Kelsey's Catch 2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride With a Side of Spearfishing 1

Kelsey’s Spearfishing Catch – Pismo Spring Break Freeride

2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride

Kelsea's Fish Bounty

Kelsea’s Fish Bounty

The Pismo Freeride is one of my favorite gatherings to attend for many reasons. What makes this meeting spot for everyone great, is that it doesn’t matter what toys you bring to the beach or whether or not you have a ski to ride. All you need to bring is yourself, your love for the freeride community, and some stoke to go along with the great vibes at the beach. I have been lucky to be able attend this gig more then a few times, with or without skis. I’ve noticed that it’s the people I meet from all over, that are there for the same purpose, that keeps me wanting to come.

This year, my superjet was not yet ready and I worked a near 30 hour shift before the 6 hour drive. I saw the small surf and my ski was not yet ready to ride. Blurry eyed from many sleepless days working, I packed my dive gear, my spearguns, and made way for the coast. I got there at dawn to find most people still asleep on the beach. I saw the conditions up there and decided to make the best of it by spending the morning free diving a few miles north of Pismo, on some reefs that normally have poor visibility unless the surf is super small. I launched my kayak and paddled a good 30 minutes to the spot I wanted to try. l was not disappointed with the fish volume and diversity! I was free diving, so no SCUBA tanks. The water was in the mid 50’s degrees in temperature, and the visibility was 20 feet!

Smile- Some people gonna be happy around dinner time

Smile- gonna be happy around dinner time

The Stoked!!

Ling Cod

I speared a number of reef fish to share with my freeride family, including a huge ling cod and an assortment of rock fishes and perches. I returned to the beach and rode with friends until sundown. I got to do two of my favorite things all in the same day; spearfish and ride skis in the surf! Life is great!

2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride- Kelsey Riding

Kelsey Riding-2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride

Kelsey Jet Ski riding break

Kelsey- Jet Ski riding break

The best part of spearfishing, is sharing my catch with friends and making new friends by sharing the stoke that my sport of free diving spearfishing gives to my life. I love showing kids the different kinds of fish and teaching others about my sport. So many people in the freeride community have helped me learn about skis, wrenching on them, and welcoming me into the sport, so killing fish to share is a huge outlet for me to give back to that welcoming atmosphere and contribute to the freeride family.

Step 1 Kelsey gently making the cuts

kelsey lingcod spearfishing

removing the ling cod skin

fresh lingcod cut and ready to cook

There is nothing like the fresh taste of fish taken by spearfishing. Its such an environmentally friendly, sustainable way to fish local fish, and an extremely health source of protein and omegas 3’s. All good stuff to eat by the campfire after riding all day. Shared with the people I love, life really doesn’t get any better.

Kelsey's Catch- Freshly Speared Lingcod

Huge thanks to all of my sponsors and supporters for helping keep me fresh with great threads and gear in both of my sports of spearfishing and riding skis, including Liquid Militia Clothing, Bomber eyewear, jetpilot, hydroturf, Crist Spears, and Red Tide Spearfishing.

-Ride safe and dive safe


Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda 5

Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda

Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda 1
Team Rider Mark Gomez and GoPro Collaboration 1A few pics from last nights autograph session at HB Honda in Huntington Beach, CA. 2X Motosurf World Champion, long time time Liquid Militia Team rider Mark Gomez had the chance to sign autographs with Pro Motocross racers from the HRC Race Team Ken Roczen, Cole Seely and Geico Honda Race Team Riders Jimmy Decotis and Jeremy Martin. Mark’s other sponsors Bomber Eyewear and Jet Renu were also there with display booths set up showing off the goods.


Bomber Eyewear Out Front



Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda 7

Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda

Jet Renu Flyer Featuring Gomez

Mark's Ski standing out in the showroom

Mark’s Ski standing out in the showroom


Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda 2


Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda 11

Hayden and hommie stoked on the view

Hayden Millerick VIP at The Hurley Pro

2016 Hurley Pro | Trestles California

Stoked on the view | 2016 Hurley Pro

Stoked on the view | 2016 Hurley Pro

Hayden and his dad Shawn Millerick were lucky to have VIP treatment at this years 2016 Hurley Pro, Surf Contest at Trestles in California this month. Thanks to Laura Enever who is a pro, competing from Australia.

