Liquid Militia | T-Rex Steals Jet Ski and Does Insane Tricks With Mark Gomez

When a T-Rex Dinosaur’s hits the lake on a Jet Ski it’s a impressive show!!

Mark Gomez costume as a T-Rex

Mark Gomez is a baby T-Rex

A T-Rex Dinosaur hits the lake on a Jet Ski it’s a show!! Especially, when it’s piloted by LM’s own Mark Gomez. While Gomez was still up in the Pacific North West visiting his girlfriend last week after his recent competition at the 2016 Blowsion Surf Slam he had an opportunity to meet up with fellow freerider Guillermo Casas, who was in town also for the Surf Slam. Gomez has had an idea to do something with this T-Rex suit he purchased off Amazon just for this purpose. But, had not had anything solid planned till Guillermo entered the picture. Guillermo, was down to launch his drone that he had brought with him from Costa Rica (where he resides) to film a session with Gomez and see what happens. Gomez knew he wanted to challenge himself to ride his new 1200cc Rickter XFR Pro freestyle Jetski with the suit. Gomez being the Pro he is just needed to go out and do what he loves, and while Guillermo captured the action with the drone. All in all, this was a unique experience as the weather was great, and they had the whole cove to themselves which is always a plus when filming. Without boring you to death on to much chit chat the video came out dope. Gomez always making things look fun and easy, we hope everyone enjoys this video and a massive kudo shout to Guillermo for taking on he task of filming the entire shoot.




Mark Gomez is a T-Rex

T-Rex Steals Jet Ski and Does Insane Tricks With Mark Gomez

Mark Gomez walking away from the lake

Mark Gomez | All Smiles after that session

Motor Check

Motor Check

Mark Gomez in the flesh

Mark Gomez in the flesh

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