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New Girls Crew | January

New Girls Crew For January

A few of many more new girls styles for January.

Prep Girls Crew in Athletic Heather - Front

Prep Girls Crew in Athletic Heather – Front

Prep Girls Crew in Athletic Heather - Back

Prep Girls Crew in Athletic Heather – Back


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Year End Sale | 40-70% Off

Year End Sale | 40-70% Off

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Zack Bright 4 pages in the January issue of World Jet Sports Magazine from Japan!


Zack Bright 4 pages in the January issue of World Jet Sports Magazine from Japan!
Zack Bright 4 pages in the January issue of World Jet Sports Magazine from Japan! The article is about “The Story Of The Greatest Pilots Of Motosurf”


World Of Jet Sports Magazine Site>>


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NEW VIDEO | Mannequin Challenge Jet Ski Edition

Mannequin Challenge Jet Ski Edition

The team killed this Mannequin Challenge at Pismo Beach, CA. Jet Ski Freeride Style, one take and nailed it.

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Winter is Here | New Steady Hoodie Now Available

Winter is Her Get Steady!


Steady Men's Hoodie in Army Heather

Steady Men’s Hoodie in Army Heather

Steady Mens Pullover Hoodie:
• 8.5 oz.
• Standard fit
• 55% Cotton 45% Polyester
• Metal grommets
• Men’s mid weight hoodie
• Double needle sewing on all seams
• Screen printed logo on the front chest and Lower Left Sleeve


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Our first Vlog. Should it be our last?

We co-own and run a lifestyle clothing brand called Liquid Militia located in Santa Ana, California. This Vlog experience will be about our day to day operations running a print shop. We are unique in that we design all our graphic prints in house, we screen print all our products in house, we make the screens, print out our films (transparency), we run and manage our web site (, we tag, fold, bag stock, ship, everything in house. We run all our social media platforms, all e-mail inquiries, and travel to and from events while managing a team of approx 22 team riders. We love being creative and doing this type of job. We hope you like our videos and want to see what a real working shop looks like, that proudly makes everything we can in the U.S.A. You never know, you might learn a few things along the way. ENJOY!!

Subscribe To LiquidMilitiaTV

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NEW VIDEO | T-Rex Picks Up His Signature T-REXSKI Shirt Design With Mark Gomez


The much anticipated ‘T-Rex Steals Jet Ski and Does Insane Tricks’ shirt is now available to buy. Support the rad flipp’n T-rex! It’s available in Men’s Tee, Girls Tee and Tank, Baby, Toddler and Youth styles.

Shop Now >>

T-Rexski Fully Stocked

NEW GEAR | T-RexSki for the Fam

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2016 Blowsion Surf Slam Event | Randy Lawlor’s Journey

The 2016 Blowsion Surf Slam event was like none other. It just seemed like John Dady was up there looking over the entire event. This was my 5th Blowsion Surf Slam I have competed in and by far the best weather we have ever had.

Our trip started off like any Jetski trip leaving really early in the morning. Brandon Lawlor, Jeff Bolte, Nick Collens, and I had a smooth trip up until we got a few blocks from our rental house. We ended up having to put the truck in 4×4 low at 9:00pm at night after being on the road for 16 hours and wheel up a steep gravel road with big pot holes towing our toy hauler. Luckily we made it through. Our house was at the top of the mountain overlooking all of Pacific City with the most amazing views!

Lawlor's Pacific City Beach House

Lawlor’s Pacific City, OR – Beach House View

truck, skis, trailer, dialed

locked and loaded

randylawlor 2

Thursday morning we got to sleep in a little, got a good breakfast and had the rest of the day on the beach practicing and trying to get used to the crazy surf that us Pismo Freeriders rarely get to see. It was like a huge washing machine out at the beach. Luckily all the warm-up and practice went well, we all were able to load up the skis without having to “wrench” on any of them.

Randy Lawlor everything is set

Randy Lawlor everything is set

Lawlor Crew Showing off the new Daylite Helmets

Lawlor’s all have custom painted Daylite helmets.

Danielle Lawlor

Danielle Lawlor

Friday morning everything was kicking-off. The Blowsion crew kicked butt and all the final touches of the set up were complete. The weather was beautiful and the good vibes of the Freeride Community was in the air. After the riders meeting I was antsy to get in the water and get a little warmed up before qualifying began. The surf was bigger then I had seen in a long time and it took a little while for me to feel comfortable. My ski was loading up a little bit on the bottom end so I had Tim Tynan with TNT Performance Engineering take a look. He adjusted my carbs and she felt pretty good. I went out with Tom Scaccianoce for our qualifying round. I focused a lot on surf riding and caught a couple of waves that felt amazing. After my run I had multiple people come up to me to congratulate me on my surf riding telling me they have never seen me ride like that before. I was really nervous that I had focused too much on the surf riding and didn’t get in enough big airs for my qualifying round.

Lawlor Bros. Beach pit dialed

Lawlor Bros. Beach pit dialed

Randy Lawlor

Qualifying rounds with Randy

On Saturday morning the results for the qualifying rounds were posted and I saw my name in first place!  I was so stoked!