Hayden's got the primo spot

Hayden’s got the primo spot

2016 Hurley Pro | Swatch Women's Pro

2016 Hurley Pro | Swatch Women’s Pro

Donating to a good cause Dream Foundation WISH

We were contacted by the Dream Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA to donate some gear to a family with a mother who was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. The family is heading to Hawaii for their DREAM. Here is what we donated. We wish this family all the best.

Dream Foundation Letter to us

Product Donation to the Neal family

Shipping out to the foundation

Dream Foundation


Brock took 3rd in Pro ski stock and 3rd in Pro ski GP at the Jettribe Lake Perris Open.

Brock Austin Racing the Final round of the Jettribe open

I wanna thank all of my sponsors: Queen Racing, Jettribe, Liquid Militia, Hydroturf, Weber Power, Redline Oil, and DK1 Designs. Thanks for everything you guys do for me and thank you to everyone who has helped me out over the years! BROCK

Brock Austin with a 3rd in Pro Ski Stock & Pro Ski GP.

Mike Mendez is the 2012 Hot Products Cup Class Winner in Am Runabout Stock

Mike Mendez is the 2012 HOT PRODUCTS CUP CLASS WINNER in Am Runabout Stock // Race Number 909 // Aboard a Kawasaki 250x

Mike Mendez Racing at the Lake Perris Open August 2012

For the last race of the season in Region 1 at The Lake Perris Open Mike also had a good finish of 4 motos and a 1st and 3rd overall. Mike Raced in Amateur runabout stock and pro am runabout stock. He was running 250x.

Top 3 get to speak on the podium

Thank you: liquid militia, one industries, hydro turf, ht Moto, amsoil, spy, jet pilot, uneek abilitys, lml properties and clay Olsen for making the trek with me. Thanks, Mike

Tanner Thomas at the Jettribe Lake Perris Season Finals

Hey everyone! Just a little update its been busy for myself down here in California. I drove all night from seattle last Tuesday to get to Atascadero CA to get my new flat water freestyle ski close to dialed in a practiced flat water backflips and 360’s for a few days with Taylor Curtis of TC Freeride before heading to the Jettribe Lake Perris race in Lake Perris California. Here I competed in Novice Ski Stock closed course bouy racing and Amateur Freestyle. With some rough times first race back on a track I placed 8th in the Novice ski stock race.

Tanner Thomas took 8th place in Novice ski stock

With a fresh attitude in freestyle I walked away with 2nd place on my new competition ski.

Tanner Thomas received a 2nd place finish in freestyle.

Now I am training for my major event up in Pacific City Oregon next weekend, the Blowsion Surf Slam. Here I will be competing in Amateur freeride and Pro Moto-surf. Lots more information to come just wanted to update you all on this last weekend. I have been riding every day this week down here in Oceanside California. With an aluminum flywheel failure on my SuperJet I have been not only working hard on his ski but riding hard and getting comfortable for surf slam. With the small amount of time in the surf I have gotten every year this time before surf slam is so valuable. Thanks everyone for reading this and helping me along the way!

Tanner Thomas Podium Shout Out's

info on the Lake Perris event

info on the Blowsion Surf Slam

Thanks!! – Tanner “Tanman” Thomas

2012 Sponsors:
Tyler Rental
Alaska Marine Lines
Alaska Diesel Power
TC Freeride
Thrust Innovations
K&S Kuwait
Sign Pro
Liquid Militia
Dasa Racing
PC Hydraulics
Friends and family

Early Winter Swells Anticipated for Mavericks Invitational


July 25, 2012
Early Winter Swells Anticipated for Mavericks Invitational
Organizers Announce Partnership with the Big Wave World Tour

(Half Moon Bay, Calif.) Looking ahead to an El Niño winter and the anticipation of big waves early in the season, the organizers of the Mavericks Invitational big wave surf contest are opening the contest season on November 1, 2012.

