Sam Lucas

NICK NAME: Sammers

SPORT: Standup Paddle Surfing and racing

HOME TOWN: Honolulu, HI

AGE: 38

SURFING FOR: 15 years

SPONSORS: Liquid Militia, Blueline Paddle Surf, Paddle Surf Hawaii, Isurus Wetsuits, and Kialoa Paddles

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Sam Lucas News
The Queen Lili’uokalani Race with Sam Lucas

Over Labor Day weekend, I traveled to the Big Island (my first ever long distance race stroking a 6 man outrigger canoe) to compete in the annual Queen Lili’uokalani race. This race is the world largest long distance outrigger canoe race covering 18 miles between Kailua and Honaunau.


The crew was made up of 4 paddles from my club HPOCC (Steph, Tim, Manny and Me) and 2 paddlers from Seattle OCC (Billy and Mike). We all met each other when we arrived in Kona on Thursday night before the race. Having two paddlers from a different club and state proved to be difficult during training the months leading up to the race but on Friday before race day we were able to get the crew together for a run and we all seemed to blend and run well together.



Race day started at a very early 6am with the women’s race at 7:30 am and the men’s race starting at noon. We had to get on the ferry, at 6am!, that would take us along the women’s race and eventually to where we pick up our race canoe and get ready to paddle back the 18 miles to Kailua.  After waiting almost an hour (Yes…I did my pre-race routine of throwing up, but this time is was 5 times!) in the Kona heat and humidity for the over 100 canoes to make their way to the start line, the race was underway! The crew ran strong and well for the 18 miles. For most of the race we were in the middle of the pack and steadily paddled walking down crews along the 18 miles. When we were able to see the shoreline and the finish about 2 miles out, we were in a battle with 3 other crews with all the way to the finish! The crew was able to give the last of what they had to make for an exciting finish to a very physically demanding and grueling race. It took us 2 hours and 40 minutes to paddle the 18 miles from Honaunau to Kailua, we were very happy with our time and place given the time we had to train and that this was the first time most of us had paddled that type of distance.


I had a great time doing this race and it was a great experience.  I can’t wait for another paddling adventure!

Thank you Liquid Militia – Kyla, Ryan, Shawn,and Pablo for always supporting me with all of my adventure!  Love you guys!

Covewater Outrigger, Standup, and Prone Santa Cruz – Scott and the crew there thanks for everything you guys do for me!

Thank you Kialoa – Meg for making the best paddles!

Thank you my crew – Steph, Tim, Manny, BiIly, and Mike for getting us across that 18 mile stretch!  Best CREW EVER!!

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Surftech Race with rider Sam Lucas

Kelly McGuire & Sam Lucas

I did this race with my buddy Kelly McGuire.  He had hurt his ankle before the race.  I told him that I’ll finish the race with him.  It was a 2.5 mile sprint from Cowells beach, around the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, to a buoy in front of the Santa Cruz harbor mouth.  Then after you battled with everyone you have a 1/4 mile run before you get to go through the finish line.

As you can tell Kelly was on crutches and it was gonna be hard for him to do the run.  After I finished paddling I waited for him to come in.  I grabbed his crutches and did the run part and finished the race together.  But being the competitor that I am.  I had to cross the line before him.

Kelly & Sam working together

Start of the event


It was a great event and Surftech always puts on great events for paddle board races.  All the top prone and standup paddlers showed up for this event.

- Thank you Liquid Militia® (Pablo, Shawn, Kyla, and Ryan) for everything that you do for me!

- Thank you Covewater Standup paddle, Prone, and Outrigger for what you do for me too!

- Thank you Joe Bark for making awesome prone paddle boards to race with!

- Thank you Jim Brateris at Isurus wetsuits for keeping me H2O tight!

- Thank you Amiee Spector at Ocean Of Hope for letting me be part of the Sarcoma awareness movement!


