Kelsey's Catch 2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride With a Side of Spearfishing 1

Kelsey’s Spearfishing Catch – Pismo Spring Break Freeride

2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride

Kelsea's Fish Bounty

Kelsea’s Fish Bounty

The Pismo Freeride is one of my favorite gatherings to attend for many reasons. What makes this meeting spot for everyone great, is that it doesn’t matter what toys you bring to the beach or whether or not you have a ski to ride. All you need to bring is yourself, your love for the freeride community, and some stoke to go along with the great vibes at the beach. I have been lucky to be able attend this gig more then a few times, with or without skis. I’ve noticed that it’s the people I meet from all over, that are there for the same purpose, that keeps me wanting to come.

This year, my superjet was not yet ready and I worked a near 30 hour shift before the 6 hour drive. I saw the small surf and my ski was not yet ready to ride. Blurry eyed from many sleepless days working, I packed my dive gear, my spearguns, and made way for the coast. I got there at dawn to find most people still asleep on the beach. I saw the conditions up there and decided to make the best of it by spending the morning free diving a few miles north of Pismo, on some reefs that normally have poor visibility unless the surf is super small. I launched my kayak and paddled a good 30 minutes to the spot I wanted to try. l was not disappointed with the fish volume and diversity! I was free diving, so no SCUBA tanks. The water was in the mid 50’s degrees in temperature, and the visibility was 20 feet!

Smile- Some people gonna be happy around dinner time

Smile- gonna be happy around dinner time

The Stoked!!

Ling Cod

I speared a number of reef fish to share with my freeride family, including a huge ling cod and an assortment of rock fishes and perches. I returned to the beach and rode with friends until sundown. I got to do two of my favorite things all in the same day; spearfish and ride skis in the surf! Life is great!

2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride- Kelsey Riding

Kelsey Riding-2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride

Kelsey Jet Ski riding break

Kelsey- Jet Ski riding break

The best part of spearfishing, is sharing my catch with friends and making new friends by sharing the stoke that my sport of free diving spearfishing gives to my life. I love showing kids the different kinds of fish and teaching others about my sport. So many people in the freeride community have helped me learn about skis, wrenching on them, and welcoming me into the sport, so killing fish to share is a huge outlet for me to give back to that welcoming atmosphere and contribute to the freeride family.

Step 1 Kelsey gently making the cuts

kelsey lingcod spearfishing

removing the ling cod skin

fresh lingcod cut and ready to cook

There is nothing like the fresh taste of fish taken by spearfishing. Its such an environmentally friendly, sustainable way to fish local fish, and an extremely health source of protein and omegas 3’s. All good stuff to eat by the campfire after riding all day. Shared with the people I love, life really doesn’t get any better.

Kelsey's Catch- Freshly Speared Lingcod

Huge thanks to all of my sponsors and supporters for helping keep me fresh with great threads and gear in both of my sports of spearfishing and riding skis, including Liquid Militia Clothing, Bomber eyewear, jetpilot, hydroturf, Crist Spears, and Red Tide Spearfishing.

-Ride safe and dive safe


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Now in its fifth year, the 2017 Yamaha New Zealand Festival of Freeride brings together the country’s best ‘free riders’ along with international participants, including 7 x World Champion Pierre Maixent from France along with two U.S. Liquid Militia riders Mark Gomez and Joey Morneault.
Event Location: The iconic west coast Karioitahi Beach, 10mins west of Waiuku

Thanks to Yamaha Marine NZ for putting out this clip of the event.

2013 Sparks NV, National Jet Ski Tour Stop Pit's

Throwback Gallery: 2013 Sparks NV, National Jet Ski Tour Stop

Throwback: 2013 Sparks NV, National Jet Ski Tour Stop

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Youth Sized Trucker Hats

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Joey Morneault first time attending the Daytona Freeride 2017 5

Joey Morneault first time attending the Daytona Freeride 2017

I will go back as long as I’m still riding skis. The Daytona Freeride will not disappoint.

