New Dealer in Germany Nice and Hard Now Carries Liquid Militia Clothing

Nice and Hard Authorized Liquid Militia Dealer in Germany

We are proud to say you can now buy Liquid Militia Clothing from our new authorized dealer Nice and Hard located in The Country of Germany. We are very happy that Burkhard from Nice and Hard saw the potential in our new and fresh clothing brand to want to carry us on there web site. We urge everyone to check out their web site it’s really nice and clean, and easy to navigate. We plan to grow our brand in Germany with the help of Nice and Hard to make Liquid Militia a quality brand name in Germany.

Please check out their web site: Nice and Hard

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2013 Daytona Freeride Liquid Militia Give-A-Way

Since Liquid Militia is not going to be attending the 2013 Daytona Freeride this year (I know so sad) we have decided to let our team riders run the show. We have outfitted each Liquid Militia Team Rider who is attending ( Jeff Bolte , Cuong Son , Zack Bright , Chris Anyzeski , and Mark Gomez ) with T-Shirts, Sticker Packs, and Koozies.

Below is a taste of what you could possibly score!!

LM rider Mike Petro's Give out Pile

All anyone has to do who is attending the Daytona Freeride is hit up any one of our Team Rider and ask them for something for FREE. That’s right 100% FREE. We provided a total of 58 T-Shirts + 14 to Nick Foederer (the event planner) making that a grand total of 72 t-shirts and well over 100 sticker packs. So we are asking people to not be greedy and only take one per person to spread the LM love around.

LM rider Mark Gomez care package

Mark Gomez has everything he need for Daytona all packed up awaiting his flight….

LM rider Cuong Son's Care Package

LM rider Mark Gomez Give out Box

IF you get anything out of this deal please tag us in the pictures!! We want to see what you guy’s get!!

LM rider zack Bright's Give out Stash

The Official Web Site for the 2013 Daytona Freeride

Chris MacClugage of Macc Racing Represents the USA at the 2012 Kings Cup

Chris MacClugage USA Kings Cup Competitor


Macc Racing Represents the USA at the 2012 Kings Cup

America’s Legacy PWC Racer, Chris MacClugage readies for yet another King’s Cup race in Thailand! The King’s Cup is one of the most prestigious in the world for the motorized sport of Personal Water Craft competition. Once again, it is a great honor to have a Liquid Militia team rider representing the United States of America amongst so many other great nations in attendance.

Chris MacClugage last race before Kings Cup! Photo By: ProRider Watercraft Magazine

Chris MacClugage will be competing on his Monster Energy fast as hell one of a kind build. He will be dominating in the Pro Ski Open class. Chris is a past King’s Cup Champion and is looking at adding another championship win to his cadre of winning events. He’s been competing for 25 years representing the USA in international events. Let’s wave Old Glory for this final race of 2012; for Macc Racing, For Country and for Liquid Militia!

Designed and Printed for Macc Specifically for the 2012 Kings Cup: FRONT DESIGN

Designed and Printed for Macc Specifically for the 2012 Kings Cup: BACK DESIGN

Curing Macc's Custom Shirts.

The first King’s Cup even took place in 1996. In 2008, ”the World Cup Grand Prix System” was introduced and acknowledged by the International Jet Sport Boating Association (IJSBA), with the objective to allow an equal opportunity to racers worldwide, which is in line with the standards of other international sports. Therefore, in all the Pro categories, each nation is allowed to send no more than 4 riders per one category to race and even the host country has to comply with this rule too. This measure is to prove which nation and which rider will deserve the supreme honor of getting crowned ‘The Champion’ of this grand slam The King’s Trophy is the highest honor earned at the race for the Pro division. Liquid Militia will keep you posted!

Small run of shirts we did just for Chris & Crew

Made in the USA for a Made in the USA Rider

King’s Cup Upcoming Honors Include:

• The highest honor of King’s Cup trophies: The champions will get the highest honor by having their names and nations engraved on the King’s Cup trophies.

• The “World Cup Grand Prix” system for the top five Pro categories: Each nation is allowed to send in 4 top racers for each category.

• The world’s highest prize money: 25,000 USD! for champions in Pro Ski & Pro Runabout or the total cash prizes are over US$ 170,000!

4 Motos: For testing the true strength of the world’s number 1 rider without question!

• Broadcast to the WORLD: ESPN will connect the great riders with more than 1,000 million viewers through their network.

• The most colourful host city: Experiencing Pattaya’s famous lifestyle! Beach, shopping, world class hotels & resorts, night life.

Chris & Rachel MacClugage attending the Kings Cup along with Baby Mac.

See you December 5-9, 2012 at Pataya City, Thailand! Liquid Militia will have current updates on Chris and the event. Make sure you check back with us for USA Rider Chris Macc coverage.

For More Race Information: Jet Ski World Cup King’s Cup
This Event on Facebook: Jet Ski World Cup Facebook Page Like it

Get the feeling of Macc's Kings Cup Arsenal

CHRIS MACCLUGAGE SPONSORS: Monster Energy, Macc Racing, Quakysense,Tech 1, Sea-Doo, Oakley, Hydro Turf, Liquid Militia, Alpina, JE Pistons, Tuff Stands, MoTec Ignitions, Hot Products, Riva, Ryno Power, Paleo Treats, K/N

Liquid Militia is proud to say we supported Chris by designing and screen printing him all these custom shirt designs Chris and his team will be wearing at the 2012 Kings Cup. We wish Chris the best of luck and can’t wait to welcome him home with a WIN for the U.S.A!!

Macc's All American Shirt Style for the Kings Cup in Blue.

Macc's All American Shirt Style for the Kings Cup in Red

Chris MacClugage Rider Profile


Brock took 3rd in Pro ski stock and 3rd in Pro ski GP at the Jettribe Lake Perris Open.

Brock Austin Racing the Final round of the Jettribe open

I wanna thank all of my sponsors: Queen Racing, Jettribe, Liquid Militia, Hydroturf, Weber Power, Redline Oil, and DK1 Designs. Thanks for everything you guys do for me and thank you to everyone who has helped me out over the years! BROCK

Brock Austin with a 3rd in Pro Ski Stock & Pro Ski GP.

Mike Mendez is the 2012 Hot Products Cup Class Winner in Am Runabout Stock

Mike Mendez is the 2012 HOT PRODUCTS CUP CLASS WINNER in Am Runabout Stock // Race Number 909 // Aboard a Kawasaki 250x

Mike Mendez Racing at the Lake Perris Open August 2012

For the last race of the season in Region 1 at The Lake Perris Open Mike also had a good finish of 4 motos and a 1st and 3rd overall. Mike Raced in Amateur runabout stock and pro am runabout stock. He was running 250x.

Top 3 get to speak on the podium

Thank you: liquid militia, one industries, hydro turf, ht Moto, amsoil, spy, jet pilot, uneek abilitys, lml properties and clay Olsen for making the trek with me. Thanks, Mike