Sam Lucas has a new toy on it’s way from Hawaii

Looks like my new OC1 is on it’s way from Hawaii.

Sam Lucas new canoe

Side View

Kamanu Composites OC1

I’m so stoked!! Yew!!!

Wavechaser Alameda to San Leandro downwind race in the San Francisco bay with Sam Lucas

This past Sunday was the Wavechaser Alameda to San Leandro downwind race in the San Francisco bay (about 12 miles). I get a text from my brothers Daran and Joe asking if we were going to do the race. I was debating on doing it because I was kinda tired. The race was scheduled to start at 2:30 P.M. just in time for the winds to pick up. Daran was going to take his 13 year old daughter Naiele on his OC2 (2 man outrigger canoe) and do the race with her. After much convincing from the boys I said that I was in. There’s no way I was going to back out now.

The Crew

So, I load up my OC1 on my truck and meet Joe up at Coyote Point to leave my truck there. Then we load my OC1 onto Joe’s truck and head over to Daran’s house across the San Mateo bridge in Hayward. Once we get to Daran’s house we unload the 2 OC1′s and load them onto Daran’s van. I know the logistics were crazy.

We get to the race site and we meet up with Joe’s brother. He was going to give this race a go, even though he has never did a downwind run before in his life on an OC1. Like true Hawaiians we didn’t pre-register and had to wait in line. While waiting in line. The winds started to pick up really good. Like I said, I’ve never did this run/race before. This is totally on the other side of the bay and I don’t know the way the water is on this side.

Paddle Team

I ask one of the guys what the course was going to be. Then the harsh reality and the true laziness of my personality came out LoL!! He told me that we had to paddle upwind for about 2 miles and then turn left and paddle straight out side wind about and the mile then turn straight downwind. Joe’s brother was not into that and honestly, I wasn’t either. He was going to take the easier way and go just straight out 2 miles from the other side of the jetty (protected from the wind) then turn downwind. Being the nice guy that I am I decided that I’ll go with him and partner up. While everyone was registering and getting ready to paddle upwind 2 miles, then side wind about another mile, We were getting ready to go ROGUE and start our won little race.

When the registered competitors started, we started too. So we paddle 2 miles straight out in the middle of the bay (not fun at all) then turn downwind. As I turned downwind I was thinking to myself how different this part of the bay is and was having a hard time catching bumps. Plus I was also scared of going into the security buoys near the Oakland airport runway. The guys were telling me it’s a 500 dollar fine if you’re caught inside of those buoys.

I slowly started to get into the rythm of the ocean and began catching bumps. You go way faster and cover a lot of ground if you catch a bump compared to just paddling. Catching bumps and surfing my OC1 is what I love to do. You can surf your canoe and rest as long as you’re on that bump. Then you connect to another one and surf again. I’ve just started learning how to connect the bumps. My friends can connect 3 sometimes 5 in a row and just gap me by 100 yards.

Well anyway….

After Paddle Brew

Because of going rogue we shortened the course by about 3 miles. So I was ahead of the lead pack by a lot. Then it started happening. The waveski racers stared to pass me! They must have been flying downwind. They are know to be faster than the Outrigger canoes and these guys were flying past me. I finished that run in about an hour and 45 minutes. I pull into the harbor and Daran’s wife and kids were cheering me in saying that I was in second place for the OC1 division. I had to laugh and turn around and tell them the truth. That I went rogue and that’s why I was ahead of Daran, Naiele, and Joe LoL!! It was fun just to be on the water on a Sunday afternoon and drinking beer and meeting new people in the paddling community up here. Good vibes and good people = good times :)

Latest Video from Sam Lucas “DOWNWIND”

Downwind with D, Jason, and Gary from Datokenhawaiian on Vimeo.

