Liquid Militia Team Riders at the 2010 Blowsion Surf Slam NEW VIDEO.

We headed up the 2010 Blowsion Surf Slam located in Pacific City, OR. In support of our Freeride-Jet Ski team riders; Stanton High, Cuong Son, Mark Gomez, Zack Bright, Jared Ajlouny, and Christian Young. This is a little video we threw together highlighting the “Best of” our team riders during their heats. Music By//Logical Terror. A Music band we are also sponsoring. Check them out on Myspace:

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September 10-12, 2010, Pacific City, Oregon USA

Team Liquid Militia arrived from Southern California by caravan, air and land. Trucks, rental cars, trailers and competition boats descended early on the morning of Friday the 10th for qualifying positions in gloomy weather. Saturday preliminaries and Sunday’s finals shone in perfect conditions and closed with fog. The LM team set up a Liquid Militia Team House a typical of our ‘KOABFD’ way of life. Good Times!

Liquid Militia’s Zack Bright takes the spotlight with an overall win in the K&S Kuwait Big Air Showdown! Zack pulled off the biggest solo trick on 3 runs and earned himself $500.00. This was Zack’s first time competing on his brand new Freeride Rickter boat, an impressive debut.

Mark Gomez was not only battling in the Surf Slam, but exhaustion from driving 24 hours straight up the Western Coastline from California, an arduous 1200 mile trek. Mark was throwing decent no handed barrel rolls one after the other on his ‘Black Pearl’ Yamaha Super Jet.

Cuong Son scoped up the wild card for the finals on his Rickter. ‘King Cuong’ was picking off the set waves and did his reverse foot aerials. Cuong was going big and hitting one hand and foot nose stabs. Cuong was hitting big air Nor Cal Style, and is getting used to his new Rickter.

Stanton High was riding his newly acquired Yamaha Super Jet and bombing huge re-entries and low tucks. He has his own style unique to himself and not like any other riders. He really stands out in the surf with his fluid and laid back but aggressive rides.

Jared Ajlouny wanted to do a double back flip for the Big Air show but never captured a worthy wave in his heat. He was hoping for better surf conditions but they never arrived. Jared pulled off a single back flip with the water that was delivered on his yellow hull.

The Liquid Militia Team was ‘Team Yellow’ this past weekend, with most of our riders on yellow stand up. We are very proud to be working with some of the finest talent in the PWC community.

LM Team Placings
1st Place in the K&S Kuwait Big Air taken by Zack Bright. Mark Gomez, Stanton High and Maxime Baroero all ‘tied’ for fifth place in the Pro Freeride Competition. Zach Bright placed 9th ‘tied’ with Bruno Jacob, Chris Rosner, Jerry Jones, Cuong Son, Tiago Geitens, and Jerry Brandon.

Zach Bright-Pro Freeride/Big Air

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Cuong Son-Pro Freeride

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Mark Gomez-Pro Freeride/Big Air

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Stanton High-Pro Freeride

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Jared Ajlouny-Big Air

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