Following the approval of the permit by the San Mateo County Harbor District last week, the organizers kicked into high gear the planning for this year’s famed big wave surfing contest off Pillar Point in Half Moon Bay. The contest waiting period is officially November 1, 2012, through March 31, 2013.

“It looks like we are headed for an early winter, and we want to take advantage of the big swells in November,” said Mavericks Pioneer Jeff Clark, part of a group of business and community leaders organizing the event. “The surfers are ready, the community is ready, and we are stoked to make this amazing event happen this year.”

Mavericks Invitational organizers are also announcing a partnership with the Big Wave World Tour. Founded by famed big wave rider and shaper, Gary Linden, the Big Wave World Tour (BWWT), is an international surfing phenomenon that organizes the best big wave riders in the first-ever big wave surfing league. The tour showcases the world’s top surfers and local standouts as they battle extreme conditions, and each other, in a season long battle to become the next Big Wave World Champion. The tour includes events in Chile, Peru, Mexico, and now in California.

“Big wave surfing and Mavericks have become synonymous, and a competition there a dream come true”, said Linden, who has served as head judge for previous contests at Mavericks. “Being part of the event is an extreme honor, personally and for the Big Wave World Tour.”

The association with BWWT allows those surfers who are part of the tour to use their performance at Mavericks as part of their overall scoring for the season. The list of competitors for this year’s Mavericks Invitational will not change from last season, when a lackluster winter dashed hopes for a contest.

“The competitors will still earn their way through dedication to surfing Mavericks, proving their mettle at Mavericks, and being voted into the event by their peers,” said Clark. “Gary Linden has experience at Mavericks, making it easy to integrate their judging system and water patrol into our event, while keeping true to the unique nature of Mavericks.”

Mavericks Invitational is the world’s premier, high adrenaline, big wave surfing event. This one-day, invitation-only surfing competition is held at the legendary Mavericks surf break located half mile offshore at Pillar Point Harbor, just 20 minutes south of San Francisco. The 24 most daring big-wave surfers in the world will attempt to tame the massive swells on the biggest and best day of the 2012 winter season. For additional details, visit Join us on Facebook: Mavericks Invitational.

Matt Ambrose (Pacifica, CA)
Ryan Augenstein (Santa Cruz, CA)
Grant “Twiggy” Baker (South Africa)
Chris Bertish (South Africa)
Carlos Burle (Brazil)
Ken “Skindog” Collins (Santa Cruz, CA)
Shane Desmond (Santa Cruz, CA)
Shawn Dollar (Santa Cruz, CA)
Shane Dorian (Hawaii)
Nathan Fletcher (San Clemente, CA)
Mark Healey (Hawaii)
Rusty Long (San Clemente, CA)
Greg Long (San Clemente, CA)
Alex Martins (Brazil)
Peter Mel (Santa Cruz, CA)
Ryan Seelbach (San Francisco, CA)
Kelly Slater (Florida)
Tyler Smith (Santa Cruz, CA)
Jamie Sterling (Hawaii)
Anthony Tashnick (Santa Cruz, CA)
Grant Washburn (San Francisco, CA)
Dave Wassel (Hawaii)
Ben Wilkinson (Australia)
Zach Wormhoudt (Santa Cruz, CA)

1. Tyler Fox (Santa Cruz)
2. Josh Loya (Santa Cruz)
3. Colin Dwyer (Pacifica)
4. Nic Lamb (Santa Cruz)
5. Danilo Couto (Brazil)
6. Derek Dunfee (San Diego)
7. Ben Andrews (San Francisco)
8. Andrew Marr (South Africa)
9. Travis Payne (Pacifica)
10. Ion Banner (Half Moon Bay)
11. Kohl Christensen (Hawaii)
12. Shawn Rhodes (Pacifica)
13. Mike Gerhardt (Santa Cruz)
14. Garret McNamara (Hawaii)
15. Russel Smith (Santa Cruz)
16. Jamie Mitchel (Australia)
17. Frank Solomon (South Africa)

Jessica Banks, Mavericks Invitational
+1 (650) 279 – 1872

Pierre Camoin, Big Wave World Tour
+1 (858) 922 – 4050