2017 Blowsion Surf Slam is upon us and so is Jake Bright

Jake Bright will be competing in Pro Freeride this year at the 2017 Blowsion Surf Slam after missing a few years prior. He’s ready to send it.

It’s that time of year again and I’ll be making my way up to Pacific city Oregon for the Blowsion Surf Slam one of the most anticipated international jetski freeride contest of the year. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been able to participate due to injuries and other reasons so I’m pretty pumped up about it! I’ll be competing in the Pro freeride contest as well as the Hydro-turf Big Air Showdown! It’s been a little bit since I’ve had the chance to compete in a IFWA contests and I am excited to get out there and shake it up, I’m looking forward to giving the boys on tour a run for their money.

Now if we rewind to Daytona Beach Florida back in January and the big air showdown where It came down to Tommy Scaccianoce (2015 Surf slam big air champ) and I for the top spot and he ended up edging me out after photo review! Tom is insane and was going massive that whole weekend so he deserved it but for real after just missing the win I’m deff gunning for that big air win! I’m just gonna send it!

Anyway I plan on going out there and giving it my all, and have a blast! I’m really loving my Krash Industries predator and when I ride it I really feel like i’m one with it, and I believe that shows in my riding, I’m landing all my tricks super smooth and a lot of the tricks are starting to feel like second nature! I’ve also been spending more time working on my surf riding lately so hopefully we have some good waves and I can try and tuck into some barrels and drag shoulder across some faces!
Jake Bright - Oceanside, CA

Jake Bright – Oceanside, CA

 I’ve done a lot of growing and maturing  personally in the last few years and I believe that shows in my riding as well. If I could describe it I would say i’m more calculated which translates to a smoother more consistent flow in my riding. I’ve gotten better at reading waves and knowing how to attack the next set of them, I kind of look at a set of waves like a rhythm section and I’m trying to keep a good flow going though it!. So I’m doing my best to utilize every set to its full potential and make the most of each wave in the set. This is so crucial in a 5 min heat because you may only get one set of waves in the whole round.
Qualifying is Friday then its head to head battles all and Sunday with awards on the beach immediately after the riding is over. If your in the area or if you’ve got the opportunity to make it out this weekend come out and support an awesome event and a bunch of rad freeriders! Hope to see you all on the beach!
Cheers, Jake
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Helping Anthony Chavez And Family | GoFundMe

Helping Anthony Chavez And Family | GoFundMe 1

Anthony Chavez And Family | GoFundMe

Guys this is one of the most important post we will be making this year. Our rider Anthony Chavez had a horrible accident and broke his neck over the weekend. Please share this to everyone you know. The go fund me link is here: https://www.gofundme.com/anthony-chavez Asking all of our customers/friends to please donate anything you can, even it’s only $5 the Chavez family and LM family would really appreciate any support for the family!! We are sending positive vibes to the Chavez family for a speedy recovery. Thank you!!


Anthony Chavez Profile>>

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24 Hour | Flash Sale- EXPIRED

Flash Sale

24 Hour | Flash Sale

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New Men’s and Girl’s Tees & Tanks for $7.99


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Independence Day Sale is on!!

Independence Day Sale

Liquid Militia’s Independence Day Sale is on!! We created a Patriotic category of 48 items all marked down to save you some dough. NEW Men’s and Girl’s items. Shirts starting at $13.86 for a top quality, designed and printed in house, in the USA t-shirt! 💦💯
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Fathers Day Sale

Fathers Day Deals

Get your father dialed with quality, affordable items shipped right to your door for a flat rate of $7.00
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Happy Friday Free Shipping For National Donut Day!

Happy Friday Free Shipping For National Donut Day!