This was my first year attending the Daytona Freeride and my first time attending an East Coast event. I had an absolute blast and I recommend that everyone goes to this event. I didn’t know what to expect on the other side of the country, so I packed my bags and caught an overnight flight hoping for the best. I arrived at the Daytona airport around noon and walked straight to the baggage claim. I grabbed my bag and looked to my right and spotted a Liquid Militia shirt.

I immediately walked over to the guy wearing the shirt and introduced myself. After meeting Mark Walker and talking for a few minutes he offered me a ride to the event in his rental car. I was STOKED to be in Daytona for only 5 minutes and I already organized a free ride to the event. On the way to the event I was chatting with one of the other guys in the car and it turns out that he lives only a few houses over from my cousin in Philadelphia, PA. Sometimes I can’t believe how small of a world it is.

Baggage check

Baggage check

Welcome Skis

Welcome Skis

Daytona Bound!!

Daytona Bound!!

We arrived at the host hotel after a quick lunch and shopping adventure. The weather was absolutely perfect I was able to wear shorts and sandals all weekend. After checking in, I met up with Nicholas Foederer to grab my rider pass which is a a necessity if you want to ride. The next step was to walk the beach to see if I could bum a ride on a ski. A few minutes later I got to take Michael Grasso’s super jet for a rip. The surf conditions were pretty fun and it was pretty warm outside. I got away with only wearing my wet suit bottoms, it was a nice change from the West Coast surf. After a nice riding session I met up with Mark and his friends for dinner.

The View from the hotel deck

The View from the hotel deck

Joey- getting in some riding time.

Joey- getting in some riding time.

I basically went out to dinner with a random group of people that I haven’t met before. Everyone was super nice and welcoming, I was immediately treated like part of their riding crew. I stayed up pretty late waiting for my roommate (Cookie Monster) to arrive, she ended up missing her flight and arrived much later than expected. Luckily I killed the time by talking about jet skis with Buck, Bryan, Cameron and others down at the hotel bar. We probably could have talked till the sun came up, but I eventually called it a night and crashed out.

The Takeover!!

The Takeover!!

New Friends!!

New Friends!!

The next morning I woke up, grabbed breakfast, put on my sandals, and hit the beach. The beach was packed with awesome people and amazing skis. While walking down the beach I managed to hang out at the Skat-Trak booth with Michelle and Tom (Hot Products) for a bit. Michelle hooked me up with a sweet Skat-Trak hat and Tom gave me a Hot Products shirt for hanging out with them. They were giving out hats and shirts to tons of people that stopped by the booth. After hanging out at the booth for a bit I grabbed some lunch and walked the beach again. I spent countless hours meeting new people and enjoying the amazing weather. Towards the end of the day I suited up to ride some of my teammates skis. Mark Gomez and Brandon Lawlor were nice enough to let me take their skis for a ride in the beautiful Florida surf. While riding I witnessed Mark Gomez to be the first person to back flip a jet surf motorized surf board. It was crazy that guy can do anything LOL…

After some riding I went out to dinner with the same group from the night before. We decided to stay out a bit later and hit the club. We had a blast at the club that was conveniently located across the street from the hotel. On our way home we found a 24 hour pizza parlor, so we grabbed a quick snack before bed.

Joey suited up!

Joey suited up!

The following morning I was a bit sleep deprived, but it was totally worth it. I grabbed some breakfast and went down to the beach to watch the surf style event. My buddy Sean Starr was crushing it and ended up taking home first place! He was on fire all weekend. After watching Sean ride I got to experience the Cherry Popper event. The Cherry Popper is a contest for people to stick their first back flip. This event was priceless. There were so many awesome attempts and bails. I could have watched it all day. Eventually all of the contestants landed their flips. After the Cherry Popper I suited up and took Sean Starr’s ski for a ride. While riding his ski I witnessed Sean back flip one of the jet surf boards. I think Sean is determined to catch up to Mark’s accomplishments and he’s doing a great job of it. After my first ride I took a break and then went out again on Randy Lawlor’s ski. Randy’s ski was a monster with his massive engine. It wore me out pretty fast so I only had a short ride.

