Liquid Militia | Beach life on and off the water

Liquid Militia | Beach life on and off the water

A good time on and off the water on the West Coast with our crew. Beach, Babes, Beer, and Jet skis.

We recently took a little trip to da beach to kick it with the team and bunch of our friends/customers. Needless to say, it was a epic trip where we could all camp on the beach, gather together for a nice dinner, and let the after party roll deep into the night. Sit back and see why we love the people who support the brad and the wild times we have.

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Now in its fifth year, the 2017 Yamaha New Zealand Festival of Freeride brings together the country’s best ‘free riders’ along with international participants, including 7 x World Champion Pierre Maixent from France along with two U.S. Liquid Militia riders Mark Gomez and Joey Morneault.
Event Location: The iconic west coast Karioitahi Beach, 10mins west of Waiuku

Thanks to Yamaha Marine NZ for putting out this clip of the event.

Video | Mark Gomez Rides 550 Jetski Up Hometown Flooded Street Gutter

Video | Mark Gomez Rides 550 Jetski Up Hometown Flooded Street Gutter

The good ol’ Kawasaki 550 Jetski | VIDEO

The drought is over. Team Rider Mark Gomez back at it again riding his Kawasaki 550 up his neighborhood flooded street gutter on a rainy day. He makes riding in a couple inches of water look easy, good thing it’s his brothers ski LOL. Mark is always is always up to something creative and different on a Jetski. What’s next?


More Gomez Jetski Videos

In case you missed it check out these other Jetski related videos from Gomez:

Liquid Militia | T-Rex Steals Jet Ski and Does Insane Tricks With Mark Gomez

Mark Gomez costume as a T-Rex on a Jetski

Pro Rider Mark Gomez | Jet Ski backflips in a small pool

Pro Rider Mark Gomez | JetSki back flips in a small pool

Video | Zack Bright and Mark Gomez Featured in Motor and SURF Scramble

Video | Motor and SURF Scramble


Motor and Surf Scramble Documentary in Japan Liquid Militia Team Riders Zack Bright and Mark Gomez featured.

In 2016 the Motor and Surf Scramble hosted the final round of the IFWA World Tour.
With the launch of our site, we are stoked to finally release this video and share some of the action and the vibes that are pushing the sport to grow into the future.

Check the for more info.

Our first Vlog. Should it be our last?

Our first Vlog. Should it be our last?

We co-own and run a lifestyle clothing brand called Liquid Militia located in Santa Ana, California. This Vlog experience will be about our day to day operations running a print shop. We are unique in that we design all our graphic prints in house, we screen print all our products in house, we make the screens, print out our films (transparency), we run and manage our web site (, we tag, fold, bag stock, ship, everything in house. We run all our social media platforms, all e-mail inquiries, and travel to and from events while managing a team of approx 22 team riders. We love being creative and doing this type of job. We hope you like our videos and want to see what a real working shop looks like, that proudly makes everything we can in the U.S.A. You never know, you might learn a few things along the way. ENJOY!!

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Camp Far West | Pro Jet Ski Racers Lifestyle Video

Camp Far West | Pro Jet Ski Racers Lifestyle Video

Camp Far West | Pro Jet Ski Racers Ian and Pete Lifestyle Video and Pics

We were able to make a quick down low trip up to Camp Far West, wayyyyy up in Northern California to a city called Wheatland. Our plan was to meet up with as many of our NorCal team riders as possible and capture some sweet pics/videos of them. In return, we can start putting out some unique footage on our riders that has never been seen before. We think we did just that! capturing the hard work, training, and lifestyle of what it takes to be a racer these days. This first video is featuring two of our racers Ian Roberts and Pete Zernik . We have many more videos to come and lots of footage stocked up. Get ready to get stoked with us. Check the video out below.

Liquid Militia | Pro Jet Ski Racer Lifestyle

Video Description: Pro jet ski racers Ian Roberts and Pete Zernik show us their Nor Cal training grounds, “Jet Ski Cove” at Camp Far West Reservoir. To our amazement the location was just as they had described. The skies were crystal blue and the water was fresh, perfect combination for a killer weekend with the team.

Click on any of these photos to go to the main photo gallery for this trip

Pete Zernik getting in some practice laps on his jetski

Pete Zernik getting in some practice laps on his jet ski

Pete Zernik, Gopro, Jet Ski, Check

Pete Zernik all set ready to practice.

Ian Roberts focusing on the buoy trun

Ian Roberts – judging the buoys for the turn

Interested in checking out some of the pictures we took from the Camp Far West trip? They are now up, and ready to be seen. You can click on any of the pics above or this link here to view them. Enjoy and cheers to lots more good stuff brought to you by Liquid Militia.

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New Video: Jake Bright Pre Daytona Update

Jake Bright Pre Daytona Update

Professional Jet Ski Freerider, Jake Bright, stopped by Liquid Militia Headquarters. He picked up some new gear, gave us a update on his injury status, filled us in on his new “Krash” Jet Ski build and talks about his plans for the The 2016 Blacktip Jetsports Daytona Freeride in Daytona Beach, FL.

For more check out Jake Bright on Instagram: @krash_and_burn_jb

Intro Riff by Logical Terror