Sam Lucas takes 4th place in his division at the 2013 SurfTech Jay Race

Sam Lucas attended and competed in the 2013 SurfTech Jay Race . Sam took 7th overall and 4th in his age division in the 14ft prone division. He was only 18 seconds from getting a medal for 3rd place…. I had a great time with all my friends, Its about getting in the water and doing the best I can. I feel great a little sore today lol But it was all worth it thanks, Sam.

Sam Lucas Battling the last stretch

SurfTech Jay Race Results

Sam Lucas after the race - Photo By: Nikki Brooks

Thanks to my sponsors: Liquid Militia, Isurus wetsuits,Joe Bark for making me am awesome prone board Kialoa paddles for the best outrigger paddles.

The Jay Moriarty race 2012 with Sam Lucas

The Jay Moriarty race 2012

Well I did this time. This year I was contemplating doing this race. I really haven’t trained for paddling 12 miles. But, when I heard that my friend John Goodman was out due to an injury and he wanted to give his spot up. I decided to give him a shout to go in his place. Plus all my Santa Cruz friends were doing it. I really wanted to do it though. It’s one of the biggest paddling events up here in Northern California and a really fun all day event. All the big name paddlers showed up for it. Prone paddling champ Jamie Mitchell (12 time Molokai to Oahu winner) showed up to do it on a 14 ft standup. Oh by the way, he ended up smashing the course record…

Sam Lucas at the finish of the Jay Race 2012.

Me and my best friend Dana Schreiber stayed over our really close friends house (Andy and Nancy Gere) in Santa Cruz the night before. I was a little sketched out because of the lack of training. That night we had a nice dinner with the Gere’s and went to bed. We got up in the morning and rushed down to Capitola to secure parking. Parking down there is not so good later in the morning and we didn’t want to walk all the way down the hill with our stuff (race board, paddles, backpacks, etc..) we’re lazy like that.

We pulled into the parking lot and there I see my friend Chris Aguilar and Joe Bark. I roll in the lot screaming out their names. I was asked how many cups of coffee I had from Joe. Chris already knew that I was just on a natural high and am naturally hyper like that. Then we walked down to register for the race. I looked at the surf and it was pumping! I was already thinking like I was last year. Bail the event and go surfing! But I thought about the promise I made to the boys to go and paddle. Plus Dana and I were going to just finish the race and not stress out about what place we were going to be. We were going to be battling for the last place position after all.

They started us in the water again this year because of the south swell that was bringing waves into the Capitola area. Surf was good…When the horn blew, everyone took off. The top paddlers set a blistering pace. Dana, Gary, and I stayed behind to get away from the craziness. We took a steady race pace and not pushing ourselves that much in the beginning. We wanted to make sure that we had enough energy to make it to the end.

In the beginning it was pretty good paddling. We talked and goofed off with trying to draft each other to help go the distance. Then the winds came….It was a brutal 6 mile right side paddle to the Cowells buoy through chop and weird jumpy water. Gary ditched us when we were close to the Harbor. Dana and I were trying to keep from not falling that far behind the group. I yelled and him and asked that we take a rest. He wanted to paddle to the Cowells buoy and take a rest there out of the wind and chop. So we paddled onward. That was such a brutal paddle. We got the Cowells buoy and took a little breather there.

Sam Lucas & Dana Schreiber

Then there came the 1 mile left side paddle to the mile buoy. That was my goal. Just to make it to the mile buoy. Once you get there. The fun part of the race begins! The downwind part. The wind at your back and the waves pushing you along. Now that’s what I like, but we had to get there first. The wind was pretty bad getting there. It was just blowing and we were having a hard time trying to keep a good line to the mile buoy. It was so bad that we ended up going on our knees for a little bit to get there. Once we got there I started cramping up. My hand just started to tweak, so Dana and I rested there for a bit. There was one of the escort boats there asking if I wanted to quit and take a ride back in with them. I was like hell no…I didn’t make it this far not to finish. Plus this was the part of the race that I was looking forward to.

