Jeff Bolte

NICK NAME: Lightning

SPORT: Jet Ski

HOME TOWN: Annandale, VA

AGE: 50

RIDING FOR: 23 years

SPONSORS: Blowsion, Bolte designs, Dasa, Extreme Powdercoating/Gary Lamb Racing, Hydroturf, Judge MotorSports, Liquid Militia Clothing, Rickter/RRP, Riva, Skat-Trak, Rad Dudes , TC Freeride

Accomplishments (Scroll To View)
  • 2013 Won The Daytona Freeride Cherry Buster ( First Backflip, in the surf.)
  • 2011 IJSBA National Tour 2nd place overall, Pro Freestyle.
  • 2010 IJSBA Tour, 1st place overall, Pro Freestyle, Belle River, Canada.
  • 2010 3rd place overall,Pro Freestyle, IJSBA Nationals, Nashville TN.
  • 1999-2005 doing shows on Yamaha Superjets in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Moscow Russia,
    and the USA @ The Beach Water Park in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • 1993 World Finals, Novice Modified, 1st place overall, Lake Havasu AZ.
  • 1995 Budweiser Jet Sports Tour, Expert Modified, 3rd place overall, Richland, Washington.
  • 1996 Budweiser Jet Sports Tour, Pro ski modified, 5th place overall in my rookie race at Savannah, GA.
  • 1999-2005 doing shows on Yamaha Superjets in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Moscow Russia,
    and the USA @ The Beach Water Park in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • 2009-Present, attending the Daytona freerides and Wavedaze freerides in Virginia Beach, Va.
Jeff bolte News
Liquid Militia Team RE-Cap Daytona Freeride 2015

The 2015 Daytona Freeride has come and gone. We want to give a shout out to one of our dealers Watercraft Superstore who was selling the heck out of our LM tee’s all weekend. And props to Nick for hosting this awesome event, and all our team riders who attended and conquered here is what they had to say about the event.




Daytona Freeride 2015- Jake Bright

Well Daytona Freeride 2015 is in the books and man what an epic trip! My trip started out with towing our Krash and Burn trailer full of skis and supplies for the trip from the west coast. We headed out of sunny California and drove 40 hours straight, only stopping for gas along the way, through snow storms and all until finally we made it to La Playa resort the host hotel of this years Thrust Innovations Daytona Freeride.

Jake Bright fully Loaded Bright Mobile

Jake Bright fully Loaded Bright Mobile


Lot’s of GAS stops CA to FL

Jake Bright

Made it

My new Krash Industries Predator which was custom built and painted by Blowsion debuted this at the freeride and Wow, this boat is literally outa this world! With Gold glitter paint, deep purples and oranges accented by custom decals with crazy cosmic like graphics all set off with bright neon green sections and highlights! It all came together for a truly one of a kind paint job that I am honored to have on my ski. I was totally blown away when I feasted my eyes on my new surf weapon for the first time! Of course Blowsion completely surpassed my expectation on this build, every nut and bolt has been meticulously assembled and I couldn’t be any more stoked! I took it straight out and started airing it out and had nothing but a bilge line come loose, amazing build quality.



Jake Bright’s New FRESH Blowsion Paint

Jake Bright


On this Predator I’m running the new Blowsion handle pole, with their revolutionary over the pivot steering system which is a must have. I went with a bigger power plant and jet pump, now running a Dasa 1000cc and a 148mm Skat track magnum pump. And of course it has all the Cold fusion parts and accessories you have to have for a solid surf ski.

I had a blast in Daytona riding and sharing waves with friends from all over the US and even a bunch of international riders! This year there was 100 more skis registered to ride and the beach was PACKED!! So many good riders out there, people were flying off waves and slashing apart lips left and right! Such a fun time for everyone on the water! Looking forward to doing it again next year! Cheers

Daytona Freeride 2015- Mark Gomez

My friend, east coast freerider, and professional videographer Seth Zaluski put together this high energy cut covering the action at the Daytona Beach Freeride.  His Company is Spectrum Innovations and this is the 2015 Daytona beach freeride video.

Mark Gomez Flex Mark Gomez

Turn up the quality, crank the volume, sit back, and enjoy this video feature!

Daytona 2015 from Spectrum Innovations on Vimeo.

