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Cuong Son
Cuong Son


SPORT: Freeride

HOME TOWN: Cupertino, CA

SPONSORS: X-Scream, Hydroturf, Liquid Militia, Slippery, Riva Yamaha, Rick Roy Products (RRP), Cold Fusion, Blowsion

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  • 2010- Blowsion Surflslam 9th place
    Lincoln City, OR
  • 2010- Peru Freeride 6th place
    China Beach, Peru
  • 2009- Blowsion Surfslam 9th place
    Lincoln City, OR
  • 2007- Pismo Surfslam 5th place
    Pismo Beach, CA
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NEW VIDEO | Mannequin Challenge Jet Ski Edition
NEW VIDEO | Mannequin Challenge Jet Ski Edition

Mannequin Challenge Jet Ski Edition

The team killed this Mannequin Challenge at Pismo Beach, CA. Jet Ski Freeride Style, one take and nailed it.

Liquid Militia Jet Ski Freeride Team
Live Stream- 2016 BLOWSION Surf Slam | Pacific City, OR

2016 Surf Slam Live Stream Saturday 9/10

YEWWWW! So you couldn’t make it to the Surf Slam this year? no worries, chill out and watch it live!

Liquid Militia Jet Ski Freeride Team

Liquid Militia Jet Ski Freeride Team

Keep an eye out for the LM team flipp’n around out in the surf

More info about Surf Slam:

Cuong Son Daytona Freeride Re-Cap 2
Cuong Son Meets up With The Daytona Freeride Family

The Daytona Freeride Family

Cuong Son Daytona Instagram post

Coung Son Backflip from Team Weekend (Left) Daytona Beach Freeride (Right)

Daytona Freeride, my escape to white sand and good clean fun with my friends. This year was no different, my trip started on Thursday morning. As my family dropped me off at the airport, I know that I will miss them greatly so I held each of them tight for as long as I could. Saying good bye to them is never easy, but my wife said that I deserve it and to go enjoy myself.

El Niño has provided me with a window of perfect weather for the journey out east.  During my layover in Charlotte NC, I ran into Kyle Kenedy from DASA, one of the biggest supporter’s of our sport and one of my favorite sponsors. We chatted the entire flight to Daytona.  It was great to be able to catch up on what’s going on at DASA.

As Friday morning approached, I was so excited that I could no longer sleep. I snuck out of the room as the Lawlor Brothers (Randy & Brandon) were still snoring away.  Although it was pouring outside I couldn’t wait to see everyone.  One of the first people I saw was my good friend Helen Murph working at the sign in booth. Helen and her husband Mark are from Chicago, they have been traveling to Pismo for the last two decades to enjoy the Pacific Ocean. In my mind they are the true free riders, spreading good vibes where ever they go.

The Dayona Freeride, always good to meet up with the freeride family

Cuong Son Daytona Freeride Re-Cap

Always Industry Peeps at The Daytona Freeride

Check Out the Latest Hulls

Checking Out the Latest Hulls

Tigercraft Hull on Display

Tigercraft Hull on Display

I was bummed that I was not able to bring my ski this year but my fellow riders made sure that I still have a good time by graciously lending me their skis. The first ski I rode was a TigerCraft SV-1 with a foot strap. I must have rode that thing for almost an hour. It was great being out in the water saying hello to everyone. During my two days of riding, I had the chance to ride 4 TigerCraft SV-1, 2 FreeForms, Krash Predator, the all new Krash 50 Cal., Superfreak Titan, Toby 1, and a Blowsion Rickter Edge.

Cuong Son Daytona Freeride Re-Cap 6

Tigercraft that I was bummed to leave in Cali

Cuong Son Daytona Freeride Re-Cap 2

Cuong giving the Salty Investments Krash hull a rip

As I reflected on the highlights of the weekend.  Top of the list was dinners with my Freeride family.  We shared stories

Cuong Son Daytona Freeride Re-Cap 7

Robin of RHAAS and I

about how we became hooked in this sport and why we love it so much. We talked about future events and how we can all meet up again.  Second on that list was able to say “thank you” to my sponsors in person. I hung out with Brian at Thrust Innovations and checked out the billet goodness in his booth.  He was nice enough to let me lift a carbon Superfreak Circus over my head, it’s one of those thing that I’ve always wanted to do. Had an amazing conversation with Robin and his daughter at RHAAS

Coung Son Daytona Freeride Blowsion Ski

Thanks to Blowsion for a Ride

Products.  Took pictures with Tony at TigerCraft and checked out the new FV-1.  A big thanks to the guys at Blowsion for allowing me to ride their awesome creations.  Talked with Arno at Hydro-Turf, attempted to hang his banner outside my window but was not successful due to the hotel staff.  Hung out with my master tuner TNT Tim. Even though my crew at Liquid Militia was not able to make the trip, they were with me the entire time.  The third highlight was a conversation I had with a fellow rider. He told me that he was going through some health issues and this might be his last Freeride.  My heart sank as he was confiding in me, I didn’t know what to say, my eyes teared up. He told me not to worry, he has a great plan to overcome his illness.  He thanked me for listening. I gave him a big hug and told him that we will see each other again next year.


2016 Daytona Freeride has come to an end, but not without many new memories and soreness.  I would like to also thank my Freeride family for making the sport so special to me.  I’m already planning for next year, see you all again -CS

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Special Thanks to Mel Smith Photography for some of the killer shots in this post.