Kelsey's Catch 2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride With a Side of Spearfishing 1

Kelsey’s Spearfishing Catch – Pismo Spring Break Freeride

2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride

Kelsea's Fish Bounty

Kelsea’s Fish Bounty

The Pismo Freeride is one of my favorite gatherings to attend for many reasons. What makes this meeting spot for everyone great, is that it doesn’t matter what toys you bring to the beach or whether or not you have a ski to ride. All you need to bring is yourself, your love for the freeride community, and some stoke to go along with the great vibes at the beach. I have been lucky to be able attend this gig more then a few times, with or without skis. I’ve noticed that it’s the people I meet from all over, that are there for the same purpose, that keeps me wanting to come.

This year, my superjet was not yet ready and I worked a near 30 hour shift before the 6 hour drive. I saw the small surf and my ski was not yet ready to ride. Blurry eyed from many sleepless days working, I packed my dive gear, my spearguns, and made way for the coast. I got there at dawn to find most people still asleep on the beach. I saw the conditions up there and decided to make the best of it by spending the morning free diving a few miles north of Pismo, on some reefs that normally have poor visibility unless the surf is super small. I launched my kayak and paddled a good 30 minutes to the spot I wanted to try. l was not disappointed with the fish volume and diversity! I was free diving, so no SCUBA tanks. The water was in the mid 50’s degrees in temperature, and the visibility was 20 feet!

Smile- Some people gonna be happy around dinner time

Smile- gonna be happy around dinner time

The Stoked!!

Ling Cod

I speared a number of reef fish to share with my freeride family, including a huge ling cod and an assortment of rock fishes and perches. I returned to the beach and rode with friends until sundown. I got to do two of my favorite things all in the same day; spearfish and ride skis in the surf! Life is great!

2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride- Kelsey Riding

Kelsey Riding-2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride

Kelsey Jet Ski riding break

Kelsey- Jet Ski riding break

The best part of spearfishing, is sharing my catch with friends and making new friends by sharing the stoke that my sport of free diving spearfishing gives to my life. I love showing kids the different kinds of fish and teaching others about my sport. So many people in the freeride community have helped me learn about skis, wrenching on them, and welcoming me into the sport, so killing fish to share is a huge outlet for me to give back to that welcoming atmosphere and contribute to the freeride family.

Step 1 Kelsey gently making the cuts

kelsey lingcod spearfishing

removing the ling cod skin

fresh lingcod cut and ready to cook

There is nothing like the fresh taste of fish taken by spearfishing. Its such an environmentally friendly, sustainable way to fish local fish, and an extremely health source of protein and omegas 3’s. All good stuff to eat by the campfire after riding all day. Shared with the people I love, life really doesn’t get any better.

Kelsey's Catch- Freshly Speared Lingcod

Huge thanks to all of my sponsors and supporters for helping keep me fresh with great threads and gear in both of my sports of spearfishing and riding skis, including Liquid Militia Clothing, Bomber eyewear, jetpilot, hydroturf, Crist Spears, and Red Tide Spearfishing.

-Ride safe and dive safe


Starrship Crew | 2016 Port San Luis Halibut Tournament Report 2

Starrship Crew | 2016 Port San Luis Halibut Tournament Report

Halibut Tournament Report

For us, The 2016 Port San Luis Halibut Tournament really started the week before… the conditions were right to start searching our local waters for signs of white sea bass and halibut. The time of the year we all look forward to around here.  We loaded up the kids and went for a boat ride to scout some spots that produced for us last year. Not long after dropping lines in the water I was hooked up to what ended up being my new personal best halibut weighing in at 46lbs.. A couple more drifts in the same area and we were on again. This time with my buddy CJ on the rod and reel bringing in another nice fish in the 30lb range. It was an awesome day on the water and a real treat for the kiddos to be around.