Daytona Freeride 2015- Brandon Lawlor

Every year this event gets bigger and better. I had such a great time seeing and hanging out with all my freeride family. We had good size surf all weekend, with Sunday being the best weather and cleanest surf. What a great start to the season. Stay tuned for big things to come this year.

Brandon Lawlor

Brandon Lawlor- Posing

Brandon Lawlor

Brandon Lawlor Heading Out- Photo by: Rick Roy/Rickter

Brandon Lawlor

Brandon Lawlor- Photo by: Rick Roy/Rickter

Daytona Freeride 2015- Jeff Bolte

Here are some more pics from the 2015 Daytona Freeride. We had a smooth trip down thru the night on Saturday and were met with decent surf and some sunshine Sunday morning. It was time to get the Freeride Preride underway! We got our 1st surfride in of the year and it was fun!t was great to start the year seeing teammates and friends on the beach and at the new host hotel, the LaPlaya. The 10th fl bar was a great meeting place and the king of the beach aquamoto race and surf and style awards were held up there too. I was honored to be in charge of getting the LM team rider care packs to them and the raffle items to Nick, all the boys and I were stoked as well as the lucky raffle winners too! Sunday had the best weather, the surf was clean and the sun was shining brightly. A great end to another Daytona Freeride. Can’t wait to see my Freeride family again at WaveDaze in April!

Jeff Bolte Jeff Bolte

Jeff Bolte

Daytona Freeride 2015- Cuong Son




Daytona Freeride 2015- Zack Bright

Zack and Mark



Daytona Freeride 2015- Tanner Thomas

1 image-(2)

Jeff Bolte – 2014 Carolina Beach Freeride
Bolte with Igniter Black Tee

Bolte with Igniter Black Tee

Shameless, Link to Igniter Black Tee>>

I Had a fun time @ the Carolina beach Freeride this weekend! Epic ride Friday in good clean warm surf, busted out some super clean flips and ripped it up w the other early arriving free riders for an hour before riding back to shore and blowing my motor clearing it out on the stand on the beach! After a dog bit my ski while I was gassing it onto the stand!!


Blown Motor

Blown Motor

Bummed my rod broke but at least it got me one of my best sessions to date and back to shore before it blew. Got to wrench a bit to find out whahappen??







Jeff Bolte, Still stoked...

Jeff Bolte, Still stoked… Got the brew

The Camp

The Camp

Drink some cold Beers while BBQing steaks and enjoying great food and conversation with the other campers on the beach that nite!

Gave LM prize packs out for the raffle saturday. I got to ride Zimmys stock 650 square nose for a good old school surf session, That brought a big smile to my face, and his too. We surfed up the NC waves(he was riding his 760 raider!)…could have been a retro add for Yamaha!

Next camp on the beach/Freeride will be on the west coast at LMTW!!! Can’t wait to see everybody there!

Jeam Bolte Team Profile>>

Liquid Militia Hitting the 2014 Daytona Freeride

We are attending and vending the 2014 Daytona Freeride in Daytona Beach, FL the weekend of January 16-20th 2014. This event is FREE to all who want to come down and check it out, and gives everyone a chance to see the mad skills all riders have. This event is a fun packed event with riders from across the world and USA attending. Bringing it all together in Daytona for one ‘FUN-PACKED’ weekend. There is also a Competition on Saturday I believe check out the official web site HERE For all the details.

Liquid Militia

Now for the good stuff we will have a small but legit 10X10 Booth set up all weekend selling our new high quality range. We will have Guy’s, Girls, Kids, Sweatshirts, Hat’s, Free Stickers, Trucker Hats, Koozies and much much more…. You will also be able to snatch up some legit Gomer Bombs a signature shade named after rider Mark Gomez at our booth, so make sure you pic up a few pairs and at least check them out!! If that’s not enough Our friends over at Hydro-Turf will also be posted up with us so for all your Turf and pre orders you know where to find them. It’s defiantly going to be an explosion of brands at our booth so stop by and say Hi you never know what might happen…

Now for the best part of the event our  TEAM RIDERS  We don’t only have the best quality products, but we also support some of the most talented riders this sport has. So here is the line up for this weekend:

Jake will also be attending Daytona this weekend!! We are stoked to have Jake join our team this just makes a lot of sense to us he’s come along way and it’s his time to blow up!! We are looking forward to having both the Bright Boy’s on our side. (Jake’s team rider profile will be coming after the freeride so check back soon).

