 2 Newquay, UK this weekend.

1st Abraham Hochstrasser, 2nd Mark Gomez, 3rd Brandon Lawlor

1st Abraham Hochstrasser, 2nd Mark Gomez, 3rd Brandon Lawlor

Brandon Lawlor Rockin The Prize

Brandon Lawlor Rockin The Prize

Mark Gomez - Solitude before the Heat

Mark Gomez – Solitude before the Heat

Round 1 Jet Jump Extreme - Biscarrosse, France

CALIFORNIE? Bio of the Gomez

Gomez and fellow competitor Abraham Hochstrasser

Gomez and fellow competitor Abraham Hochstrasser

Gomez De-salting the beast - Biscarrosse, France

Gomez De-salting the beast

Zack Bright Freeride World Championship Tour Update: Portugal/France

Zack Bright on the IFWA Tour

We caught up with Zack Bright who is still overseas, here is what he had to say.

LM– What placings did you get in both comps?
ZB– I got 3rd place in Portugal and got 4th place in France.

LM– So were both comps part of the IFWA, or was one  a freeride event ?
ZB– Yes. Portugal and France were both part of the IFWA World Tour. Portugal has not happened since 2005 and I gotta say, it really needs to be apart of it. really good waves.

LM– Whats the story on the ski you rode in the comp, looks familiar?
ZB– They both are familiar actually hahah. the FR-2 I rode in Portugal was actually my old FR-2 I sold to Stephan Foot last year. It was cool to ride something familiar. I rode a Light-Weight in France, the same ski I’m currently riding at home. Norbert hooked it up with some yellow stickers to make it look like last years. the Light-Weight is so cool, I took my tray, hull plate, steering, and bam, same handling ski in France that I’m used to back at home, so cool.

Zack Bright has arrived at the Jet Jump Extreme

LM– Is Paris all its cracked up to be?
ZB– Ive figured out a few key things about Paris. 1 is you have to be rich to stay here. 2 is…. you have to be rich. so its a little tough for Kristen and i right now. were staying in a town south of Paris called Villejuif which is like a french Compton. we have to take a 25 min train ride to get to Paris. its hard. were making the best of it though and trying to see everything we can before it gets dark… gets sketchy at night. but, i did just book an awesome hotel near the Eiffel Tower for Wednesday till Friday so, the end should be awesome.

LM– How was the surf compared to west coast Cali?
ZB– The surf in Portugal was great. overhead to sometimes double over. it was really familiar. France on the other hand was something like Lake Michigan. 4 second intervals, hardly and wave forms. you couldn’t plan anything. If the wave came, you’d hit it, but if you went out there wanting to do something specific than you might spend time searching for the right wave which is going to cost you.

LM– What size was the surf at both comps?
ZB– Portugal was head high to occasional double over. France was garbage, DEAD flat when we got there to waist high the next day to stormy conditions that sucked, but hey its 10′ there right now….. just in time…..

LM– Do you feel judging was fair?
ZB– Boy there’s a question…… in some aspects, sure. i saw some things that blew my and others minds and was a part of a dispute that i didn’t agree with. the short end of a long answer is; the IFWA is all we got. It’s a great thing and if it wasn’t here then the sport would be nothing. that being said, I think there needs to be some changes on how things are judged, how things are scored, and how some things happen. We have some really good ideas for the future that we presented so we will see what happens.

Zack Bright

LM– So is it true that all French people are snobs?
ZB– Not so! everyone you meet in the freeride community is automatically family so really the language goes out the window. the people Ive meet traveling, ordering food, or asking for directions have been nothing but helpful. its been great.

LM– How was it to get the chance to chill with freeriders from halfway around the world?
ZB– Its always a blessing. to see old friends like Pierre, Nick, Jake, and Iceman to name a few, to meeting new friends like Gil Burnier, Silvian Molina, and Cedric Lageat to name a few more. its so cool to see everyone. were all one big dysfunctional family, its awesome.

LM– What did you dig most about contest locations?
ZB– Portugal was in Sintra which is a huge surfing spot that hosts local, national and world contests. It’s cool to go to quality surf spots and get a chance to ride a ski there. France is like this sleepy nudist/gypsy area…. so that’s cool hahah.

Zack's Militia Masher

LM– What is your current standing on the IFWA tour now?
ZB– Right now I’m in a three way tie for 3rd place with Tiago Geitens and Jake Montandon. i really want to do better than 3rd this year so i need to do work in Oregon and Brazil.

LM– Zack, you have mad talent and got  good very quickly, can you give any advice to upcoming freeriders on what it takes to get to your level of riding?
ZB– Cheers guys, really you just have to want it. if you want it bad enough then you’ll progress fast. You cant think about consequences, you just have to huck it, being a little crazy doesn’t hurt either.

Zack Bright IFWA World Tour Competition.

LM– If you could do it all again, would you do anything differently?
ZB– If i could do it all over again, i would win the whole thing and plan for Paris a lot better, ha!

LM– Anything Else?
ZB– I’d like to thank my Family for their support. my wonderful girlfriend Kristen for having my back and taking killer pics. Norbert at Light-Weight for building me a ski for the event and being an all around awesome person. Burn Industries for the custom suits and vests. Cold-Fusion for all the bad ass parts. Blowsion for always helping me getting places. Euromotorbike for having me ride a ski in a pool. Hydro-Turf, Kal-Gard, and Powder & Sun. Liquid Militia for being frekin awesome and always supporting me.