Kiddos with the Halibut Sea Monster

Kiddos with the 46lb Halibut Sea Monster

As we got ready for the tournament the following weekend the weather report was not looking good, calling for 7-9ft swell and 20-30kt gusts of wind, but we prepped for the conditions and headed out, this time with the A team on board. Jess Spencer, Forrest Ponds,  Paul Sandoval, and myself headed down to the spot early Saturday morning. After hours of braving the elements, Forrest, who had spent the day up on the bow all by himself was hooked up on a nice fish. After a nice battle we boated a chunky 35lb halibut. score!!! we were in the game…


Forrest with the 35lb Halibut score that got us in the game

A few more hours with no bites and we headed back to port to make weigh ins at 3pm. We had heard that a couple other fish were caught but With 68 contestants in the tournament we had no idea what we were up against… about 10 fish total were brought in and at the end of the day, we were on top of the podium with the first place fish. Beating out the second place fish by less than a pound. But, this was only day 1 of a 2 day tournament.


Day 2, the weather was a little nicer and we thought we would stick to the same game plan and load up on some fish. Not the case….. Fished hard all day long for nada… not even a bite…  Heading back into port, tired and hungry, we figured everyone else was catching and our chances of staying on the podium were very slim, but at least we would get some free BBQ…

“We were stoked just to get a fish”

Before The Weigh In

Day 1 Weigh In with the 35lb Halibut

$2200 in the bag

$2,200 in the bag for the 35lb Halibut

Its a team effort

Its a team effort

As we got to the dock for final weigh ins we saw a few friends with smiling faces, Tammy who runs the tournament walked up to us and whispered “I think you guys got this”. Our attitudes changed real quick and we were eager to hear the final results. There was a hand full of nice fish brought in on Sunday but at the end of the day we held our first place title with the overall biggest fish of the tournament, claiming over $2200. We were absolutely blown away. We were stoked just to get a fish. This was a tough competition with a lot of well respected local fisherman in the mix.

After a couple cold ones, some top notch BBQ, a raffle, and some good times with family and friends, we headed home to get some much needed rest..

Fishing on my boat is a team effort, and this time we made it happen. Proud of the crew for getting the job done. Thanks boys… And Big thanks to our family, friends, wives, and people like the folks here at Liquid Militia that support us out here doing what we love. Until next time…


Starrship Crew Team Profile>>


Liquid Militia Fred Hall Show Mock Up

Liquid Militia to have a booth at the 2016 Fred Hall Show in Long Beach, CA

We are pumped to be able to announce that we will be having a booth at the 2016 Fred Hall Show from March 2-6 located at the Long Beach Convention Center . Dubbed the ‘Ultimate Outdoor Experience’ This show has everything that an active outdoor lifestyle has to offer, featuring fishing products, boats, marine accessories, diving, shooting and hunting products and camping gear combined with hundreds of resorts, landings, lodges and outfitters that are ready to book your next outdoor adventure. This is a great show to get out and bring the whole family. The Fred Hall show is open to the public, it has a huge turn out every year with this year being it’s 70th year running strong. Come support us, and the show. Stop by, say hi, grab some of the our newest designs for the whole family. We are looking to expand the brand so dealers, we welcome you to our booth. We will have samples on hand to provide to you. We will also have free stickers and koozies while supplies last.

• LM riders who will be coming by on different days to sign autographs in our booth •

Kelsey Albert Attending the Fred Hall Show

Kelsey Albert Attending the Fred Hall Show

Jake Bright Attending the Fred Hall Show

Jake Bright Attending the Fred Hall Show

Hayden Millerick Attending the Fred Hall Show

Hayden Millerick Attending the Fred Hall Show

So far Kelsey Albert is confirmed to attend the show who is our spearfishing water woman athlete who will be in and round the show all week long. Jake Bright who is a Pro JetSki Freerider, is confirmed to attend the show for a day or two. Local surfer Hayden Millerick who is our local lil ripping surfer athlete is confirmed to attend.

Rough mock up of what our booth will look like for the Fred Hall Show

Rough mock up of what our booth will look like for the Fred Hall Show

Booth done, and ready to roll for the Fred Hall Show 2016

Booth done, and ready to roll for the Fred Hall Show 2016

We can’t wait to set up our custom booth we made just for this show. We put a lot of R&D into it, we are very satisfied with the outcome of our 100% Custom built LM booth. Looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and seeing some old friends. See you at the show!! More details on the show below.

Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center (Parking is $10 per day)
300 E. Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90802

March 2th Wednesday 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM
March 3th Thursday 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM
March 4th Friday 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM
March 5th Saturday 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM
March 6th Sunday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Adults $16.00
Children (15 years old and younger with paid adult) Free
Seniors (62 years and older) $15.00
Active Military (with valid I.D.) Free