The weather once again was beautiful, but the surf was gone. This made me a little nervous because all the big waves that I got really good surf points for were gone. The waves were only about 2-4 feet and we’re just crumbling. My first round was against Darin Anderson. I felt like I was struggling to find waves and spent too much time searching for waves instead of just riding what was there. I knew that that kind of a performance would not be enough to beat a legend like Darin Anderson. This put me into the LCQ against Bruno Jacob who came into the competition 2nd in the world so far in points. I know that I would need to step it up if I wanted a chance to beat him. I rode really good and felt good about it. I stayed busy the entire time and knew I got a lot of good surf riding in and several good aerials. It came down to a 2-3 decision with the judges and Bruno moved on. The wild card was given to my brother Brandon and I was out in the 8th finals.

Randy Lawlor Surf Riding- Photo By: BeRad Photography

Randy Lawlor Surf Riding- Photo By: BeRad Photography

It was 4:00pm and the tribute to John Dady was starting. There was an open mic where everyone was telling stories and reminiscing about all the great times they had with John and how much he did to help Freeriding and jetskiing get where it is today. After the open mic everyone gathered in a huge circle at the water’s edge with hops and flowers. Everyone that had skis were geared up and after the circle on the beach we all ran over to our skis and went out past the break to gather in a surf style paddle-out ceremony. After everyone threw the flowers and hops into the water we all rode back into the break and did what we knew best had a good 20-minute Freeride in John’s honor. It was amazing to see all the skis in the water and all the people at the water’s edge taking part in remembering John Dady.

Sunday morning kicked-off and the ocean reminded us of John’s presence. All the flowers, wreaths, and hops that were thrown into the ocean were all washed up onto the beach. It just made you stop and think of John again.

The surf had picked back up and was bigger then ever. There were many good rounds but it always has to come down to the top 4 to go head to head and determine the 2016 Surf Slam winner. Abraham Ho and Mark Gomez were riding for 1st and 2nd. Darin Anderson and  Bruno Jacob were riding for 3rd and 4th. Right after the finals we went into a big air contest. We had a big donation from Salty Investments to help with some prize money for the big air comp, half was going to John Dady’s family and the other half to the winner of big air. We went out in two groups of three riders for a 5 minute round There were some big waves out there. I had a couple big back-flips and then I saw a wave with about an 8-foot face that was throwing pretty good. I attempted my first ever back flip re-entry. It really didn’t go too well. I flat-landed really hard about 4 feet in front of the wave and then was immediately swallowed by the big wave. I had no chance.  The ski was torn from my finger tips and I was getting thrown around violently by the wave. Finally I popped up out of the wave and my ski was about halfway onto the beach because it surfed the same wave all the way in. Luckily within seconds the water rescue team was at my side so I was able to grab onto the life board attached to the back of his ski and hitched a ride all the way back to my ski.  The Dasa powered Free Form 2.0 was still floating nice and fired right up!

I wanted to give props to Daylite Ramsey for painting my new helmet. It came out amazing. I am very thankful for the hard work he put into the design and style of it. It came out great! Thank you!!

Daylite painted Randy's new helmet

Daylite Ramsey painted helmet

Abraham Ho won the Pro Freeride and the Big Air. Mark Gomez came in 2nd and Darin Anderson in 3rd. As always it was a blast and amazing to see how so many riders have progressed in the past year. I can’t wait for the 2017 Surf Slam!  See you there!


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Liquid Militia | T-Rex Steals Jet Ski and Does Insane Tricks With Mark Gomez

When a T-Rex Dinosaur’s hits the lake on a Jet Ski it’s a impressive show!!

Mark Gomez costume as a T-Rex

Mark Gomez is a baby T-Rex

A T-Rex Dinosaur hits the lake on a Jet Ski it’s a show!! Especially, when it’s piloted by LM’s own Mark Gomez. While Gomez was still up in the Pacific North West visiting his girlfriend last week after his recent competition at the 2016 Blowsion Surf Slam he had an opportunity to meet up with fellow freerider Guillermo Casas, who was in town also for the Surf Slam. Gomez has had an idea to do something with this T-Rex suit he purchased off Amazon just for this purpose. But, had not had anything solid planned till Guillermo entered the picture. Guillermo, was down to launch his drone that he had brought with him from Costa Rica (where he resides) to film a session with Gomez and see what happens. Gomez knew he wanted to challenge himself to ride his new 1200cc Rickter XFR Pro freestyle Jetski with the suit. Gomez being the Pro he is just needed to go out and do what he loves, and while Guillermo captured the action with the drone. All in all, this was a unique experience as the weather was great, and they had the whole cove to themselves which is always a plus when filming. Without boring you to death on to much chit chat the video came out dope. Gomez always making things look fun and easy, we hope everyone enjoys this video and a massive kudo shout to Guillermo for taking on he task of filming the entire shoot.




Mark Gomez is a T-Rex

T-Rex Steals Jet Ski and Does Insane Tricks With Mark Gomez

Mark Gomez walking away from the lake

Mark Gomez | All Smiles after that session

Motor Check

Motor Check

Mark Gomez in the flesh

Mark Gomez in the flesh

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