Rider Ian Roberts west coast nationals from Parker AZ, re cap

Ian Roberts finishes fourth overall in pro am ski GP. Ian had a gnarly yard sale crash during one of his moto’s. It happened on the front stretch, right in front, as he was passing the flagging tower. His steering totally came apart tossing him along the water. “It was just one of those totally random things that just happen”, says Ian. Ian had a solid lead in this race he was pulling away from the pack, and not to mention this was on the last lap. Everyone watching on the Live stream could not believe it, but that’s racing you take the good and the bad. Overall Ian had a great run with a top 5 finish.

Ian Roberts standing by his pit area in Parker Az 2012

Ian Roberts on the starting line of one of his races.

Team mates Ian Roberts and Mark Gomez the holder helping each other out. TEAM WORK!!

Ian Racing Parker AZ April 28th 2012

Ian Roberts Ski at the race site

Ian’s Set up for the weekend!

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