Liquid Militia Team Rider Jake Bright

Liquid Militia Team Rider Zack Bright


Zack Bright is currently on the road to

Daytona driving from Cali to Daytona

with a fresh NEW PAINTED Krash Hull

Blowsion painted ski. We saw this thing

and wow it’s wild. You guy’s are in for a treat!

Liquid Militia Rider Mark Gomez


Mark Gomez is sharing the road,

another Cali drive to and from Daytona.

Mark is also en route as I type this. Mark

Is hitting Daytona on a new ride should

be a great show can’t wait to see him in


Liquid Militia Team Rider Tanner Thomas

 Tanner Thomas Hailing from Alaska, has

already had a big journey just getting to Cali.

Tanner  Is also co-piloting with Gomez

currently on the road to Daytona.  Tanner

also is showing up on a new ski things just

got interesting.


Liquid Militia Team Rider Jeff Bolte


Jeff Bolte the semi local East Coaster has a bit

of a drive from VA to FL. Bolte is looking

forward to seeing old and new friends this

weekend and hoping for some waves. He’s 

Gonna be ripping it up on his Rickter.

Liquid Militia Rider Mike Petro


Mike Petro late entry,  just heard he is

attending the freeride. So I think it might

just get a little country up in here!!

The Radas

Not Part of the freeride team but the

Radas will be attending/supporting:

They are Coming in from OHHH

CANADAAAA!! Just having them

come down just made the event 10X

better..          See ya soon *&%*

Jeff Bolte hitting the 2013 WaveDaze

Moon Rising after a good day of surf riding at WaveDaze

Jeff Bolte hitting the 2012 WaveDaze Freeride in Virginia Beach, USA. Jeff pretty much holds down the upper left coast for LM, hitting as many events as possible. Check out Jeff’s Rider Profile HERE!!

Rider Jeff Bolte front and center partying with Rad Dudes

Jeff Bolte at the 2013 Lake Erie Freeride
Jeff Bolte checking in from the Lake Erie Freeride

Botle getting flipped - Pics By: Kelley Korbas Anderson

Jeff’s been getting around this summer, hes’s been hitting so may functions/Events it’s hard to keep up. These are some pics from last weekends Lake Erie Freeride. As you can see it looks like the weather was awesome, his ski was looking legit, and Jeff was throwing down!!

Blote boosting Pics By: Kelley Korbas Anderson

Jeff Bolte at the 2013 Lake Erie Freeride - Pics By: Kelley Korbas Anderson

Jeff Botle hits the Charleston West Virginia Tour stop

Jeff Botle hit the Charleston West Virginia Tour stop. We tossed him some XTRA product to pimp out at the race. Here are some pics of the shenanigans….

Bolte's WV Pit Setup - LEGIT!!

Jeff Decorated Jen's Camera equipment - PIMP

Bolte getting ready to toss out some LM gear

Bolte hooking up the crowd with the rest of the LM swag!!

Jeff Bolte made a pit stop in Virginia Beach

Got to ride Virginia Beach last week, small but fun surf and rode w dolphins and one did a 1 1/2 front flip right in front of cool! Here’s form pics of the ride!!

Jeff Bolte Photo By: WaveJunkie - Josh Bridges

Riding the surf Photo By: WaveJunkie - Josh Bridges

who want's some spray to the face... Photo By: WaveJunkie - Josh Bridges

small waves re-entry Photo By: WaveJunkie - Josh Bridges

The line up

Jeff Bolte hits the Carolina Freeride EAST COAST!!

NC bound in John’s new rig! Carolina Freeride this weekend…

Thanks, JEFF

John's New Rig!! Lock and load

The Scene

Nice Representation for LM


WaveDaze Bolte Style

WaveDaze was a really fun Freeride event with friends traveling from all points to converge in Virginia beach to get a break from the cold weather and do some spring riding in the East Coast surf. We had some small but fun waves and everyone had a blast ripping it up with fellow riders of all different styles and levels.