So Dana and I stood up and started our way back to Capitola. This leg of the race was so much fun! Riding little bumps and gliding as far as they would take us. Then once we got past Pleasure Point the wind had stopped and we had to start paddling again. I was so beat and sore from cramping up by this time. But I had it stuck in my head that we only had a couple of minutes left to the finish. Once we took that last turn into Capitola I was relieved. Our little 12 mile stroll was going to be over soon. We got to the beach and jumped off of our boards for the finish line. Dana and I stopped and both stomped the finish line. We both got last place in our division, but who cares. We sure as heck didn’t. All we wanted to do was finish and have fun. I think that we accomplished that. Next year we’ll all be back.

Thanks to Kyla, Ryan, Shawn, and Pablo (Liquid Militia) for always supporting this token Hawaiian in whatever I do all these years. Thanks to Meg and Dave Chun of Kialoa paddles for my awesome Toro paddle that pulled me through the race. Thanks to Blueline and Paddle Surf Hawaii for my awesome surf SUP’s, Hydroturf for my awesome deck pads, Isurus Wetsuits (Jim Brateris) for supporting my efforts and keeping this Hawaiian kid h2o tight and warm, and thanks to Joe Bark for building me an awesome 14ft SUP raceboard!

Almost Finished

Special thanks to all my friends that were at the event and making it a good fun deal even with the pain: John Alexiou, Andy and Nancy Gere, Gary Niblock, Ryan Brown, Scott Ruble, Joel Comer, The Ghostryder Watermans Club Santa Cruz, Chris Aguilar, Allison Riddle, the Bark’s Gemma, Jack, Sam, and Joe, Steve Shlens, Stephen Caldwell aka Reno, and anyone that I may have missed.

Sam Lucas Rider Profile

Davenport Downwind Ryders Cup with Sam Lucas

Rider Sam Lucas far left. With Friends

Sam Lucas entered in the Unlimited Class for the Davenport Downwind Ryders Cup. “I had fun, and I took all that I could from those 14 miles” says Sam. Sam just wanted to hang out with some friends and finish the race, it’s all about having a good time.

Sams Final Time was 3:02:52 SUP‐Unlimited

for more information on this event.

Sam Lucas Rider Profile

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Liquid Militia Rider: Sam Lucas attends the 10th annual Jay Moriarity paddle board event.

Me Leaving for the 12 Miler at the Jay 2011Well I got some time to try and tell you about my little 12 mile adventure this past weekend at the 10th annual Jay Moriarty paddle board event in Capitola.  You know me.  I’m always looking for an excuse to get out on the water whether it being surfing, fishing, or paddling I’m game.  Last year I did the 2 miler and was planning on doing it again because it was such a fun event.  Little did I know that I was going to be ragged on by all my friends about not doing the 12 miler.   Got it the worse from my fiancée though.  Who would of thought?  So I made the commitment and registered for the 12 mile event a couple of weeks before the event.  I’m getting ready for the event by paddling with my Santa Cruz paddle buddies and my best friend Dana in the open ocean on the weekends, and the canals during the week by my house.  Then I’m also tracking a south swell that hit Hawaii days before the Jay race (It takes about 2 days for a south hitting Hawaii to reach us).  All my friends back home are telling me that I’m missing it and it’s probably the best south swell to hit Hawaii in a long time.  Of course I’m getting  a little ansy to surf and thinking in the back of my head to bail out on the Jay race J  I watch for the rest of the week for the swell to come in.  I finally gave it a rest the Friday night of the race because nothing was showing up on the buoys.

