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Chris Macclugage
Chris Macclugage


SPORT: Jet Ski Racing


SPONSORS: Monster Energy, Macc Racing, Broward Motorsports, Kommander K1, Yamaha, Jettrim, Jet Lift, Jet Pilot, Skat Trak, Liquid Militia , Hurricane Ind, Ada Racing, Maxima, Ryno Power, Bell Helmets


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  • 18X- World Champion
  • 15X- National Champion
  • 3X- Thailand Kings Cup Champion
  • 2X- Indoor European Champion
  • 2X- Japanese Champion
  • 1X- Martinique Off Shore Champion
  • 1X- Guadeloupe Off Shore Champion
  • 2013- IJSBA World Finals Pro Ski GP, Lake Havasu, AZ
  • 2013- IJSBA World Finals Pro Ski Open, Lake Havasu, AZ
  • 2013- IJSBA World Finals Pro Sport Class, Lake Havasu, AZ
  • 2013- Mark Hahn Havasu 300 Champion, Lake Havasu, AZ
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2013 Sparks NV, National Jet Ski Tour Stop Pit's
Throwback Gallery: 2013 Sparks NV, National Jet Ski Tour Stop

Throwback: 2013 Sparks NV, National Jet Ski Tour Stop

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Chris MacClugage | 2016 China Motorboat Open 1
Chris MacClugage – Team USA | 2016 China Motorboat Open

Chris MacClugage | 2016 China Motorboat Open

2016 China Motorboat Open

Chris MacClugage - Team USA

Chris MacClugage – Team USA

I remember one of my early racing heroes, Larry Rippenkroeger saying, In the past two weeks I have been on jets more than jet skis. For me this has been a tiring past two weeks. After a sad good bye to my awesome family, we set off on Sunday March 6th and headed to LAX with good friend and mechanic Josh Paddock. We were headed to China for what was to be the biggest jet ski racing event in Chinese history, The China Motorboat Open. We encountered a small set back on our way to LA, my def light came on in the Dodge and basically told me, that if we don’t take it to the dealer in 150 miles, it would drop down to 5mph max. Not a good speed for California freeways. We hit Auto Zone, and bought a scanner, which failed. But, Josh being the great thinker that he is, decided to do a hard shut down on truck(disconnecting batteries for 10 mins) and this worked and we were on our way. We arrived at LAX with plenty of time to spare.
Chris MacClugage | 2016 China Motorboat Open 2We arrived in China and met up with our host KK from Hong Kong. We really were not expecting to drive 8 hours in a car after flying for 25, but what the hell, it didn’t kill us, totally! We drove to the race location first to pick up my ski and then threw it in back of the Raptor and then set off for my Chinese sponsors shop, Sea Arrow. After the 8 hours of driving we unloaded and then went to dinner. Chinese love to eat! The next day came, and we worked on the ski and prepped it for testing. Initially we had tested for av before leaving and upon arriving we had no choice, but to use MS 109. No worries, Josh tuned it and with our Motec system, we are using a knock sensor, so we can optimize our tune! Testing went well and we were ready to race.
Race day came and went, but we didn’t race! The weather was so cold and the waves were too big (by Chinese standards) to race. So, we qualified on Saturday and I had the fastest heat, but I knew Takenoshita was going to be fast! The course was big and spread out, not very technical. So, my only hope for a win was to hole shot or for big waves, which separates the men from the boys.
Chris MacClugage | 2016 China Motorboat Open 3Sunday came and moto1 was at 9 am. The Chinese association had decided to do rolling starts, because a lot of foreign riders didn’t have experience in a traditional start with waves. It was their first time doing a rolling start, along with most of the other riders. Pretty much a fail, but they learned quickly or the next race. I started 5th and passed to second and was unable to catch Takenoshita. He rode a great race. The Second Moto came, and it was almost dark. I started second and was on Takenoshita the whole race, but waves had died and I was unable to pass him. Awards came and the Chinese association did a great job with top notch food. It’s nice to see that some people took the time to respect the requests of the Chinese association and wear formal attire! After the awards Josh had to work on the ski and swap out all the Motec parts for the advent system parts. We had sold the ski and did not sell it with the Motec system.
Chris MacClugage | 2016 China Motorboat Open 1The next morning came and we were meant to be at airport around two. But, first the customer wanted to hear the ski start on the Advent system. Battery was dead so we had to find a gas station to jump start it. We found one ski fired and we were done! Back in the car for two hours! We had stopped along the way and bought a few things, a couple tea sets for the kids and I wanted one last serving of sticky rice! (Good stuff)
We arrived at the airport, said good bye and luckily both Josh and I had rows to our selves! Score, we slept for 10 hours straight. Back in Lax and Josh had one request, and it was Chic Fil A. He didn’t enjoy the Chinese cuisine as much as i did. All in all it was a good trip and we met some really great people. Thank you first and foremost to my wife for making all of this possible! She holds down the fort while I’m racing. Second I would like to thank Josh for a great job and hard work put in. I would also like to thank my new friend KK from HK, he set this trip up and made it possible for us to race. I would also like to thank Hawk from Sea Arrow for sponsoring us with everything while in China. Thanks also goes out to Bun freestyle, Sam from Motorfield and the rest of the team.