Jeff Bolte Reentry at WaveDaze

Team Rickter (Jose Ledger and Kevin Charest from Canada, Taylor Curtis, Jericho Kaiser and Brandon Lawlor from California, local Brian Wilkey and myself representing the East Coast) Showed everybody how good the rickters are in the surf with Taylor winning the reentry contest and Brandon winning the sickest trick on the Evo1 hull.

Jeff and Brandon gearing up to ride

Everyone gathered for the raffle and free giveaways where the Liquid Militia gear were a crowd favorite as always! The RadDudes had the party going with plenty of PBR on ice and the VIP rider party at Peabodys on sat night. We rode Sunday for a good session then packed it all up for the trip home.

Raffle time LM gear donated somewhere...

Ya we stand alone

Till next trip…

Liquid Militia Spread in the 2013 Watercraft Superstore Catalog

Watercraft Superstore Cover

We just received the 2013 Watercraft Superstore Annual Guide. With that being said you will find on page 073 a full page of our products that you can purchase from them. If you head over to their web site and click on the apparel section you will see a full range of our products most that are not shown in the annual catalog. Please take some time to browse the site they have EVERYTHING YOU NEED!!! You can also get a free copy of this Annual Guide by signing up to there mailing list here

Liquid Militia Spread in the apparel section

Jeff Bolte scored a full page in the catalog also page 88

Jeff Bolte Re-Dialed in his ski with new LM graphics

Jeff Bolte New Stickers and Gear arrived

Since most of you know we are totally capable of providing our team riders with anything they might need for any equipment that need’s to get a face lift. (We basically are, our own sign shop and frown on anyone reproducing any of our images). I guess you can call it a “PERK” of being sponsored. With that being said Jeff hit us up saying he was in need of bigger LM stickers for his ski for the upcoming event he’s attending WaveDaze. We ended up going with 18″ long as per Jeff’s request (GO BIG OR GO HOME) new style LM decals. This was our first attempt of doing a 3 color decal and since we are pros at all trades wink, wink… We pulled it off with no issues. So here is what the final outcome of what Jeff’s new stickers look like on his new Rickter. Pretty sick I must say!! Jeff is getting ready for the WaveDaze Freeride taking place this weekend in VA. Expect a re cap from Jeff on all the wild things that went down.

Jeff Boltes new Stikkasssss

Catching up with Jeff Bolte during the off season

I’ve been in Alta, Utah with my good friends the Mayfield’s since the 15th. Snow skiing powder and drinking good beer daily to help strengthen my legs, body and mind for the upcoming Wavedaze Freeride event in Virginia beach at the end of April. We’ve got 2 more days of skiing here and then we’ll be flying home on Easter to see family and get back to work.

Photo By: Jeff Mayfield

Jeff airing out my new Fischer bigstix Skiis @ Alta, Utah yesterday

Jeff Bolte’s Rider Rrofile

Jeff Bolte Stops by LM HQ

We got a call from Jeff Blote he’s like I’M IN CALI!! Jeff got a last minute flight to Los Angeles to help out fellow friend Aero Aswar at the 2013 Mark Hahn 300 in Lake Havasu City AZ. We planed to meet up after the Hahn in our hood to catch up. Since Blote lives in Virginia it’s KOABFD to meet up with him and catch up.

Lunch Time

We all decide to go out to Lunch at a local restaurant in Orange County. Jeff is accompanied with Aero Aswar and his dad, and friend. We have a long lunch like 2 hours +. Chat it up about how the Daytona Freeride went and how the Hahn was, and what’s coming up with Jeff.

Jeff Bolte

After our long lunch we got conned into having a 2nd round of Dinner with Bolte, Mike Bonin (from Hydro-Turf) Michelle Thompson (Skat-Trak) Aero and his family, and Lisa Price. It was a nice dinner catching up with industry peeps and hearing how’s doing what and what’s next for everyone. Always fun to take a rider out to dinner!! Like always, good times have to end. Till next time!!

Ryan, Kyla, Lisa, Fuley, Michelle, Jeff, Aero, and Mike

Daytona Freeride 2013 re-cap from our team

We left DC on Tue after receiving your awesome care package and drove thru 39* rain and heavy traffic to Durham NC to hang with a good friend, wish him happy birthday and break up the drive. Traveling was much better the next day and we arrived in Daytona Wednesday to welcome 80* sunshine. We got checked in cruised around the Grand seas resort to get a feel for the new venue… Much nicer than the Makai… and met up with other riders arriving from all over the globe. Had some drinks and swapped stories with everyone as we all were anticipating the fun weekend ahead.