At the rest area with his board

I get up early and get ready to head down to Capitola.  Parking is scarce and expensive.  I wanted to get a space as close to the event site as possible.  I roll into the parking lot in the dark and I hear waves crashing.  Being the prepared guy that I am.  I also packed my surf SUP in the rig J  I ran out and checked out if there was any wave action worth suiting up for.  Yep there it was.  The south swell with waves up to head high on the sets.  I was thinking again in my head (I might bail this event and surf all day).  My other friends roll into the parking lot and say let’s get some waves before the race.  I was like race you to the beach!  So, I’m standing there in the lineup and having a blast surfing.  My buddies Andy and Dana say we should go in and rest up for the race.  So, we all turn around and go in.  While taking off my wetsuit, I’m thinking again (I’m gonna bail this event and go surf my brains out somewhere else).  Then all my paddle friends from Southern California (Matt Becker, John Becker, Aunty Martha, Joe and Jack Bark, and John Goodman)  show up and egg me on into doing the race.  I’m thinking again…12 miles of pain and torture, or fun in the sun surfing all day!  Of course I fell into peer pressure and reluctantly got ready for the 12 mile run up and down the coast.

The racers are all getting ready in the ready area.  Some of them really getting psyched on the sand just before they paddle into position near the starting buoy.  I’m just there thinking to myself I just want to finish.  This year they started us in the water because of the south swell in the water that was creating a nice shore pound that could cause some issues.  So I paddle into position at the starting line and start relaxing getting my head ready for the long haul.  The horn blows and all the competitors take off.  I start paddling and trying to keep a steady pace so I can make it to the end.  I aim for the first buoy a mile off from shore.  I see all the top guys getting there quick and making the right hand turn to the next buoy at Pleasure Point.  I’m chugging along thinking in my head (Didn’t I tell Shawn that I wasn’t going to do something like this again at the Santa Barbara 9 mile race?).


I hit that buoy and now aim straight for the Pleasure Point buoy.  I look ahead and see the pack starting to string out.  I have my iPod blasting tunes in my head and I keep a nice rhythm.   I start to tell myself that the buoy isn’t that far away and I can get there.   I make it to the Pleasure Point buoy and start my way to the Steamer Lane buoy.  I’m chugging along looking at the buoy about 3 miles away and saying it’s not that far and I can make it there.  I’m already getting tired and thirsty.  I pop a GU and drink water from my camel back to keep me from feeling too tired.   I come across a paddler sitting on his board.  I stop and ask him if he was alright.  I introduced myself and he did the same.  His name was Chris and he did this 12 miler last year.  This year he had his son join in the fun.  He was waiting for his son to catch up.  So, I sat there and kept him company till his son made it to us.  As soon as his son caught up to us, I got back on my board and paddled toward that Steamer Lane buoy.


Once I rounded that Steamer Lane buoy I took aim to the 1 mile buoy (it’s actually about 1 mile off the Santa Cruz board walk.  Which is half a mile long!).  The water in the stretch was jumpy and made me balancing on my board challenging.  To top it off while paddling out to the 1 mile buoy I see what looks like to me a baby shark breaching the water and catching full body air like on Discovery Channel!   I almost took a crap in my shorts!  I’m telling myself to relax and DON’T fall in this area and hurry to the mile buoy!


I hit that mile buoy and it was a huge relief to get there.  I take that thing on my left shoulder and point straight towards the Rio Grande drive on the mountains (Used that as me landmark to get me back to Capitola) Now the fun part of the race begins because the wind is now at my back and can catch some bumps and rest for a little while during this leg.  I pop another GU and drink water.  Then I start paddling with a little quicker pace to keep me gliding along with the wind and waves.  I see in the distance the Pleasure Point buoy and again I say to myself that it’s not that far.  As I’m paddling downwind I see other paddlers in the water that were ahead if me the whole race and I’m catching up to them!  I’m feeling all stoked in my head.  I never thought that I would actually catch people.  During this leg I was just having a blast.  I was catching people and eventually passing them!  Dude, I got super psyched and started to pick up my paddle cadence.