I would also like to thank all my sponsors:
Monster Energy, 
Macc Racing
, Ada Racing, Jettrim
, Kommander, K-1, 
Skat Trak
, Jet Pilot, 
Liquid Militia
, Bell Helmets, 
Ryno, Power, 
Jet Lift, 
Sea Arrow
, Maxima


Team Rider Update: Chris MacClugage
Team Rider Update: Chris MacClugage

We asked Watercraft Team Rider Chris MacClugage what he has been up to? Here’s what he had to say:

Chris MacClugage Podium

Chris MacClugage Podium

Since world finals I have sorted a few issues out in my race program, with Thailand coming I had to make some quick and educated decisions. With the current ignitions we are using and constant failures, we decided to go with the best ignitions possible. We chose Motec and are very happy with the results so far! Setting up an ignition like Motec in my ski was a pretty simple deal, when utilizing the right people. Josh Paddock is very experienced in tuning Motec’s on 4 strokes, when I asked him about a two stroke, he simply smiled. With that being said and the great results we are having, ignition failure is out of the question!

I am really excited to go to Thailand I have assembled a great positive team of guys, that are very supportive. I am excited that my brother is coming again. Benjamin Francois from Bnj parts along with Josh Paddock will be in charge of my ski. My good friend and training partner Chad Zeman will be coming as well to help. Another great friend Jairo Carilles from Spain, who helped me in Doncaster, England over the summer will be coming. It’s very important to surround yourself with a great group of people and I believe I have.

TV Spot For Kings Cup

For More information about the Kings Cup and to watch the live stream please visit this site below they have all the info on the event.
Kings Cup Jet Ski World Cup 2015

Team Rider Update: Chris MacClugage 1

Throwback Pic from Florida Race Earlier in the season – Photo:

Sometimes you just need a hug - Macc in Thailand via Instagram @chrismacclugage

Sometimes you just need a hug – Macc in Thailand via Instagram @chrismacclugage

I have been working very hard on my training since the finals with a main focus on strengthening my back. I have 3 bulging discs, due to abuse. My hips are all twisted and crooked. I have been going to the chiropractor weekly and it seems to be helping.

The Kid's: Macc & Lilly

The Kid’s: Macc & Lilly

My wife and kids are doing great, but unfortunately they will not be joining me in Thailand. I was happy we got to celebrate Mac’s 4th birthday before leaving as he turns 4 on the second and I will be in Thailand then. So, hopefully if all goes well I can bring them back a nice big Christmas present!
I am really quite excited for the 2016 season. I have tested a few different hulls and there is some really exciting stuff out there, with great potential.

Thank you to all my sponsors and the people that make it happen.
Monster Energy
Macc Racing
Ada Racing
Skat Trak
Jet Pilot
Liquid Militia
Bell Helmets
Ryno Power
Jet Lift
Freedom Motorsports

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