Happy Friday Free Shipping For National Donut Day! Use Code: DONUT

Happy Friday Free Shipping For National Donut Day! Use Code: DONUT

(USA Customers Only)

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Jeff Bolte | Wavedaze windy, flat, but still a hoot

I packed up and left West Virginia on Wednesday to head to Maryland to do some carpentry work in Ellicott City, I made some sawdust and hit the road to Virginia beach on Thursday.

Phot By: Stephanie Sickerott

Phot By: Stephanie Sickerott

The sun was shining but the wind was crazy, Many riders were talking about the bridge being closed for hours because of the Highwinds. When I arrived the surf was small with strong off shore winds, even though it was blowing hard, a few skis were out enjoying the waves and spray.

I cruised to the hotel and met up with promoter Dan Swartz and the other free-riders arriving from all over. I was stoked to catch up with old friends and meet some new faces in the crowd, we were all psyched to share some frosty beverages and swap stories on how we were all having the typical wrench parties the week before a freeride!

I had installed a new H2O Torrent 148 pump and Skat-Trak thin blade, cutback impeller in my Rickter and was excited to get in the water and test it in the surf. Unfortunately all the wind had blown the surf pretty much flat. That didn’t stop us from going out and making the best of it, we had a fun session and my ski was hooking up and shooting roost better than ever! Now it was time to get out of the wind and wet gear, and put on some Liquid Militia threads and a hoodie. We got ready, then headed out to grab some grub and get the party started at Peabody’s nightclub. There were shuttle buses to take the riders from the hotel to the club and back so nobody had to worry about driving, very excellent! Too much fun was had at the club so we carried on back at the hotel until about 4 AM when the police came and told us to turn down the music and party, LOL!

We awoke Saturday to warmer weather and sunshine but the surf was even smaller. We ate breakfast and got on the beach. I rode a tank of fuel and had fun shredding the small stuff. After the ride we checked out the raffle where a lot of good prizes were being auctioned off.

Phot By: Asia L. Stewart

Phot By: Chris Kyttle

The promoters of WaveDaze do a raffle ever year with the items that company’s donate to the event. The proceeds go to a specific cause. This year they donated a bulletproof vest to K-9 police dog, which is probably why they took it easy on us and no one got arrested Friday night ha ha Ha!

Saturday night we went back to Peabody’s for a few drinks and to watch the Supercross races and chit chat with the crew.

Phot By: Stephanie Sickerott

Sunday was sunny and warmer with no wind and no waves, Lake Atlantic was in full effect. One of my buddies, John Francavilla talked a friend into bringing out a big boat in the afternoon to make some waves! I was already packed up so I missed out on that. All in all it was a great weekend to catch up with my freeride family on the East Coast, Liquid Militia teammate Jake Bright came out from California, some Canadians, a couple Australians and riders from all over the country rounded out the crew for this spring WaveDaze free ride this year! Can’t wait for the next ride!


Phot By: Chris Kyttle

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Cali to Virginia Beach for WaveDaze 2017 | Jake Bright

Wavedaze 2017 is in the books! This year was a lot of fun and it was so good to see so many familiar faces and make some new friends as well. This year brought people from around the country, even a few from other countries like Canada and Australia and for the first time in a few years I was representing for the whole west coast!

To kick my trip if I caught a red-eye from San Diego on Thursday night and showed up to the Norfolk airport Friday morning where I got picked up by my buddy Landon and rolled on the beach shortly after!

Photo By: Chris Rauen | Instagram @racuwerx

Photo By: Chris Rauen | Instagram @racuwerx

Photo By: Chris Rauen | Instagram @racuwerx

Photo By: Chris Rauen | Instagram @racuwerx

Friday had the best waves I saw for the weekend so after I sticker-ed up the Salty Investments ski with decals I got from LM Printshop I jumped right in and rode! Then we wrapped up on the beach and I went back to the hotel where I bunked up with Chris Grace and his pops the legend Joe Grace!