That feeling of fun and games all came to an abrupt end as soon as I rounded Pleasure Pont.  As soon as I hit that corner the point blocked the wind at my back and I was back to paddling to make it to the finish again. I set that feeling aside and start to look for the last buoy to round in front of Capitola.  I see it in the distance and tell myself again, that’s not too far.  I can get there.  By this time I’m really tired and have been bucked off my board about 4 times into the ocean.  Falling off, then climbing back on the board, and getting it moving again take a lot out of me.  I’m getting closer to the Capitola buoy and pass a couple more people.   I hit that final buoy and take on my left.  I now point myself to the finish line.


Now I’m pointed to the finish line.  I know that all my friends already finished and are having beers (You know what I mean Ryan bud J ).  I start to look at the finish line and for the first time during this whole adventure.  I said to myself…Man that’s a long way to go!  I try to shake that thought out of my head as fast as I can.  I started to think about the beers at the end that I could par take in as soon as I get there.  I start paddling with a quicker cadence again.  I the finish line is getting closer and closer with every stroke I take.  I’m getting closer and closer to my goal of just finishing this knarly 12 mile adventure.  Then I stop for a little bit.  I totally forgot about the swell that’s in the water!  I see the shore break pounding the shore from back of the waves.  There’s no way I was going to get pounded and get my board all busted up from the cobble stones on the sand.  So I pause and time the sets to make my escape to shore.  Hopefully it would be a clean escape, and it was!

High fives from DanaMy friends are on the shore cheering me on and Andy grabbed my board.  I ran to the finish line and crossed it in 3 hours and 4 minutes!  That was with waiting with Chris for his son to catch up earlier.  I was stoked!
Everyone gave me high fives and congratulated me for finishing.  Of course I was really tired, but was looking for the beer that I could finally have and I did have a few after J  Well that’s my little 10th annual Jay Moriarty paddle race adventure for 2011.  I’m looking forward to doing it all again next year!  Thanks Kyla, Ryan, Shawn, and Pablo for always supporting me!  I am Liquid Militia 4 Life! Thanks also to Blueline/Paddle Surf Hawaii (Jim Brewer, Blane, and Austin) for my killer surf SUP’s, Isurus Wetsuits (Jim Brateris) for making some really great wetsuits that keep this token Hawaiian dry and warm, Kialoa (Dave and Meg Chen, Pam, and Lisa) for the awesome paddles, and Joe Bark for making me an awesome race board!

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Liquid Militia Announces our 2011 team.
We are Pleased to announce our current 2011 team riders. We are very excited to welcome back some riders from last year, and very excited to welcome all the new riders we have for 2011.
We are working on a totally new web site to further support all our Riders, Products, Events, everything. Here is to a GREAT 2011!


Tim West-Big Wave Rider
 - From El Granada, CA
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Nor Cal Surf Shop, Brewer Surfboards
 Sam Lucas- SUP, Soul Surfer 
- From Belmont, CA
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Blue Line/Paddle surf Hawaii, Isurus Wetsuits.
Tiger Doerner- Soul Surfer

-FromWaialua, HI
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia
Chris MacClugage- Pro Ski GP, Pro Runabout Stock
- Race Number 30
- From Lake Havasu City, AZ
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Monster Energy, Macc Racing, Quakysense, HT Moto, Yamaha, Yamalube, Alpina watches, Oakley, TUF race stands, RIVA Motorsports, JE Pistons
Pete Zernik- Pro Am Ski GP, Expert Ski Limited
- Race Number 149
-From Sacramento, CA

- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Gold Club San Francisco, Riva, Slippery, Hydro Turf, OGIO, Skat Track, Ultimate, FLY, Ski Clinic, Synergyn Oil of Hawaii, Oneal, DJSA

