Stanton High Gets one of the USA Spots to attend the Peru Freeride

Stanton High Riding @ Pismo Beach, CA

LM- What’s happening in Peru?
SH-Peruvian Freeride Expo! This is the third competition of its type with riders invited from Europe, Brazil, and the United States.

LM- How is your Spanish?
SH- Uhhh, I’m going to have to download the translation app!

LM- What are you going to be doing there?
SH- I’m riding and promoting Freeride Jetskiing in a Country where it’s a very obscure sport. I’m told the Peruvians know how to have a good time too!

LM- Have you ever traveled outside the US to do anything related to your sport?
SH- yes, I’ve lived in china working as a stunt Jetski actor at a theme park. that was awesome and could definetly see myself doing that again

LM- What kind of ride will be you be on?
SH- A stock 2010 Yamaha Superjet. It’s nice because that is similar to the setup I am used to. Just drop a couple footstraps in!

LM- How long will you be there?
SH- From March 7th to the 11th. I’m missing the Pismo spring break, but I may make it back in time to meet any stragglers on Monday.

LM- Will you be checking out any other sites?
SH- Yeah, as much as I can, being a tourist is half the fun! I’m excited to see Lima and the other great Peruvian cities.

Stanton High Invited

LM- Travel Buddies?
SH- Jack Sutton from Skiclinic will be going to ride too. Jack is a super cool guy and best I could imagine outside of Team LM.

LM- What do you expect to gain from this trip? if anything?
SH- I expect to gain a trip to Peru to ride! Haha really not interested in gaining anything, Im just stoked to go ride!

A big thank you to Xan Sampaio and Jared Aljouny for recommending me to this event! Another huge thanks to Anibal Aliaga for putting together an event like this. I’m super excited to go to Peru and happy to be a part of it the growth of freeride worldwide. Thanks alot and see you when I get back!

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