Photo by: Michelle Stuart-Thompson (Skat-Track)

Woke up Thursday to some small but fun looking surf and got down on the beach to claim a prime spot. Got unpacked and was stoked to ride my new rickter Evo for the first time in the surf. All went well and I was super happy with my new ride. I could tell it was going to elevate my riding with a bit of time on the H2O. After the ride people kept pouring in and then the Liquid Militia gear started flying out of the box! I can tell you that they were all happy with the cool stuff they received.

Bolte's new Ride

Friday brought some heavy NE winds and growing but gnarly surf conditions that made for some hard core sessions and big air and crashes. That night the party got even better as more and more Freeriders arrived. The conditions kept up for Saturdays 1st annual speed and style surf contest where it made it tough for the competitors and the judges for sure. Gomez killed it and won hands down. I rode next and had some ok moves but got cut off a couple times by a unknowing rider… oh well that happens but I had fun anyway. After the contest we (Gomez, Cuong, Zack and Brandon) went out for a ride and were pumping each other by ripping it up. I got stoked and went for it and pulled my 1st back flip in the surf! I guess it was pretty huge as I was awarded the cherry buster trophy sponsored by The Rad Dudes!

Photo By: Suzy Q

Photo by: Michelle Stuart-Thompson (Skat-Track)

Sunday the wind calmed down and the surf was still good. We all rode, swapped skis and checked out some different rides and setups and enjoyed good times with good friends! Most people went to the Ocean Deck for dinner and we took over the top floor. Hot tub party followed as we soaked sore bodies, lubricated and told tales of how much fun was had as we winded down the weekend…. Another Daytona freeride in the books. Hope you can make it next year…we missed you!

Thanks again for all you do! Jeff Bolte

People really missed you guys in Daytona this year. I promised them that you guys will be there in 2014. I did not get a chance to take any pictures. I only have a few from random people. I had a great time this year and as always already looking forward to next year.

Cuong Son getting a little boost


Photo By: Alex Nikolis

Thanks again for all the support.
Cuong Son

Last weekend I flew to Daytona Beach Florida for my 5th year attending the annual Daytona Beach Freeride. The event was hosted at a new hotel venue the Grand seas resort. With the support of Kommander Industries, I was able to get my Trinity Matrix freeride hull to the event this year.

I was able to ride some killer and expensive freestyle skis at the flat water Friday event.

Saturday I competed in the Moto Option sponsored “Surf & Style” event. Which was a contest only judged on 3 minutes of a riders pure surfing ability. I ended up taking first place in that contest next to some other great surf riders!

Mark Gomez takes 1st place in the surf & Style Contest

Thanks, Mark Gomez

Zack Bright Hotel Room View

Explicit Material in this video watch with caution, Liquid Militia hold absolutely no responsibility for the content in this video.

I had a blast at this years Daytona Freeride always a good time. Got to meet some new people and check out some new set-up’s.
Zack Bright

2013 Daytona Freeride Liquid Militia Give-A-Way

Since Liquid Militia is not going to be attending the 2013 Daytona Freeride this year (I know so sad) we have decided to let our team riders run the show. We have outfitted each Liquid Militia Team Rider who is attending ( Jeff Bolte , Cuong Son , Zack Bright , Chris Anyzeski , and Mark Gomez ) with T-Shirts, Sticker Packs, and Koozies.

Below is a taste of what you could possibly score!!

LM rider Mike Petro's Give out Pile

All anyone has to do who is attending the Daytona Freeride is hit up any one of our Team Rider and ask them for something for FREE. That’s right 100% FREE. We provided a total of 58 T-Shirts + 14 to Nick Foederer (the event planner) making that a grand total of 72 t-shirts and well over 100 sticker packs. So we are asking people to not be greedy and only take one per person to spread the LM love around.

LM rider Mark Gomez care package

Mark Gomez has everything he need for Daytona all packed up awaiting his flight….

LM rider Cuong Son's Care Package

LM rider Mark Gomez Give out Box

IF you get anything out of this deal please tag us in the pictures!! We want to see what you guy’s get!!