 Ian Roberts- Pro Ski GP

- Race Number 658
- From Reno, NV
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Kommander Industries
Brian Smith- Am Ski lites, Pro runabout Stock, Pro Ski GP, Open Runabout endurance
- Race Number ski class 911 & Race Number in Runabout 1
- From Farmers Branch, TX
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Macc Racing, D.C Lites Racing, SPY, ODI, GoPro, AZ Jet Ski, Riva Racing, Jet Pilot, Monster Energy.
 Cuong Son- Pro Freeride
-From Cupertino, CA
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, X-Scream, RRP, Hydro Turf, Slippery Wetsuits, Riva Yamaha, Cold Fusion, Blowsion, Bud Productions.
Zack Bright- Pro Freeride
- From Lancaster, CA
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Cold Fusion, Hydro Turf,
Stanton High- Pro Freeride

- From Atascadero, CA

- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Roaring Lion, Sparx Helmets, Beeline, Mobius
 Mark Gomez- Pro Freeride, (Novice Ski Stock, Novice Ski Limited, Amateur Freestyle)

- From Fullerton, CA

- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Hydro Turf, Kommander Industries, WORX Racing Components, Blowsion, Performance Fiberglass, Impros, Quickstyle Motorsports, Leg Drag, Cold Fusion, Pacific Motorsports, KMG Racing, Patty’s Cakes & Deserts
Derek Fuoco- Pro Am Runabout Stock

- Race Number 99

- From Geneseo, NY
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, DK1 Designs, Blur Optics, Mountain Motorsports, Jet Pilot, Sea Doo X Team, RB Components, Fourplay Racing, Rockwell Time
Mateo Juarez- Pro Am Ski GP
- Race Number 89
- From Las Vegas, NV
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia,, Hydro Turf, Prowatercraft, DK1 Designs, Arizona JetSki
Jake Zier- Pro Am Ski GP, Expert Ski Limited

- Race Number 71

- From Brookville, IN
-Sponsors: Liquid Militia, 1/2 Outlaw Performance, dzracing, Riva Racing, Fly Racing, Watcon, Dirt Doctor, Skat Track, Westfeild Yamaha, Mom & Dad, Queen Racing, Klip 2/2 Per Racing, Freelance Lettering, Jettrim.


Logical Terror
- From Italy
- Sponsors:  Liquid Militia Cloth. (U.S.), Serial Drummer (FR), Bulk Music (IT)
Core Team:
Chris Anyzeski- Amateur Freestyle

- From Jupiter, FL

- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Wamiltons, DASA, Hydro Turf, Leg Drag
Tanner Thomas- Novice Ski Stock, Am Freeride

- Race Number 155

- From Ketchikan, AK
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Blowsion, Hydro Turf, Alaska Marine Lines, GoPro Helmet Cams, Sign Pro, Jet Pilot, Bomber Eyewear, Monster Energy
Michael Mendez- Amateur Runabout
- Race Number 909
- From Oakley, CA
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, One Industries, Jet Pilot, Hydro Turf/HT MOTO, DK1 Designs, LML Properties, Oneal MX, Uneek Abilitys
Eric Gianetti- Skimboarding
- From Brea, CA
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia
Mike Petro- Amateur Freestyle

- From Knoxville, TN

- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Topside Powersports
Daniel Hounslow- Pro Runabout Freestyle

- From N.S.W Australia

- Sponsors: Liquid Militia,, no*clones,, 
Brock Austin-  Pro Am Ski Stock 
- Race Number 182
- From Bountiful, UT
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Slippery Wetsuits, SPY, Fly Racing, Redline Oil, Hydro Turf, Watcon
Daniel Forsyth- Open class runabout, Stock runabout

 - Race Number open class 36 & race number stock class 69

- From Auckland, New Zealand
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Yamaha New Zealand, SKI MD and Demon Energy Drinks
Ryan Decker- Junior Ski 13-15 Stock Lites, Junior Ski 13-15 Limited, Novice Ski Stock
 - Race Number 714
- From Tucson, AZ
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Hydro Turf, Macc Racing, Fria Beverages.
Derek Kantz- Junior Ski

- From Destin, FL

- Race Number 5
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Hydro Turf, RRP, Blowsion, Liquid Fix,
Christian Young- Am Freeride

