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Logical Terror

BAND: Logical Terror

GENRE: Electronics/DJENT/Metal


DISCHOGRAPHY: Almost Human (MAY 3, 2011)

LABEL: Reality Entertainment (U.S.)

SPONSORS: Liquid Militia Clothing

ENDORSMENTS: Serial Drummer, Bulk Music, Affliction.


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The project LOGICAL TERROR aims to communicate clear and meaningful messages through various musical and textual forms. All that may seem trivial, hides behind concepts and art forms far more complex than what you can experience at first listen. There is a total detachment between man as we have always known and the current one; there is no more focus on reality . The songs praise the progress of technology, even when adverse effects are reflected on our lives, and convey the awareness that we can no longer recognize ourselves. To describe these feelings the Italian group has chosen rhythmics,nu-metal steps and industrial prevailing fragments. The melodic appeal is superb, electronic inserts multiply the effect of the dynamics and the alternation of voices is cleverly structured.

After an intense and accurate process of songwriting, and pre-production in detail, the band entered the studio in the first half of 2010, complemented by Dualized and Eddy Cavazza, aka Dysfunction Productions, as an artistic production, to create their first album titled "Almost Human". Thanks to the excellent feeling reached between the parties, the final mix is a modern and sophisticated mix of metal, with strong industrial / symphonic influences.

The final master was assigned to Forward Studios in Rome, edited by Ray Parenti. After being well received by international critics, and reported as one of the best revelations of the year on major national magazines such as Rock Hard, Metal Hammer and Metal Maniac, "Almost Human" gets the attention of insiders, and on top of them the American label Reality Entertainment (Sybreed, Godhead, WASP), which signed the band for a worldwide distribution agreement.

In May 2011 "Almost Human" is published in America and around the world on major online stores like iTunes, Amazon, Napster and many others. The band begins a long series of promotional concerts, sharing the stage with international artists such as Sepultura and Mnemic.

Logical Terror News
Liquid Militia Team at the Hydro-Turf UWP IJSBA National Tour Stop in Sparks/Reno, NV

We attended the 4th stop of the 2013 Hydro-Turf UWP IJSBA National Tour Stop in Sparks/Reno, NV in support of our professional watercraft team racers. Our riders killed it this weekend taking top 3 finishes in just about every category they competed in. We were able to capture some clean shots of who we sponsor and what our riders are all about. Liquid Militia is proud to have these racers repping our clothing line on and off the track. ‪


Logical Terror – MONAD 61 (Album- Almost Human) 
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LOGICAL TERROR Present: Insane Live Diary

Official live video-clip for the track “Unfilled” extracted from the album “Almost Human”. ℗ 2012 Alchemy Werks, LLC – Reality Entertainment Music (U.S.)

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Recorded at Voodoo Club, (FE) IT supporting MNEMIC/RAUNCHY/Neosis/Arcadia
6 May 2012. Powered by Matteo Gelatti & Lab//40100.

Logical Terror Live

Booking: Max –

A perfect mix of modern metal and synthetic orchestral melodies.

Logical Terror Live



During last year we lost two members, due to personal motives both. Last December THOR joined the band as new drummer of LOGICAL TERROR, and now we are ready to announce the new line up to all of you!

SID (bass), SIC (vocals), ASH (guitars), EMI (vocals), THOR (drums)

From left: SID (bass), SIC (vocals), ASH (guitars), EMI (vocals), THOR (drums).

Logo design by Mircea Gabriel Eftemie (MNEMIC)
Photos by © Matteo Gelatti

LOGICAL TERROR will be on stage in May for some shows, first one embarking the Electric March Over Europe tour with headliner MNEMIC & RAUNCHY (DK) with more open acts.
Event Dates:
-06/05 @ Voodoo Club, Comacchio (FE) w MNEMIC/RAUNCHY (DK)
-18/05 @ Controsenso, Prato (PO) w Noiseful Silence

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>Liquid Militia Sponsored Music Band: Logical Terror on-air with single "Gender 3000"


New radio show by Dj Metal Mom on Wednesday 16 March at
Logical Terror on-air with single “Gender 3000″

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>Liquid Militia Sponsored Music Band Logical Terror did a Interview for MUEN Magazine READ THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE! (Mention of Liquid Militia).




