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Product Donation
  • Liquid Militia donates product to events that pertain to us or events that we feel might benefit your cause and us. Please contact us with what you are wanting from us? Along with all the details on function, event dates, event location, event official web site, cause for the event or why you want our products for your event.
We will require in return from you after the event:
  • Photos from the event, charity, or donation of our products on display.
  • Photos of the product in the hands of the person or persons who received the items.
  • A quick write up on the event with all the details.
  • Since we are donating to your cause we will do our own blog on our web site about us donating to it.

For donation of product please contact us here: And give us a detailed description on what you have going on? We will get back to you ASAP.