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Tera Laho
Tera Laho

NICK NAME: The Teraizer

SPORT: Jetski Racing

HOME TOWN: Lake Havasu City, AZ

SPONSORS: Yamaha Motor Corp. Tech One Racing, HWC,, Blowsion, Skattrak, WWR, Hot Products, RRP, ADA Racing, Liquid Militia, Ultra Motorsports


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  • 2006- World Finals Pro Women Ski II
  • 2002- World Finals Pro Women Ski
  • 2001- World Finals Pro Women Ski
  • 2000- World Finals Pro Women Ski II
  • 1999- World Finals Pro Women Ski
  • 1997- World Finals Pro Women Ski
  • 1996- World Finals Pro Women Ski II
  • 1995- World Finals Pro Women Ski
  • 1994- World Finals Pro Women Ski
  • 1993- World Finals Pro Women Ski
Tera Laho News
2013 Sparks NV, National Jet Ski Tour Stop Pit's
Throwback Gallery: 2013 Sparks NV, National Jet Ski Tour Stop

Throwback: 2013 Sparks NV, National Jet Ski Tour Stop

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TERA LAHO – 2014 Hot Products Mark Hahn 300

Tera Laho is our Liquid Militia team rider who is our premier female race with an incredible competition pedigree as a multi World and National Champion. This is her second year at the Mark Hahn 300.

“I am racing a Yamaha FX SVHO 2014 Waverunner. It arrived in the crate and has been race prepped specially for Lake Havasu conditions.” Says Tera.

Tera Ski Crated

Tera adds “I’ve teamed up with Christophe Girello from Tech One Racing for the Mark Hahn 300’.

“I’m very excited about this race. I really enjoyed it last year and had a lot of fun. I like racing endurance, and also competed in the LB2CAT event as well. My son Rider will be competing on the 928 MX Track on Sunday, the day after the Hahn! So we have a family race weekend planned.”

“Our weekend is filled up with racing excitement, we are fortunate as we’re going to get to enjoy all the friends who are coming to Havasu from around the world to compete at the Mark Hahn.

“It’s a good time to share with you my supporters, these sponsors are the companies that help me on the track and through training: Romer Beverage (Bud Light), KSH Fuel Products, R&D Performance, Martini Bay, At the Bridge Rentals and Liquid Militia Clothing.”

“Right now we are prepping the final checks on all our gear. Time to get some rest!” adds Tera.

Tera’s Liquid Militia Team Rider Profile

Liquid Militia Team Riders Challenge the 2014 Hot Products Mark Hahn 300

We are 10 hours out of the 300 miles commencement of the longest running endurance race in the world, the Mark Hahn 300 is coming at you starting early am on Saturday February 22.

Liquid Militia has a strong heritage of team riders on the podium and taking top honors. We believe 2014 will again prove that our riders have guts and fast boats, but most importantly they like to win and wear the LM brand!

Liquid Militia’s team riders are listed as the following:


Chris MacClugage

1. Chris MacClugage, Pro Racer is competing both on ski and runabout classes! His teammates are Andrew Gewecke and Aaron Gewecke. Macc Racing is double riding for the MH 300. Ski and Runabout is a first for this event, we will see him crossing one PWC for the other during pit stops. Keep an eye on this one friends!

Ryan Decker

2. Ryan Decker is competing in the Ski division (standup) onboard an SXR 800

Brock Austin

3. Brock Austin is on board a Yamaha™ Superjet (standup). He has entered the Ski class and racing it under the Ironman status. This means he is competing ‘solo’


Tera Laho

1. Tera Laho – “I am racing a Yamaha FX Svho 2014 says Tera! It’s t-minus eleven hours to go. Tera has teamed up with Christophe Girello, from Tech One Racing to tackle the grueling 300 mile, 10 mile per loop event

Bibi Carmouche

2. Bibi Carmouche doing it on a ski with the powerful Emi Kanamori as her team mate, fielded by two women this will be a great team to watch!