SIC: Vocals

Interview By: Macavity

Logical Terror is already making their music known in Italy and the rest of the world for their unique approach to their sound. We wanted to have a chance to find out more about them and caught up with one of their vocalists SIC.

Logical Terror is also: ASH: Guitars, LIZARD: Guitars, SID: Bass, EMI: Vocals and D.D.L.: Drums

MUEN: Hi SIC thanks for talking to us about the band.

Hi here. I’m glad to thanks you too to give us this important chance to spread our name here today.

MUEN: Have to start with where the name came from?

The name Logical Terror wants to represent the two different sides that animate our music, all that has been written with a logic studied, leaving nothing to chance, from music to lyrics until the all artwork of the album; Almost Human is a real concept album based on the theme of man against nature, all set in a future not too far away. As can be seen as terrifying, however, is the impact we strive to give the listener, passing from orchestral melodies, to electronic loops, supported by cold mechanical riffs.

MUEN: Also where did all the nicknames for the band members come from and why are they used?

Well the idea of nicknames is always born from the concept, although not directly related to the story, but serve as a quick way to identify the members of the band. Some of us have already used nicknames in the past, others were taken from existing stories in cyber theme.

MUEN: The band was formed last year. How did all of you come together to form the band?

I, Ash and Sid were already playing and working together on the first album of our old band. When we were in the studio, with our production team dysFUNCTION, as well as the need for a new drummer, we evaluated the opportunity to involve other musicians already experts that were leaving a stand-by moment with their band. We started immediately to work together in the studio, which allowed us to express various solutions concerning the choice of sound inside the album, and later on stage. The result was successful and allowed us to play the album very faithful even live, so the desire to go along with the project with the current line-up.

MUEN: You have a unique sound that mixes screaming and also melodic singing which is rare for a metal band to do so well. How did this decision come about to use the variety of sounds?

This solution was taken to give a touch of originality and avoid falling into obvious. From the beginning there was a great feeling between me and Emi, and we made the most of our diverse vocal skills, we are both influenced by different genres and singers, and this was the best way to experiment many vocal lines, also giving a different spirit to each track.

MUEN: Speaking of the vocals, who writes the music and how is it written for the different vocal styles?

All the album tracks were written with the production’s team dysFUNCTION, alias Eddy Cavazza and Dualized. We have focused a lot on the skill composition of these two people, recently at work by acclaimed producer Tue Madsen (Mnemic, The Haunted, Dark Tranquillity), as co-production on some of his later works. The decision to entrust the choice of artistic production and writing of all electronics fell on Dualized for its recent experience in the U.S. along with Logan Mader (ex-Machine Head and owner of Dirty Icon), who always liked his works. The vocal writing has been studied at the end of songs, many things were on their own, others have been tried, such as the use of electronic items inside the track self-extinction; with two different singers we had the opportunity to exploit many solutions, and I think we were successful not offer the usual things.

MUEN: You released a CD earlier this year to critical acclaim. How were the songs chosen for the album from all that is written?

We had some songs ready that have been rearranged and improved in quality. From there, we developed the other tracks, using solutions previously unused and trying to give a logical sequence of songs. We have a couple of potential radio singles and other tracks more aggressive, closing with the ballad Facing Eternity. It seems the right mix to appreciate fully the disc from beginning to end, and duration also can not get tired soon.

MUEN: Have you already started working on your next CD and what can we expect different from the first?

No, at the moment we are not still working on the new album, we are promoting Almost Human and we’re trying to sign a worldwide distribution deal that will give us better support for our project. We also believe that the space you give us today could be a good to spread our name.

