Catching up with Mike Petro at the Hrydro Drags

LM: What are the hydro drags?
MP: Hydro drags is an event held in Polk County Florida at the USA national ski hall of fame. There are several classes where two riders compete in a straight line to see who can cross the finish line at the very end of the course. During the middle of the day, there is a freestyle demo with both amateur and pro riders.

Mike Petro team rider giving out swag

LM: What did you do at the Hydro Drags?
MP: While I attended the hydro drags, I set up my first up tent, and displayed Two liquid militia bannars, and one Xmetal banner along with my freestyle hull out in front, with free liquid militia 25% off coupon bags with stickers inside. During slow times I visited friends, and relaxed in a chair with my feet up. During my freestyle routine I threw out T shirts to the crowed , and hyped them up to make sure they were having a good time, I to also promote my other sponsors. I also gave a few T shirts to the announcer to hand out to people between races. I like to be involved as much as I can, and do what I can to help promote our sport if people have questions or want to know something about my ski or this sport I try and do my part.

LM: How was the turn out?
MP: The turn out was bigger than last year, and will continue to grow during the following years.

Mike Petro's Ski stocked up

LM: Who won?
MP: (not sure who won the races, there were several classes) The winners of the amateur freestyle compitition sunday was Chris anyezski, chris phillips was 2nd, and I was 3rd (due to a malfunction of my start/stop/kill switch)

Mike's Set up repping his sponsors killer!!

LM: Anything you would like to add?
MP: I had a great time, the drive was long, but worth it. My goal is not to be number 1, but to ensure that the crowed is having fun, while showing everyone what I can do. Would like to thank you, (liquid militia), x metal, ski clinic, hydro turf, bomber eye wear, and optima racing for supporting me.