LM rider zack Bright's Give out Stash

The Official Web Site for the 2013 Daytona Freeride

Product Donation on it’s way to the Wave Daze Event

Liquid Militia Clothing Donation to the Wave Daze Event

Here is a taste of that we have shipped out to the good peeps at Wave Daze. We also sent a box to our rider Jeff Bolte who will be representing for Liquid Militia, he will also have a few goodies to give out. For more information on Wave Daze 2012 click here.

Liquid Militia coverage in Pro rider Magazine Current Issue

We are stoked to show all you non Watercraft peeps & Watercraft peeps some of the coverage Liquid Militia has received in the current issue of Pro Rider Magazine VOL 1 ISSUE 5 2012. We pretty much can’t blow these pages up so you can actually read them. If you want to read them support Pro Rider Magazine and get a subscription. It’s only $24.00 a year. They also ship Internationally. Get on it folks!!

Daytona Freeride only words can explain.

Daytona Freeride only words can explain.

Daytona Freeride After Party. Smack center we have Bud from Bud Productions, Mike Petro LM rider, Kyla from LM, and Mike representinig for Hydro-Turf (Rainbow Shirt).

Ryan holding down our Ghetto Booth @ Daytona Freeride haha

Mark Gomez & Zack Bright's re cap on Argentina Freeride.

Left: Mark & Zack's Trip to Argentina. Right: Future Threat featuring one of our riders Ryan Decker.


Liquid Militia is attending the Daytona Freeride January 12-15, 2012.

Liquid Militia is stoked to announce that we will be attending the 2012 Daytona Freeride.
The dates for this even are set for January 12-15, 2012 (Friday-Monday). This event is free to spectators and anyone who want to come & hang out and watch some seriously skilled riders including some of our team. Liquid Militia will have a small booth set up with “Daytona Freeride” specials for anyone who want’s to score some sweet deals on some of our products.

Photo Left to Right: Mike Petro, Derek Fuoco, Ian Roberts, Mark Gomez, Brock Austin, Jeff Bolte, Mate Juarez, Jake Zier, Ryan Decker

Riders Allegedly Attending are:
Zack Bright
Mark Gomez
Cuong Son
Mike Petro
Chris Anyzeski
Jeff Bolte
Derik Kantz
For all the details you need to know please visit the official web site for this event:
Daytona Freeride Official Web Site
We will be updating this event as soon as we have more info to add to it, so make sure to check back to see whats going to go down. Liquid Militia


Liquid Militia Announces our 2011 team.
We are Pleased to announce our current 2011 team riders. We are very excited to welcome back some riders from last year, and very excited to welcome all the new riders we have for 2011.
We are working on a totally new web site to further support all our Riders, Products, Events, everything. Here is to a GREAT 2011!


Tim West-Big Wave Rider
 - From El Granada, CA
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Nor Cal Surf Shop, Brewer Surfboards
 Sam Lucas- SUP, Soul Surfer 
- From Belmont, CA
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Blue Line/Paddle surf Hawaii, Isurus Wetsuits.
Tiger Doerner- Soul Surfer

-FromWaialua, HI
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia
Chris MacClugage- Pro Ski GP, Pro Runabout Stock
- Race Number 30
- From Lake Havasu City, AZ
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Monster Energy, Macc Racing, Quakysense, HT Moto, Yamaha, Yamalube, Alpina watches, Oakley, TUF race stands, RIVA Motorsports, JE Pistons
Pete Zernik- Pro Am Ski GP, Expert Ski Limited
- Race Number 149
-From Sacramento, CA

- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Gold Club San Francisco, Riva, Slippery, Hydro Turf, OGIO, Skat Track, Ultimate, FLY, Ski Clinic, Synergyn Oil of Hawaii, Oneal, DJSA

 Ian Roberts- Pro Ski GP

- Race Number 658
- From Reno, NV
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Kommander Industries
Brian Smith- Am Ski lites, Pro runabout Stock, Pro Ski GP, Open Runabout endurance
- Race Number ski class 911 & Race Number in Runabout 1
- From Farmers Branch, TX
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Macc Racing, D.C Lites Racing, SPY, ODI, GoPro, AZ Jet Ski, Riva Racing, Jet Pilot, Monster Energy.
 Cuong Son- Pro Freeride
-From Cupertino, CA
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, X-Scream, RRP, Hydro Turf, Slippery Wetsuits, Riva Yamaha, Cold Fusion, Blowsion, Bud Productions.
Zack Bright- Pro Freeride
- From Lancaster, CA
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Cold Fusion, Hydro Turf,
Stanton High- Pro Freeride