- From Oceanside, CA

- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Ski Clinic, Jet Pilot, Cold Fusion, Blowsion, Hydro Turf, SPY, ODI, Globe, Amsoil.
Jeff Bolte- Pro Freeride

- From Laplata, MD

- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Blowsion, Bolte Designs, DASA, Extreme Powdercoating, Hydro Turf, Impros, Riva, RRP/Rickter

>Liquid Militia SUP Team Rider Sam Lucas heads to the Santa Barbara Cold Current Comp


Our very own Sam Lucas is making the trek from Nor Cal to Santa Barbara this weekend to compete in the Cold Current downwind 9 mile paddle race on April 16th 2011. We will be heading to SB on Friday in support of Sam. We will return with a full report of Pics//Video//and results.

If you want to come and and check out the comp the official web site is:

Sam Lucas Profile:

>Liquid Militia Core Team Rider Sam Lucas hit the 3rd Annual West Cliff Challenge 6.5 mile ocean paddle race.


3rd Annual West Cliff Challenge


Surfing and racing friends Sam (left) Andy (Right)
And Bev Time HAHA..

3rd Annual West Cliff Challenge

My first 6.5 mile open ocean race. Came in last, but was well worth the experience. I met a lot of really great watermen and they were all super cool to hang out with after the event. I’m definitely doing any events that they have in the future. Hopefully next time I’ll trim time off of my last place result next time. That’s the goal anyway! Gotta get a bigger board and a bigger paddle for these long distance events!

Sam Lucas Profile page on our web site:

>Liquid Militia Core Team rider Sam Lucas attended the 2010 Surftech Jay Moriarity Memorial Paddleboard Race


The 9th Annual Jay Moriarty Memorial Stand up Paddle Board Race held on June 26th, 2010. Athletes from all over make the trip to Northern California to compete in this prestigious event. This event is in memory of Santa Cruz Waterman Jay Moriarity. Paddle the 12 mile or 2 mile course.

Sam Lucas in the middle

1 Barrett Hegerle, JR stock 15 24
2 Turner Roll stock 15 24.35
3 Rym Partridge stock 64 26.11
4 Ken Dobberpuhl stock 61 26.44
5 Ivo Obreger stock 40 27.27
6 Ben Coffey stock 12 27.45
7 Kevin Long stock 26 28
8 Joshua Smith stock 21 29.04
9 Jonathan Steinberg stock 51 29.18
10 Gaylia Osterloud stock 49 30.19
11 Mckenzie Smith stock 14 30.36
12 Stephen Lowry stock 48 31.15
13 Bridget Grossi stock 14 31.58
14 Fiona Dauphinee stock 12 32.53
15 Clare Peabody stock 13 35.04
16 Coleton Hoolingsworth stock 16 35.48
17 Adda Roll stock 11 36.09
18 Alan Pagba stock 36 36.45
19 Edward Mann stock 38 37.05
20 Mark Zeljac stock 39 37.1
21 Jody Roberts stock 30 38.01
22 Scott Schmuhl stock 39 38.36
23 Shaun Cucas stock 37 38.47 Should be Sam Lucas LOL LM CORE TEAM!!

Chek out Sam Lucas Profile:

>Core Team Rider Sam Lucas hits a STAND UP PADDLE RACE


I get this e-mail from Sam the other day. I had to share LOL
Hey Kyla,
So….I did this Naish race thing in San Francisco because there was no waves this weekend up here. Since this was my first “real” race. I was thinking that I was going to maybe finish in the middle. NOT! I came in second to last! Ahead of my cousin! Ha ha ha! That’s what I get for thinking I would do better.
They had us go upwind and against the current towards the golden gate bridge in the beginning. I was dying!! I’m built for surfing and not racing I guess. Check it out! There’s a couple of Liquid Militia money shots!
It’s not about 1st place or last place it’s about HAVING FUN!! AND Having a Good Attitude.. LMAO