After the events closed down we got cleaned up and went to the Kona Tiki Bar for dinner. The bar was basically taken over by jet ski riders, it was such a cool experience to look around and see nothing but awesome people that share the same interest. After dinner we went back to the club and got a bit out of control. We had the times of our lives and ended up closing out the place. Immediately after the club we went back to the pizza shop for a late night snack. I swear the guy at the pizza place knew my name by the end of the weekend, we probably spent way too much time there.

The last day was the hardest part of the trip. Heading home from awesome events is always a bummer. After packing my bags I hopped in the car with Melissa and Michelle. We ate at a place called Steve’s diner. This diner was recommended to us by Jeff (Steve) Bolte. This diner had the best homemade food. Mark, Kaley, Andrew, Melissa, Michelle, Jeff, and I all talked about the future events that we plan to attend while we were eating. We all decided to come back to Daytona for 2018. This event was absolutely worth traveling for. It was such a nice break from the cold Las Vegas weather. I highly suggest this event to everyone. I will go back as long as I’m still riding skis. Daytona will not disappoint.

Jeff (Steve) Bolte

Jeff (Steve) Bolte

Melissa, Joey, Kaley, Mark, Michelle, Jeff and Andrew

Melissa, Joey, Kaley, Mark, Michelle, Jeff and Andrew

Joey Morneault | Liquid Militia Team Rider Profile

Video | Mark Gomez Rides 550 Jetski Up Hometown Flooded Street Gutter

Video | Mark Gomez Rides 550 Jetski Up Hometown Flooded Street Gutter

The good ol’ Kawasaki 550 Jetski | VIDEO

The drought is over. Team Rider Mark Gomez back at it again riding his Kawasaki 550 up his neighborhood flooded street gutter on a rainy day. He makes riding in a couple inches of water look easy, good thing it’s his brothers ski LOL. Mark is always is always up to something creative and different on a Jetski. What’s next?


More Gomez Jetski Videos

In case you missed it check out these other Jetski related videos from Gomez:

Liquid Militia | T-Rex Steals Jet Ski and Does Insane Tricks With Mark Gomez

Mark Gomez costume as a T-Rex on a Jetski

Pro Rider Mark Gomez | Jet Ski backflips in a small pool

Pro Rider Mark Gomez | JetSki back flips in a small pool

Video | Zack Bright and Mark Gomez Featured in Motor and SURF Scramble

Video | Motor and SURF Scramble


Motor and Surf Scramble Documentary in Japan Liquid Militia Team Riders Zack Bright and Mark Gomez featured.

In 2016 the Motor and Surf Scramble hosted the final round of the IFWA World Tour.
With the launch of our site, we are stoked to finally release this video and share some of the action and the vibes that are pushing the sport to grow into the future.

Check the for more info.

Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda 5

Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda

Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda 1
Team Rider Mark Gomez and GoPro Collaboration 1A few pics from last nights autograph session at HB Honda in Huntington Beach, CA. 2X Motosurf World Champion, long time time Liquid Militia Team rider Mark Gomez had the chance to sign autographs with Pro Motocross racers from the HRC Race Team Ken Roczen, Cole Seely and Geico Honda Race Team Riders Jimmy Decotis and Jeremy Martin. Mark’s other sponsors Bomber Eyewear and Jet Renu were also there with display booths set up showing off the goods.


Bomber Eyewear Out Front



Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda 7

Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda

Jet Renu Flyer Featuring Gomez

Mark's Ski standing out in the showroom

Mark’s Ski standing out in the showroom


Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda 2


Mark Gomez Autographs at HB Honda 11