MUEN: Have you toured or done local shows to promote the CD?

Yes we are planning some shows to support the promotion of the album, and later a release party at the end of this year. Meanwhile we are having contacts with some clubs in Europe for some gigs the next year and discussing with some international booking agencies to plan any tour. *cross the fingers*

MUEN: How is your live show different from the music found on your CD?

Well the intention is to play live in the same way as on the album, we use all the electronics tracks and synth by computer device, so if it works well we can recreate the same atmosphere, adding the heavy approach you have playing on stage.

MUEN: Noticed that you have an endorsement from Liquid Militia. How did they hear about you and want to endorse you?

Yes the guys of Liquid Militia have been fabulous to us immediately. Searching on Internet some partners who would be interested in working with us, and, at the same time, open up other promotional channels, I found articles about them, and the idea of being able to match our image and music to extreme sports could be interesting. So I got in touch with the manager of their team, and after several mails we have found the ideal agreement for both. We are now planning a real promotion of this new collaboration, as we are the first band with they have decided to match their brand. I take this opportunity to thank again Kyla and Ryan for their support and enthusiasm that are bringing us also think that soon will be released the first video with our music as soundtrack.

MUEN: Since you have this endorsement here in the states do you plan on touring over here and if so when?

Yeah it’s our dream now, but we must promote best our stuff all around Europe and reach support by label and management to book U.S. after reached a fan base in the territory. We hope to do this as soon as possible!

MUEN: What has the band planned for the rest of the year and for 2011?

Now we will try to play as much as possible and reach many channels to give prestige to the band, this for most of 2011, then we will definitely start writing some new material preview. The answers that we will have by press and public, I think that will help us to guide on what style track or better to continue to experiment with the successor of Almost Human.

MUEN: Is there anything that I have not asked that you think our readers should know about Logical Terror?
I think you didn’t miss anything, we have some thinks that could be happening soon, but its better that we don’t talk about now cause superstition. (Laughs)

MUEN: Thanks for taking the time to talk with MUEN about the band. We look forward to hearing and seeing more from you.

Thank you too for this chance and space and I would personally thanks Shauna too for this opportunity. Cheers by all members of Logical Terror and hope to see all of you soon with a lot of news, and don’t miss to visit our myspace where you can find all our gigs, post, photos and info.

>Liquid Militia’s sponsored band Logical Terror just sent us these dope photos of the band.


Logical Terror:


To see all the new photos from of Logical Terror:

>Logical Terror- The Newest Addition to The Liquid Militia Team.


Liquid Militia Clothing has partnered with ‘Logical Terror’ a virtual interactive band form ITALY. Logical Terror is Liquid Militia’s first band to join our talented team! We will keep everyone up to date on international shows, events, with massive amounts of photos.

Band Members:
‘SIC ‘ – Singer
‘D.D.L’ – Drums
‘ASH’ – Guitar
‘LIZARD’ – Guitar
‘EMI’ – Vocals
‘SID’ – Bass

Logical Terror Background:
Almost Human is the debut album of the metal/industrial band Logical Terror.

It can be defined as an interactive trip between real and virtual life: a concept album divided in episodes which each compare man and his destiny, ever changing in form and substance but indestructible in his moral principles.

In this journey man acts as a secret agent and questions himself on his role in modern society. He compares himself with divine entities, struggles against nothingness and fights against environmental devolution succeeding in his goal to free the only form of artificial life which is able to help him restore the balance that man has contaminated with his thirst of fame and power. The concept expressed in the lyrics is backed by cutting and roaring riffs, cybernetic rhythms accompanied by synthetic melodies. It’s a captivating mix of industrial electro and modern metal.

Melodious voices paired with distorted and acidic screams create a convincing tool which captures the listener’s attention. Circuits that plough through stones in a future not to far away…There is nothing left but to feel a Logical Terror.

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