Photo By: Chris Rauen | Instagram @racuwerx

Photo By: Chris Rauen | Instagram @racuwerx

Da place to be

Da place to be

I had a great time on the water goofing around launching straight airs and dicing it up with the NY boys Tommy Scaccianoce, James Juvet and my mates from OZ Mick Anthony and Keaton Watts! Friday Krash Industries also made a big announcement!

We are now taking $500 deposits for stage 3 kits! This is a turn key jet ski priced at just 12k USD and yes this includes either a 50 Cal, Predator or Reaper with all of the new Kavinci components including the new KV 997, 148 pump, billet handle pole, etc, etc FOR MORE INFO PLEASE CONTACT ME AT:  thejakebright@gmail.com

Cali to Virginia Beach for WaveDaze 2017 | Jake Bright

Photo By: Chris Rauen | Instagram @racuwerx

Cali to Virginia Beach for WaveDaze 2017 | Jake Bright 1

Jake Bright, fresh decals ready to rip!

The spot to be Peabody’s

Each night we went out our dinners and parties were hosted at the newly renovated Peabodies nightclub and we had a shuttle service from the hotel to the club which is always a good time!

Saturday we had some better weather than the day before but the surf went flat on us and the contest was called off but that didn’t stop everyone from getting out on the water and having a good time anyway! After we all got off the water we kicked off the raffle which is hands down one of the best in the business, just to mention a few of the items for raffle were Liquid Militia clothing, Jet Renu cleaning products, Hydroturf gifts, Dasa intake manifold, etc and they even raffled of a brand new blue billet handle pole from KAVINCI! Saturday night was the grand reopening of Peabodies after the renovations so they had a live band come into play and the entire club was open which I thought was pretty rad and a huge improvement for them.

Photo By: Chris Rauen | Instagram @racuwerx

Photo By: Chris Rauen | Instagram @racuwerx

Sunday the weather was real nice and sunny and warm but still not much for waves so a big boat was paid to come through and throw a wake which was big enough for riders to launch off of! That night we had a nice meal at this Italian joint we go to every year and then everyone hung out at the hotel and mingled for the rest of the night! it was a bummer that Shawnski couldn’t make it out!

The crew | Just about to part ways.

Monday I slept in and then woke up and got breakfast with the boys! After that I said my goodbyes to everyone still leftover and then helped Dan the event organizer get all his stuff packed up and packed out. After that Dan and I met up with our buddy Landon and we headed to the shooting range where I got to look at and even shoot numerous different guns that are totally illegal back in Cali!

The best part was when I shot the gnarliest handgun I’ve ever shot the Desert Eagle 50 caliber handgun for the first time and it kicked like a horse!! After that Dan hooked me up with a ride to the airport and I began my journey back to SoCal!

Does this gun make me look like a bad ass?

Jake and Dan | Till next time!

Photo By: Chris Rauen | Instagram @racuwerx

Photo By: Chris Rauen | Instagram @racuwerx

I just want to send a special thanks to Krash Industries for getting me to the event and making sure I had a ski to ride! Salty investments for letting me barrow your ski! Jerimiah Donges for hauling the ski to and from the event! The Graces for always treating me like family and letting me stay with them! Dan, Jen and Landon for making sure I’m taken care of every time I come out! And to all my east coast friends and everyone who came out for the event and helped make it a good time for me and everyone involved! I feel super lucky to be part of such a rad sport and a part of the freeride fam who is always looking out for one another whether you know each other or not!

Hope to see you on the beach at the next one, cheers!


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Round 2 | Gomez Takes 1st | Fistral Beach, Newquay, UK

Battle of the Pilots

Update: Round 2 World Champinship Freeride Tour
Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall, UK

Gomez Takes 1st in Round 2 World Champinship Freeride Tour Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall, UK

Gomez Takes 1st in Round 2 World Champinship Freeride Tour Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall, UK

Next Stop Round 3!
Pilots of Portugal Freeride. Nazareth IFWA round 3

For more info: IFWA Facebook Page

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