- From Atascadero, CA

- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Roaring Lion, Sparx Helmets, Beeline, Mobius
 Mark Gomez- Pro Freeride, (Novice Ski Stock, Novice Ski Limited, Amateur Freestyle)

- From Fullerton, CA

- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Hydro Turf, Kommander Industries, WORX Racing Components, Blowsion, Performance Fiberglass, Impros, Quickstyle Motorsports, Leg Drag, Cold Fusion, Pacific Motorsports, KMG Racing, Patty’s Cakes & Deserts
Derek Fuoco- Pro Am Runabout Stock

- Race Number 99

- From Geneseo, NY
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, DK1 Designs, Blur Optics, Mountain Motorsports, Jet Pilot, Sea Doo X Team, RB Components, Fourplay Racing, Rockwell Time
Mateo Juarez- Pro Am Ski GP
- Race Number 89
- From Las Vegas, NV
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia,, Hydro Turf, Prowatercraft, DK1 Designs, Arizona JetSki
Jake Zier- Pro Am Ski GP, Expert Ski Limited

- Race Number 71

- From Brookville, IN
-Sponsors: Liquid Militia, 1/2 Outlaw Performance, dzracing, Riva Racing, Fly Racing, Watcon, Dirt Doctor, Skat Track, Westfeild Yamaha, Mom & Dad, Queen Racing, Klip 2/2 Per Racing, Freelance Lettering, Jettrim.


Logical Terror
- From Italy
- Sponsors:  Liquid Militia Cloth. (U.S.), Serial Drummer (FR), Bulk Music (IT)
Core Team:
Chris Anyzeski- Amateur Freestyle

- From Jupiter, FL

- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Wamiltons, DASA, Hydro Turf, Leg Drag
Tanner Thomas- Novice Ski Stock, Am Freeride

- Race Number 155

- From Ketchikan, AK
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Blowsion, Hydro Turf, Alaska Marine Lines, GoPro Helmet Cams, Sign Pro, Jet Pilot, Bomber Eyewear, Monster Energy
Michael Mendez- Amateur Runabout
- Race Number 909
- From Oakley, CA
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, One Industries, Jet Pilot, Hydro Turf/HT MOTO, DK1 Designs, LML Properties, Oneal MX, Uneek Abilitys
Eric Gianetti- Skimboarding
- From Brea, CA
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia
Mike Petro- Amateur Freestyle

- From Knoxville, TN

- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Topside Powersports
Daniel Hounslow- Pro Runabout Freestyle

- From N.S.W Australia

- Sponsors: Liquid Militia,, no*clones,, 
Brock Austin-  Pro Am Ski Stock 
- Race Number 182
- From Bountiful, UT
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Slippery Wetsuits, SPY, Fly Racing, Redline Oil, Hydro Turf, Watcon
Daniel Forsyth- Open class runabout, Stock runabout

 - Race Number open class 36 & race number stock class 69

- From Auckland, New Zealand
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Yamaha New Zealand, SKI MD and Demon Energy Drinks
Ryan Decker- Junior Ski 13-15 Stock Lites, Junior Ski 13-15 Limited, Novice Ski Stock
 - Race Number 714
- From Tucson, AZ
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Hydro Turf, Macc Racing, Fria Beverages.
Derek Kantz- Junior Ski

- From Destin, FL

- Race Number 5
- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Hydro Turf, RRP, Blowsion, Liquid Fix,
Christian Young- Am Freeride

- From Oceanside, CA

- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Ski Clinic, Jet Pilot, Cold Fusion, Blowsion, Hydro Turf, SPY, ODI, Globe, Amsoil.
Jeff Bolte- Pro Freeride

- From Laplata, MD

- Sponsors: Liquid Militia, Blowsion, Bolte Designs, DASA, Extreme Powdercoating, Hydro Turf, Impros, Riva, RRP/Rickter